How to leverage Community and Crowdsourcing for your startup

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‡ Who am I? ‡ Definitions ‡ What is it good for? ‡ Turn goals into action ‡ Case studies ‡ Getting started ‡ Discussion

‡ Mike Martoccia ‡ Cultural Ambassador for TopCoder, Inc. ‡ TopCoder is a global community focused in the area of software development. ‡

‡ You and your organization

‡ People in your database ‡ People who attend your events ‡ People connected via SoMe ‡ People who are physically in your area

‡ People You don't know and cannot contact directly (But your community can) ‡ This is the community of your community:
± ± ± ± Their Friends Their family Their friends coworkers

‡ People You don't know ‡ People who receives your messages via the network ‡ People who Don't know you and needs consistent and compelling messages to take any action

‡ Primary appeal of crowdsourcing is the satisfaction that is obtained through working with a community. ‡ People who participate in crowdsourcing are typically anonymous and tend to reveal more when they are not face-to-face because there is a certain security of not being physically present, which adds to the appeal

Appeal (cont.)
‡ Crowdsourcing works by allowing a business to submit problems in which contributors can work on problems in:
± ± ± ± Science Bio-tech Software development Creative design, etc

‡ with monetary rewards for successful solutions

It s not just for startups
‡ Ability to offload peak demand ‡ Access to cheaper business inputs ‡ Generating better results ‡ Taking on problems that would be too difficult to solve internally

Reasons to include Cs
‡ Invites diversity by encouraging anyone with an idea or interest to participate ‡ Levels the playing field so it isn't just your "favorites" or those you already know that get to play

When it isn't a fit
‡ You need things to be very specific or follow tight criteria ‡ You are working very quickly or flexibly (communication with the crowd could be difficult or time consuming)

Not a Fit? (cont.)
‡ You already know what you want
± (be honest - some times organizations know what they want to do or what they product is they want to build, engaging in a crowdsourced process will only frustrate possible supporters when that truth becomes clear)

Landscape of Cs today
‡ Crowdfunding ‡ Collective Knowledge ‡ Collective Creativity ‡ Community Building ‡ Open and Directed Innovation ‡ Cloud Labor ‡ Tools

Industry Landscape

Community & the Crowd
‡ Core Elements
± Time
‡ One time or sustained ‡ Event half-life or supported then after

± Action
‡ This is the action you want people to take ‡ Passive or active ± Active appeals to community / Less to the crowd ± Passive is not interesting to your supporters / Attractive to the crowd

Community & the Crowd (cont.)
± People - who do you need to reach?
‡ Community, crowd, hybrid? ‡ plan for each, messaging is different, not every project is a hybrid

Designing for the community
± Customizable
‡ Let the community own your message and cause by personalizing their involvement or output

± Consistent / Clear / Compelling goal
‡ Your supporters have joined you because they care about your cause. Provide clear and inspiring goals to meet together

± Aggregate and promote
‡ Be sure you are pulling together all of the contributions from the community and promoting people in real-time

Designing for the crowd
± Shareable
‡ Messages, content, and actions are shareable and don't necessarily include a link, can be picked up and pushed around the network cloud easily

± Consistent messaging
‡ This is to ensure that this layer of people who do not know you are able to understand what you do and who you are.

± Compelling story

esearch continues to show that one of the most important triggers to donations and actions are compelling stories

7 Golden Rules for Crowdsourcing Campaigns

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Find the Appropriate Target Group Adopt Clear, Unambiguous Statements Definition of Intellectual Property Rights Motivation of the Masses Create awareness Professional support The famous 'Plan B'

Get started Today
‡ Who's your community? ‡ Whats your timeline? ‡ What is your staff/organizational capacity for supporting engagement? ‡ What influence can the community or crowd make in your work?

Industry Landscape

‡ What are you current goals and projects that you want to engage the community or crowd with? ‡ Are you looking to run a contest? ‡ Have you run a campaign or contest that you'd like to share?

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