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It gives direct input on how real users use the system.WHAT IS USABILITY TESTING? Usability testing is a technique used to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This is in contrast with usability inspection methods where experts use different methods to evaluate a user interface without involving users. .

whereas general human-computer interaction studies attempt to formulate universal principles. or ease of use.WHAT IS USABILITY TESTING? (CONT. web sites or web applications. Examples of products that commonly benefit from usability testing are foods. of a specific object or set of objects. .) Usability testing focuses on measuring a humanmade product's capacity to meet its intended purpose. consumer products. documents. and devices. Usability testing measures the usability. computer interfaces.

find something to buy. create a new account.How much does the person remember afterwards or after periods of non-use? y Emotional response -.How much time. and how many steps.) y Accuracy -. are required for people to complete basic tasks? (For example. stressed? Would the user recommend this system to a friend? y .GOALS OF USABILITY TESTING Usability testing is a black-box testing technique.How does the person feel about the tasks completed? Is the person confident.How many mistakes did people make? (And were they fatal or recoverable with the right information?) y Recall -. and order the item. The aim is to observe people using the product to discover errors and areas of improvement. Usability testing generally involves measuring how well test subjects respond in four areas: Performance -.

Usability testing usually involves systematic observation under controlled conditions to determine how well people can use the product.WHAT USABILITY TESTING IS NOT Simply gathering opinions on an object or document is market research rather than usability testing. .

. developers and prospective users are located in different countries and time zones. Remote testing In a scenario where usability evaluators.METHODS Hallway testing The name of the technique refers to the fact that the testers should be random people who pass by in the hallway. conducting a traditional lab usability evaluation creates challenges both from the cost and logistical perspectives.

Automated expert review Provide usability testing but through the use of programs given rules for good design and heuristics.) Expert review This method relies on bringing in experts with experience in the field (possibly from companies that specialize in usability testing) to evaluate the usability of a product. Though an automated review might not provide as much detail and insight as reviews from people. .METHODS (CONT. The idea of creating surrogate users for usability testing is an ambitious direction for the Artificial Intelligence community. they can be finished more quickly and consistently.

The best results come from testing no more than five users and running as many small tests as you can afford.HOW MANY USERS TO TEST? "Elaborate usability tests are a waste of resources." .

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