Adequate resources

‡ players and supporting staff was really good. ‡ They were having good supporting staff that was specialist for t20 and variety of young and mature players. ‡ Some coaches and players were having experience of playing t20 in counties cricket.

.and physio gloster these are big names in t20 cricket coaching. ‡ Berry dir of coaching.and his expectation was realy high from all players.Leadership and structure ‡ Leadrship was great by shane warne who is having experince of more than 15 years. ‡ Warne was a person who decide who will do what..snape performance coach.

Climate of trust ‡ As this point says that when you trust your team that time you can take more risks. ‡ Warne used to take many risk on off field for buying new players and on field by changing batting and bowling positions as there was trust between team and skipper .

‡ .Performance evaluation and reward system ‡ As per this point team members should be given more incentives as well as profit and gain sharing to motivate them.


and botha in emotionally stable player who can adopt to situation as he is very experience .warne in extraverts as he was good in motivating and training. ‡ We can include smith in conscientious.tait .yusuf.and jadeja were having positions as good all rounder warne as spinner.smith as opener.Abilities of members ‡ Abilities of players were different.waston.

martin used to handle middle order.and people should be selected for a team to ensure that all various roles are filled. ‡ As far as this team smith s role is to give good start.and yusuf and waston s role is to decrease run rate. .Allocating roles ‡ Teams have different needs.warne and tait handle bowling department.


divercity ‡ As this team is having players from different country so that it is culturally diverce and it took some time for them to know each other andthat was a reaason for RR s initial loses. . ‡ And this is heterogenius team and demography is also variable as they have different age of players.

as increase in team member can create problem of social prob.suporting staff is also having 9 members. ‡ RR is having 1 coach not like other teams that they have coaches for batting bowling and fielding.and accountibility problemb. .Size of team ‡ Most effective teams have fewer than 10 players.

. When situation demands warne and tanvir can bat as well.waston. ‡ So RR s yusuf.damitri and jadeja are all rounders and good in all aspect of game.Member flexibility ‡ As per this point cross training is important for members to do all tasks.

Member preference .

Work design .


Common purpose ‡ Comon purpose provides momentum. ‡ Effective teams spends more amount of time in discussing and shaping team s common purpose. ‡ As RR s common purpose was to win mmitment. .direction.

Specific goals .

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