Al- Razi Heathcare Pvt. Ltd is Abu Dhabi Group s latest Healthcare venture in Pakistan.


Breast Reshaping. Acne Management Therapy. Hair Transplant Pakistan & Fat Transfer Surgery. Haematology.5 Tesla Open Bore (MRI) and Dual Source CT Scan in the private sector of Pakistan. ‡ At The Rejuvenation and Wellness Clinic they offer both surgical and non surgical treatments. Their state-of-the-art radiology includes MRI. Ear Corrective Surgery. CT Scan.‡ Al Razi Healthcare offers one of its kind Laboratory and Radiology services. The surgical treatments include Facelift Surgery. Breast Augmentation. XRAY. Vaser Liposelection. Dermaroller Therapy. Ultrasound and Mammography where we bring the first 1. They provide faster. Facial Skin and body Laser Rejuvenation . Histo and Cyto Pathology. economical and reliable pathology tests pertaining to Routine and Immuno chemistry. Tummy-Tuck. Molecular Pathology and Clinical Microbiology incorporating international standards for infection control. And the non-surgical treatments include Skin Peels.


We believe that one of the most important factors in successful treatment of the patient lies in correct diagnosis: We strive to become the most reliable diagnostic facility and to deliver results in the shortest time with highest accuracy. .‡ To combine cutting-edge medical technologies with some of the best trained medical professionals in the world in order to provide you Gold Standards in healthcare services.

Mission .

‡ Clinical Laboratories of International standards.‡ To provide the best healthcare services to the people of Pakistan using an innovative approach to preventative care. and general well-being by focused on: ‡ State-of-the-art Diagnostic Radiology. ‡ Wellness Clinics. preventative care. . We will excel in medical diagnostic services.


Compassion: To consider each patient needs to meet immediate and long term goals in a relaxed professional environment. ‡ 3.Contribution to society: To benefit humanity by striving to provide best care as well as to educate the patients on how to lead a happy life.Commitment: No compromise on quality and to attain it with utmost integrity and respect for the patients.‡ 1.Cooperation: To work as a family of proactive individuals and combining the professional expertise and experiences to provide the best healthcare service. ‡ 2. . ‡ 4.

WAQAR ASLAM A written statement of what a job holder does. how it is done. and the skills needed to perform the job. why it is done. .JOB DESCRIPTION BY: CH.

‡ OPERATIONAL MANAGER AT ARHC: ‡ Serves as leaders in the clinical health-care setting with oversight of staff performance and service delivery. . problem-solving and strategic planning. administration and information technology functions. and high-quality delivery of services involving process management. effective. They typically have responsibility for a specific unit or department's quality control. They ensure the efficient.

Nowadays the job of a human resource manager has become a specialized profession and requires highly qualified personnel for the position. employee counseling and performance management. He has to shoulder responsibilities such as recruitment. training. . development.‡ Human Resource Manager The job description of a human resource manager includes many different and interesting functions.

‡ FINANCE MANAGER AT ARHC ‡ A financial manager is responsible for providing financial advice and support to clients and colleagues to enable them to make sound business decisions. .


‡ Recruitment represents the first contact that a company makes with potential employees. and eventually decide whether they wish to work for it. . It is through recruitment that many individuals will come to know a company.

and generate enthusiasm among the best candidates so that they will apply for the vacant positions.The HRD at ARHC ‡ informs qualified individuals about employment opportunities ‡ creates a positive image of the company ‡ provides enough information about the jobs so that applicants can make comparisons with their qualifications and interests. .

. The basic purpose is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job from the pool of qualified candidates.‡ Selection is the process of picking individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in ARHC.

to find out which job applicant will be successful. the needs of the job are matched with the profile of candidates. etc.‡ Purpose ‡ ARHC purpose of selection is to pick up the most suitable candidate who would meet the requirements of the job in an organisation best. . time and trouble. the company obtains and assesses information about the applicants in terms of age. qualifications. causing incalculable harm to the company in the long run. In course of time. How well an employee is matched to a job is very important because it is directly affects the amount and quality of employee s work. He may even circulate hot news and juicy bits of negative information about the company. the employee may find the job distasteful and leave in frustration. skills. in terms of training and operating costs. experience. if hired. To meet this goal. especially. Any mismatched in this regard can cost ARHC a great deal of money. The most suitable person is then picked up after eliminating the unsuitable applicants through successive stages of selection process.


Units are also notified deadlines for goal setting. as well as with industry practices. .‡ Al Razi s performance appraisal system is improved and will be upgraded from time to time in line with the company s requirements. periodic monitoring and final appraisals. HRD keeps all units of the Al Razi informed of the PA system and procedure currently in use.

Relevant and Timed. as laid out at the beginning of the appraisal process. Good performance management is based on continuous. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . The sufficient support and training is given to both employee and people supervisors to reach the agreed performance levels. honest and constructive dialogue between supervisors & employees.The Al Razi Performance Management Cycle is built on a number of guiding principles: ‡ Performance Management is a comprehensive process which ‡ There should be a consistent methodology for assessment of every Al Razi Employee s performance across all areas. should be SMART: Specific Measureable. Performance assessment is based on the individual s total contribution Throughout the performance year. Attainable. where this might not be happening. Goals and objectives.


. there is a range defined and it is the head of the department s accountability to manage and differentiate the pay out in the line with the performance rating given. For each performance category. plus merit related increase.At ARHC the Performance bonus payout is therefore a combination of inflation related.

Salary Increments/Adjustment & Performance Bonuses: Review of salary and allowances. monitoring by supervising officers on bi-annual basis and final evaluation. Some weightage is also given to evaluation of enabling personal skills and personality traits . The Company s performance appraisal (PA) system is primarily based on goal setting in the beginning of a year. using standardized performance appraisal forms at the end of the year. is carried out once a year during the first quarter of every year. which is based on previous year s performance.

identified in Job Grading. . The other important factors are as follows: ‡ Company s overall policy of promoting certain number of people in specified salary ‡ ranges to maintain a balance between number of employees in various ranges.± Promotion To Higher Grades: ‡ Promotion to higher grades depends upon operational needs on the basis of current assignment. as per Job Grade Fit.

HR will evaluate all nomination and short list ‡ ‡ employees for higher positions and conduct promotion interviews with the consent of Operation s Head & CEO. For promotion of higher grades we have to do forecast or we have to do succession planning. .Promotion Of Higher Grades: ‡ ‡ The promotion procedure revolves around the following two activities. ‡ ‡ Supervisor has to fill (Career Plan Form) for Potential Employees and forwarded it to HR. which are to be completed and recorded as described below.

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