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 Introduction to window 7 Reasons to use window 7 Features of window 7 Advantages of window 7 System requirments of window 7 Disadvantages of window 7

Introduction of window 7
Window 7 is latest released of microsoft window. A Series of o.s produced by microsoft for an personal Computer including home and bussiness, desktop, Laptops, netbooks, tables p.c¶s and media center. It was released to manufactured on july 22, 2009 And reached general retail availbility on oct 22,2009 Less than three years after the released of its Predecessor window vista. Window 7 server counter Part, window server 2008, R2 was released at same time

Reasons to use window 7 
Get quicker access to all of your stuff: use pin and jump list To keep the program and files you use the most right at your Finger tips.  Quickly find what are you looking for: use window search to Find a specific file, program or e-mail in a few seconds.  Shares file and printers among multiple PC¶S: from one Window 7 based PC to another you can share file, music Photos and even printers across your home networks. 

Easily create and share movies- create great looking movies And slideshows and share them on youtube in a few seconds.  Connects to networks easily- view and connects to any Available wireless network in a few as three clicks.  Do more and wait less- Improvements that can accelerate Sleep and resume and make your PC more responsive help You get more one.  Touch and tap rather then point and click- window 7 makes PC¶s with touch screen easier and more intuitive to use.

Working and features of window 7

Jump list of window 7

Jump list of window 7

Any program or a file in a jump list- can also be ³ pinned´ To the taskbar, similar in a jump list- icons in be ³ pinned´ Any program or a file to quick launch can alsowindow XP. To the taskbar similar to quick launch icons in window XP.

Program thumbnails of window 7
If a program is open then hovering over that program¶s icon On the taskbar will bring up a thumbnail view of any open Window.

Home groups
Window 7 takes a new approach to home networking with The advent of home groups sharing files with others window 7¶s is easy and is secured with 128 bit encryption and a Randomly generated password.

Aero Peek Of Window 7

Comparison of window 7 to other window os

If you want to run window 7 on your PC¶s Here What it takes: 
1 gigaherts (GHZ) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) Processor.  1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32 bit) or 2 (GB) RAM (64 bit).  16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64 bit).

Window 7 themes
Window 7 provides various types of themes. Which makes Our PC¶s more intractive nd provides better looks.

Paints new realestic digital ³brushes´ will bring your picture to Life in shades of watercolor, crayon, calligraphy. Choice Display out in open rather than in menus.


The fresh calculator in window 7 also supports new elements Which are found under Menu option. All you Have to do is pick the Desired worksheet and Complete the fields Available for the Application to calculate The result.

Start and shut down of window 7

Start and shut down Seems to be much Faster than other Windows.

Steps to install window 7 
insert window disc into DVD drive th en set the BIOS to Boot from it.  press any key from key board to boot from CD or DVD. The next you should see the first window 7 setup screen Prompting you to enter your region information.  set your location and language preference then next click. Next accept the EULA( End User Llicence Agreement). 

the two options are upgrade and custom. As this is a new Install the only 1 we can use that is custom. Select the hard drives option to partition the window. Once the install is complete you will be presented with Another black screen with the message ³ set up is preparing Your computer to first use´. The next dialog box is appear when you enter your user name And computer name. enter all your detail and click next pass Word time, enter one if you want or leave it blank. The choice Is yours 

The next screen is of product key. Here you have two options. You can enter the key here and allow windows to automatically Active once online, or ignore it or enter it later.  The next screen is security screen where you choose whether Or not to allow windows to automatically update itself. We Suggest setting this to use recommended setting for now. This Will allow the operating system to download updates and Fixes as they become available. Next enter details for time zone, then network setting and Etc«

Drawback of window 7 
The first main disadvantage of window 7 is hardware Configration. Window 7 needs RAM capacity of atleast 1 GB. Window 7 can not be upgraded from window XP. Only advanced user are convinient with window 7. new user Finds difficulty to use window 7 and they switch back to window XP itself.  sometimes driver supports is not providing for the old system And the old version of motherboard. This disabled some of the Features of window 7. 

Many aplications failed to run on window 7 and they are Asking for online supports. Only the high end computers can install the window 7 and it can be used only in highly configures system. Various old softwares will not work in window 7 operating System. It will be a great problem to search the window 7 Compatable version for particular softwares. There are number of notifications in window 7 that interrupt Our work.