Asperger¶s and Emotion Management


The Attwood·s System
Benjamin Giraldo, Ps., M.Ed.

Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Asperger's and Emotion Management .

it is important for people with Asperger's to find ways to recognize and manage their emotions. Therefore. Two out of three people with Asperger's Syndrome have a problem with anger management. Sadness and anxiety are often expressed as anger. .Asperger's and Emotion Management People with Asperger's Syndrome commonly experience high levels of anxiety and stress.

Happy Thermometer etc . ‡ There are separate thermometers for different emotions ‡ Example: Anger Thermometer. ‡ Photographs and words are placed at the appropriate point on the thermometer. . Anxiety (³worry´) Thermometer.Asperger's and Emotion Management ‡ To recognize emotions. an emotional thermometer is used.

Asperger's and Emotion Management .

Asperger's and Emotion Management .

com Structure to organize em otional experiences .Asperger's and Emotion Management ww w.catkit-us.

Tony Attwood has developed an Emotional Toolbox To Fix Emotional Toolbox: To Fix The Feeling ‡ First id Box. . it is imperative to know how to deal with these emotions.Asperger's and Emotion Management Once emotions are recognized. ‡ Se ing Kit. The Feelings..

biking. running. . For example: walking. drumming. This enables a quick release of emotional energy.Asperger's and Emotion Management The first tool in the toolbox is Physical Activity Tools. punching a punchbag. trampoline. squeezing an orange.

solitude. . music. This allows a slow release of emotional energy. For example: Relaxation training. comedy programs.Asperger's and Emotion Management The second tool in the toolbox is Relaxation Tools. massage. sleep. repetitive action.

music. disclosure (typing. being needed. counselor or mentor with Asperger's Syndrome. seeking advice. being with a pet. . For example: time with a family member. meeting someone with similar issues.Asperger's and Emotion Management The third tool in the toolbox is Social Tools. helping someone. poetry).

One hour of socializing needs one hour of solitude. . People with Asperger's find socializing mentally and emotionally exhausting.Asperger's and Emotion Management The fourth tool in the toolbox is Solitude.

.Asperger's and Emotion Management The fifth tool in the toolbox is Thoughts and Perspective. For example: replacing poisonous thoughts (I am stupid and dumb) with antidotes (I think differently from other people).

If Special Interests are the only tool. Special interests help keep anxiety under control. Special interests can act as a distraction during a meltdown. then the interest becomes obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). and pleasure.Asperger's and Emotion Management The sixth tool in the toolbox is Special Interests. act as thought blocking and are a means of relaxation. .

light (irlen lenses. sun glasses). aroma (deodorants. cleaning products). tactile (clothing). hat.Asperger's and Emotion Management The seventh tool in the toolbox is Sensory Tools. headphones). For example: sounds (ear plugs. .

. Tony Attwood stressed that medication should only be used short-term to allow Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to work.Asperger's and Emotion Management The eighth tool is Medication. There should be an exit strategy.

physical tools work better at high stress levels. Relaxation tools are beneficial at low stress levels. becoming emotional. Different tools should be used at different points on the thermometer. arguing.Asperger's and Emotion Management Inappropriate Tools include: fighting. use of alcohol and illegal drugs. rude behavior..e. Would a hug help? No. punishment. taking stress out on someone else. being alone too long. I get madder). . inappropriate tools for their child with Asperger's include: affection (i. self-harm. For parents. talking.

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