` Freight is a commercial as well as a technical aspect of International Transaction and Transportation. .

Means Either at the loading Station of cargo or at the Discharge Station of Cargo Station. .` Commercially it can be paid at Both the end.


. Air Freight :.Normally this type of freight is paid in Local Currency.This kind of Freight is also paid in Local Currency.Normally this type of freight is paid in USD ($).` ` ` Sea Freight :. Road and Rail Freight :.

.` ` If a passenger travels then it is called fare not freight. If a cargo is transported then it is called freight not fare.

` Normally freight terminology is related to international transportation from one port to another port or from one place to another place .

e.(EXPRESS CARGO DELIVERY SURCHARGE) which is mainly meant for Air transport . (PICK SEASON SURCHARGE) for Sea transport.This kind of parameter relates to Seasonal or Time Bound charges means PSS i. ECDS i.` ` ` Demand and Supply :-Freight from China to India is approx 800-900 USD and Freight from India to China is approx 200 USD. Circumstantial :. Lower the freight and Vice Versa. Inventory :-Higher the Inventory.e.

it adds few components like War Risk charges. because of the geographical locations Because of all these above mentioned parameters. the route chosen. one of the classic example is Gulf War.Freight over here depends upon distance between two destinations. the weather conditions etc. Security Surcharge Geographical :.In this case. due to this. .` ` ` Situational :. freight is volatile in nature.

o It is applicable for Import as well as Export.The Document is known as Lorry Receipt (L.Freight is expressed documentarily by various documents and it depends upon Mode of Transport 1. Road Transport :. it can be Prepaid or Collect. ` .R Copy) o Here.

R) o Over here. Air Transport :. .(AWB) o Over here. the freight can be prepaid or collect o It also applicable for Import as well as Export. Rail Transport :.e.Document used is Airway Bill i.This document used in Rail Transport is known as Rail Receipt(R. 3. the freight can be prepaid or collect o It also applicable for Import as well as Export.2.

Document used is Bill of Lading i. Sea Transport :.(B/L) o Over here. . the freight can be prepaid or collect o It also applicable for Import as well as Export.e.4.

This automatically explain the significance of ³Freight´ Higher the Freight Higher the Custom Duty.` ` ` ` ` The custom valuation of an international cargo is as per the assessable value. insurance. freight and loading/Unloading charges. Assessable value comprises cost of cargo. Custom Valuation is only possible on the ground of Freight Certificate .

 20% of total cargo shipment + 1. ` If it is not ³Freight Certificate´ then Custom has the power to charge the duty.Freight Certificate includes freight amount and Freight Tariff issued by concerned agent/carrier.125% of Insurance value. ` .

then all the risk and responsibilty lies to consignee ` . seller has obligation to load the cargo and not to unload the cargo  FAS Free alongside Ship :.  GROUP F: FCA Free Carrier :.  GROUP E: EXW Ex works :± Seller has minimum obligations and the buyer has maximum responsibility. ` As per the Inco-Terms.Freight has technical importance as per the IncoTerms.Irrespective of place.Seller has obligation upto the cargo get¶s load on board. Freight can be paid by below categories.

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