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 What is Mendeley?  Organize your documents + references  Collaborate by joining + creating groups  Discover statistics + recommendations

 Stay up to date + Learn more

What is Mendeley?

What is Mendeley? Desktop • Free academic software • Non-platform or browser specific



Organize setting up your library


Your Mendeley Desktop library


Adding your documents
You have different options to set up your library: • Add single files or an entire folder • “Watch a folder” to automatically import PDF files • Drag and drop PDFs into Mendeley Desktop

… and Mendeley will try to extract the document details automatically

You can also: • Add existing EndNote/BibTeX/RIS databases • Sync with other reference management webapps • Use Web Importer to add from online databases • Add from the Mendeley Research Catalog


Document details lookup
Also look up documents by title on Google Scholar if they are flagged for review

Enter the DOI, PubMed, or ArXiv ID + click on the magnifying glass to start lookup

Missing info is added automatically


Save research while browsing online


Using the Web Importer

On the web page with the reference(s) you want to capture: click on the bookmarklet…

…then choose items to add to your Mendeley library. If available, the PDF will also be imported.


Synchronize your library to build + access it anywhere
Choose what documents you want to be able to access in your Mendeley Web library + click sync

You can also add references and edit & manage your library online

Organize managing your library

Manage your library


Documents can be marked read/unread Create category folders Open attached PDF files in integrated viewer

Star your favorite papers

View what type of document attached (pdf,. pptx, .docx, excel, etc)


Search + filter to easily locate documents
Free text search or limit by title, author, year, notes etc.

Filter by authors, tags, publications or keywords


Full-text search within PDF viewer


Annotate + highlight your papers


Lookup term definitions

Select text + choose „define‟ to look up term


Backup + re-name your files

You can find the File Organizer in Mendeley Desktop>Preferences

Organize using our Mendeley cite-o-matic plug-in


Generate in-text citations in Word + Open Office

Click on “Insert Citation” in Word

Search the paper(s) you want to cite


Create bibliographies in one click!

Generate a bibliography in one click!

Bibliography automatically formatted + added to doc

Cite into Google documents or other editors by copy + paste or drag + drop entry from Mendeley into another document


Traveling library for collaborative paper writing

Add the references to a specific place in your MD library

Mendeley saves a mini library with your work and if there are citations you don‟t have it will ask you if you want to add them to your library. So you can stay on top of references added by other group members.

Collaborate join + create groups to share references


Create your professional research profile

Share your publications

Connect with research colleagues + join new communities


Create groups in Mendeley Desktop

Private groups contain the full texts to limited members

Public groups share references only, are publically searchable + anyone can join or ask to join


Getting started in groups

Groups menu shows the groups you created, joined or follow. Add documents or references to group by dragging and dropping. Toggle central view to see dashboard, documents in group or members


Share your papers with your research team
In a private Mendeley group you can share full text documents to collaborative mark-up research.

Easily access your work online and collaboratively write papers.


Search public groups on Mendeley Web

You can free search or look by discipline to find interesting groups to join.

You can also create + manage groups online.


Share references with public Mendeley Groups

Public groups only have the reference details – no full text. But you can click to view in the catalog and try to locate full text.

You can also embed a public group list of references on blogs or the web and view your group online.

Discover new research, recommendations + impact


Literature search in Mendeley Desktop

Search the Mendeley catalog

* New Feature
Save new research to your library.

Find new research easily. If full text is available, you‟ll see a download icon.


Search the Mendeley research catalog online

Conduct advanced searches or browse by discipline.

Find new research based on what is popular or the most recently added


Quickly add new research to your library
If the article is freely available it‘s a one click addition to your library

Use Open URL to locate full text

Link to related open access papers


Learn readership statistics + related research

Have related research suggested to you

Social statistics help you learn about others using this paper


Mendeley Suggest (*premium feature)

You can receive customized article recommendations based on the contents of your library (premium feature)

Take Action participate in our community and make it better!


Be apart of what‟s next by giving feedback
Visit http://feedback.mendeley.com to see what others are saying, leave feedback, request features or report bugs.

Always find a feedback button on our website + visit support


Stay up to date + Continue learning
Learn new tips + stay connected by visiting our blog

Watch our tutorial videos on our website + stay up to date by following us on twitter + facebook


Help spread the word about Mendeley

Our global network of advisors help test new features and introduce Mendeley to friends and colleagues.

Apply to be an Advisor at www.mendeley.com/advisors/


Schedule a Mendeley webinar at: http://mnd.ly/groupwebinars [insert email + contact info]


Extra Resources for Librarians
Join our Online Mendeley Librarian Community Learn about Mendeley Institutional Edition (MIE)

• Request invite by email community.mendeley.com

• Read full Blog Post • Request a MIE demo

• Join Public Group

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