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can you imagine our congested city of Kuala Lumpur being freed of the daily traffic chaos and the maddening crowds? Would you like to have a pleasant stroll on a sheltered pedestrian walkway to get to work or shop in the city without the irritating hassle of driving around looking for a parking space with hundreds of other drivers competing with you in the traffic havoc? Imagine just parking your car at the some big ample space area nearby the Bukit Bintang and being able to walk in the comfort of walkways to various destinations such as the Sungai Wang Plaza, Lot 10, BB Plaza, KL Plaza, 10, Star Hill Centre, right up to the Pavilion and checked-in the JW Marriot checkedhotel. hotel.  

INTRODUCTION What Is Pedestrian Zone?
‡ According to Wikipedia (, Pedestrian zones (also known as auto-free zones and car-free zones) are areas of a city or town in which automobile traffic is prohibited. ‡ They are instituted by communities who feel that it is desirable to have areas not dominated by the automobile. Converting a street or an area to car-free use is called pedestrianisation. The term "pedestrianised zone" is used in British English. ‡ And there were some examples of cities in all over the world that has implemented this so-called pedestrian zone or car-free area: - The largest and oldest examples Central Copenhagen of Denmark - The archetypal Venice, - The Argentina's big cities; Córdoba, Mendoza and Rosario - The Sai Yeung Choi Street in Hong Kong, - Clis Road, in Sendai, Japan

INTRODUCTION The Spot Area: Bukit Bintang
According to Wikipedia (, Bukit Bintang (or Star Hill) is the name of a shopping and entertainment district in Kuala Lumpur, and the road that runs through it, Jalan Bukit Bintang. The area is home to many landmark shopping centres, cafés, clubs, shops, malls and specialty shops. This area is also popular among tourists and locals, especially youths. Bukit Bintang is located within three main roads; Jalan Bukit Bintang starts from Jalan Pudu and intersects with Jalan Sultan Ismail. The district is bordered by Jalan Raja Chulan at the north and Jalan Imbi at the south. There are a number of hotels and restaurants located in the area, as well as hawker styled eateries, the place of which provide cheap dishes in a laidback usually open atmosphere. To get to the Bukit Bintang, when taking a taxi, a good drop off point would be Star Hill Plaza, and then you could walk all the way down the street to Low Yatt Plaza. There is also a Monorail station called Bukit Bintang that is in between Lot 10 Shopping Centre and Sungei Wang Shopping Centre. The Monorail line is connected to the LRT line at several stations.


To improve the quality life in KL city and reduce environmental pollution like air pollution and smog emitted from vehicle s exhaust that would literally bad for health. health. To promote a healthy lifestyle for peoples by walking and To avoid traffic congestion that wastes everyone's time and money and which also a major cause of road rage. rage. To encourage the usage of public transport and, To turn the pedestrian zone as a tourist attraction to the country and would lift up the image of Kuala Lumpur to the world. world. To reduce the crime rate using vehicles like snatch theft using motorcycle. motorcycle. To make this place becomes a favorite spot in holding national-level nationalfestivals, celebrations, ceremonies beside of other option like Dataran Merdeka, Merdeka, KLCC and so on. on.      

INTRODUCTION Settlement of Problems
The problems that always occurred in the area are: 


Bad traffic congestion in all day long Pollution form smoke emitted by the vehicles Endanger the pedestrian as the existing walkways was to narrow Endanger the pedestrian as there were less crosswalks Bad driving habit among KL driver Crime from snatch theft using motorcycle increased Not enough spacious for holding festival and celebrations Less greenery area and public parks in KL

INTRODUCTION Method of Investigation 

Observation Internet findings Newspaper, Journal and reading materials

FINDINGS The expanding of the existing Bintang Walk concept
The first main concern is there was already known pedestrian walkway running apart of the Jalan Bukit Bintang. And it was named Bintang Walk. It stretches from Lot 10 Shopping Centre to the JW Marriott Hotel. This idea is about expanding the existing concept of Bintang Walk into a bigger area and wider stretch compared to what we have done in Petaling Street and the sidewalk of Central Market. So this is going to be the largest pedestrian area in Malaysia after the both. The replacing of the existing tar road would done with clay brick pavers that is may be installed in exterior areas or on horizontal surfaces to create a visual and textual accent where brick-type ruggedness is desired. Brick pavers provide color, texture, and an accent that heightens the visual significance of the area.

FINDINGS The expanding of the existing Bintang Walk concept

FINDINGS The expanding of the existing Bintang Walk concept

FINDINGS Streetscape 

Streetscape is the visual elements of a street, including the road, adjoining street, buildings, street furniture, trees and open spaces, etc, that combine to form furniture, the street's character. The second concern is to transform the area into a public park where people could commute and walk freely besides enjoying the greenery of park. So the installations of park amenities and street trees plantings have to put in the area. 

FINDINGS Streetscape
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Streetlights Street trees Artwork and arches Water feature Component bench and wall seating Trash unit WayWay-finding signs directory/kiosk Embellishments Gateways Bollard

FINDINGS Crime and Vandalism Prevention and Monitoring 

An installment of two new police booths would be set up More walking police personnel would be located along the area. Furthermore we have tourist police and horse unit police in advance to help. the city council also should put their enforcement personnel to prevent vandalism, beggars and illegal hawkers In advance, the number of closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras would be closedincreased so it could be used by the police for criminal cases and traffic offences beside DBKL could also use it to monitor traffic offences.    

FINDINGS Encouragement of using the public transport 

Once the area has been restricted to motorized vehicle, people who want to come over the place would be reminded to not bring their cars or motorcycles. motorcycles. This would likely encourage them to take a public transport like taxis or busses beside of monorail. monorail. As for an improvement in public transport system, taxis and bus stand system, would be build at the every end of the stretch of the area, so they can drop by and drop off the area easily. easily.  

FINDINGS Annual festival and celebration 

Since there were always annual celebrations being held in Bukit Bintang like Merdeka Day Countdown Festival, New Year Celebration and the latest and newest is KL Samrah Festival, then after the project has been materialized, the area would be more spacious and comfortable to gather more people with no car hassle. hassle.

FINDINGS Restriction 

Restriction to access the area is applies to any motorized vehicle varies from cars, motorcycles, busses and trucks. However it does not apply to trucks. any bicycles, stand scooters or any pedestrianpedestriantype vehicles However for a freight delivery and loading services and cleaning services operators, they should operate: operate: - after midnight till 6 a.m. on the weekdays - 2 a.m. till 6 a.m. on the weekends or on the public holidays or special events. events. 

FINDINGS Changing the exit of basement parking of premises 

Premises, hotels and shopping outlets that have directly channeled their basement parking exit to the area, once after this should change it to the back of their building or some other ways that not going to the area. area.

ANALYSIS Benefits and Advantages Health benefits
1. walking is important in the prevention of many big health problem like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes and so on, Walking improves psychological well-being, metabolism, muscle strength and flexibility, strength and endurance, respiratory function, concentration and memory. strengthening the immune system, increasing energy levels and managing weight Walking can increase the levels of physical activity in the community and reduce health care expenditures. expenditures.




ANALYSIS Economic benefits

Catering for pedestrians through pedestrian malls and other pedestrian-friendly facilities pedestrianbrings businesses Quiet areas away from traffic provide opportunities for people to meet and congregate and when people spend more time in an area they are more likely to spend money in that area. Businesses can attract more pedestrians by providing: providing:
a delivery service for bulky items or big orders a drinking fountain or other access to cold water restroom facilities space to meet away from traffic Plants, seats and other street furniture. furniture.




Businesses that encourage staff to walk to work benefit from increased productivity as a result of improved employee fitness and mental health. Staffs that walk are generally more punctual and take less sick days due to improved health. More people walking also reduce stress on health services and road maintenance costs.


ANALYSIS Transport benefits

Walking is a low cost, healthy and sustainable mode of transport It's good for you, the environment and will save you money on car maintenance, fuel and parking.


ANALYSIS Social benefits
Some of the social benefits of walking include: 

encouraging family and community connectedness improving social skills and networks prolonging independent living for seniors reducing isolation and loneliness Enhancing self-esteem and confidence self-   

ANALYSIS Environmental benefits 

Walking is the most environmentally-friendly mode of transport which environmentallycosts nothing and offers a wide range of benefits to the individual as well as the community. When you walk instead of using the car for short distance trips, you contribute to the creation of a healthy environment by: by: reducing traffic congestion reducing air and noise pollution Creating a safer, more social and liveable community    


ANALYSIS Tourism benefits 

Tourism boosts local economies and providing for pedestrians is a great way to encourage visitors to see your local area. Pedestrian facilities that create safe and attractive environments with a range of amenities will encourage walking and attract visitors to local areas. 

ANALYSIS Disadvantages and Limitation

Without proper monitoring vandalism act could be happen Without proper monitoring crime act like pick pocket might be happen when people was so crowded. crowded. For handicapped person they should bring along their own equipment and must have somebody to assist to move around.




Once this pedestrian zone idea were accepted and implemented, this busiest area of Bukit Bintang area would be better in order to fertilize a healthy and a balance lifestyle. While pedestrian zones in newer US cities, which grew up around the automobile, have been a mixed success, they have flourished in older European cities. The first efforts in Asia s ancient cities show tremendous promise. The new pedestrian zone on Nanjing Road in Shanghai (see picture background) has some of the heaviest pedestrian traffic in the world. Walking and transit trips are replacing car trips, and downtown has become less polluted, safer, and nicer. nicer. But successful pedestrian zones are not only a matter of shutting the streets to traffic. Critical to success is the creation and management of a safe, clean, and attractive shopping environment. So far, the success stories have been in China, where government is powerful and wealthy, crime is minimal, and street hawking and parking are tightly controlled. Achieving success in more chaotic but also more democratic Indian and Indonesian cities is proving a challenge. challenge. This is a challenge for us in making the first pedestrian zone in Malaysia comes to reality.     


From the finding and conclusion we should consider the following recommendation More customer-friendly policies should be introduce customerMore transport service beside should be introduced such as bicycle rent service. service. It is recommended that floor ,walls ,railing ,windows and other element in public space should be refurbished and replaced with modern material that are easier to clean An authority person must provide more green area to reduce the heat at bukit bintang so user in pedestrian zone will feel the comfort Must provide horse force to ensure the security of that place, at the same time can reduce the air pollution that cause by motor vehicle.     


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