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Objectives: Roles and goals of marketing communications Working of mkt. Communications Elements of promotion mix Measure effectiveness of communications

communication 2 Action oriented (buy me philosophy) Communication process Common understanding Identifying target audience Demographic/ psychographic profile Media habits Level of awareness .Nature of mkt.

Developing communication objective 3 AIDA model Presentation(FCB model) Message considerations: Message content Appeal Message format Source of message .

Marketing Communication Objectives 4 ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Increase Market Penetration Develop Repeat Purchase Behavior Establish Customer Relationships Increase Rate of Consumption Encourage Product Trial Stimulate Impulse Buying Stimulate Demand Differentiate the Product Establish a Product Image Influence Sales Volume Establish. Modify. or Reinforce Attitudes Develop Sales Leads Stimulate Interest Establish Understanding Build Support & Acceptance .

COMMUNICATION MIX 5 1. Direct Marketing 2. Personal Selling 3. Advertising 5. Public Relations 4. Sales Promotion .

customers want to receive information.Selection of the Promotional Mix 6 PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS † Industrial good/technical good  Need personal selling. with high unit cost personal selling is effective † Customization  Customized often requires personal selling . inspect and compare the products † Consumer package goods/frequently purchase items  Advertising and sales promotion to reach market † Unit value  Low cost must use mass media approaches.

but the media choices . personal selling can play a much more important role † Geographical dispersion Not only affects the type of promotional effort. requiring personal selling † Number of customers For a small number of customers. industrial buyers typically have a more formal buying process.7 CUSTOMER CHARACTERISTCS † Industrial versus consumer market Consumers are easier to reach (decision maker) through media sources.

8 Steps in developing effective communication Identify the target audience Determine objectives Design the message Select channels Establish budget Decide the media mix Measure the results Manage the integrated marketing communications .

9 Key characteristics of promotional mix Advertising: †Awareness. company brand building †Impersonal. reach wide audience †Element of repetition. lacks flexibility. one way communication †Limited capability to close the sale . TV medium strong †Aid to sales efforts.

10 Personal selling: †Interactive †Adaptable †Relationship building †Close the sale †Sales calls are costly Sales promotion: †Incentive to boost sales †Short term †May worsen brand image .

11 Direct marketing: †Individual target †Communication personalized †Short term effectiveness †Continuous communication and relationship †Activities are less visible to competitors †Response rates are low †Consumer annoyance .

12 Internet and online promotion: † Global reach † Site visits measured † Two way communication † Catalogues and prices changed quickly and cheaply † Convenient form for buying † Avoids arguing & negotiating with salesmen Publicity: † Highly credible † Higher readership in trade publications † Lose control. contents may be distorted .

direct mail. outdoor posters. goods.Advertising Management 13 ADVERTISING † Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas. or services by an identified sponsor Magazines. newspaper. Key issues The time or media space is paid for The sponsor is identified and has control over the promotional activity . radio televisions. etc.

DEVELOPING AN ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 14 Design Creative Strategy Select Target Market Determine Advertising Objectives Determine Advertising Budget Evaluate Advertising Effectiveness Select & Schedule Media .

Classifying advertising 15 Consumer advertising: † National advertising † Retail advertising † Cooperative advertising † End product advertising Advertising to business and profession: † Trade advertising † Industrial advertising † Professional advertising † Institutional advertising .

16 Non product advertising: Idea advertising Service advertising Surrogate advertising .

REACTIVE DuPont vs. Exxon PUBLICITY Not Overtly Sponsored High Credibility .PUBLIC RELATIONS 17 EFFORTS TO IMPROVE AND MANAGE RELATIONSHIPS WITH PUBLICS Customers Stock Holders Community Government News Media PROACTIVE vs.

PUBLIC RELATION FUNCTIONS 18 Press Relations Lobbying Advising Management Product Promotion Corporate Communication .

Managing IMC process 19 It is a concept of marketing communications planning that recognizes the added value of a comprehensive plan.consistency)  Complementarily(capitalize each other)  Versatility(different groups of consumers)  Cost .multiple stage campaign  Multiple vehicle.  Single vehicle.multiple stage Six criteria to make IMC effective and efficient  Coverage  Contribution  Commonality(cohesiveness.single stage campaign  Single vehicle.