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Just Another Job Transfer

Presented BY:Jayshree Iyer Neha Gupta Abhishek Sharma Jaggannath Ashok Reddy Mohit Kumar

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to move one of their division to  Decided Bangalore. Company¶s  It name is Adite Technologies Ltd (ATL). 3 . is a Mumbai based company.

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     Branch manager decided to transfer the 10 employees out of 30 who did not wish to go to Bangalore to the other local divisions. Madhuri was one of those and she was assigned to the computer moving-head division. She sat and watched other employees do their work for 3 days. 5 . Narendar Kumar was her new supervisor and he told her she didn¶t have a permanent position as such now. On Friday Narendar announced that their division had received big contact and he will brief Madhuri about her assignment on Monday.

6 . He informed her that she will be the Quality control supervisor and just showed her the 6 spots on the blueprint which she had to check. Later he gave her the demonstration of the checking of parts. He informed her that they were reworking on Model 10-D. He didn¶t match it with the blue print.      On Monday Madhuri waited for Narender till 1:30. He didn¶t mark the areas on blueprint nor did he give her proper idea about her job.

     After this meeting Narender did not see Madhuri for the whole week. During this week several problems occurred.e. half of the motors didn¶t work in the final assembly. It could not be determined whether the faulty motors were the result of Madhuri¶s work or the result of lack of quality check. 20 parts were approved by Madhuri since she had taken up the job but she did not make the necessary alterations. 7 . At that time Narender came n talked to Madhuri again. i.

8 .Q: what incidents showed that Narendar was not performing a good job as a trainer? A:     He was late to work. He did not lay emphasis on the importance of checking while directing Madhuri. While demonstrating Narendar did not check the reworked pieces with the blueprint to see if they would pass the quality control check. He asked Madhuri to double check the spot with blueprint but did not mark those spots on the blueprint.

 He does tell the whole process of the work.  9 .  I think she feels Narendar is a bad trainer because: He does not have value for time. With in one week both met twice only.  That shows she has quest to learn new things.  I think Madhuri is very anxious about new job that's way she came on Monday at 9 AM.Q: How do you think Madhuri feels about Narender and about her new job? A: For three days she watched other employees do their work.  He is not meeting her regularly.

c)Coaching. 10 . I will clearly mention the spots in the blue print.Q: If you were Narender. what would you have done to improve Madhuri's performance? A:       Induction Program. I will explain the work more precisely. Mentor A good supervisor must provide three C¶s a)Challenges. To increase her performance I will tell her the benefits of job transfer. b)Confidence.

It improves employee satisfaction & morale 3. 2. improves skills. It improves Employer-Employee relations.  11 .Benefits of moving to new job: 1. It reduces monotony.

Q: Would a mentor have helped the situation? How? Why? If a mentor was there then he would have given proper advice and which might result into proper checking If proper guidance is provided to Madhuri as she was from different background then she would have worked with proper care. 12 . If mentor was there then he would have told her about the importance of those welding pieces.

As the manager was busy & not able to allot proper time then in this case mentor would be ideal to tell her duties & responsibility If a mentor is there he would have arranged some training session for her & re check it personally 13 .

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 Commitments should be fulfilled by trainer. Date of Joining. When she is transferred to new place everything should be mention in the job transfer letter like Designation. e.g. Quality checking. Welding. Place. 15 .  Narender must perform all the operation in front of Madhuri.

Madhuri should check the quality of product according to blueprint. Madhuri should go to Narendra for showing their work before approving box of parts. 16 . Narendra should met with her on next day to check whether she is performing and understand what is her work or not.

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And If we are at Madhuri position we should ask every question related to our work from our trainer. We should respect for the other time. 18 . We should meet with our trainer on regular basis for consulting whether we are doing our work right or not.    If we are at trainer position we should tell everything to our subordinate about the job related work.

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