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 What

is VOIP  Strategic Objectives and benefits  Future and Challenges



VOIP – Disruptive Technology 05/29/11 3 .

2003) 05/29/11 4 .VOIP Disruptive Technology ? Technology of New Generation ? Does it Matter ? Nicholas Carr’s ( HBR.

VOIP  Disruptive Technology ?  Technology of New Generation ?  Does it Matter ? Nicholas Carr’s ( HBR. 2003) 05/29/11 5 .

What is VOIP? Voice A Over Internet Protocol telephone system which takes advantage of the existing data network combining elements of current telephone and data technologies 05/29/11 6 .

Networked PBX Service Providers of All Types) Data Packet Voice/Phone Circuit Video/TV Circuit Everything Is “Just” a Packet D/V/V Packet IP Entertainment and Information 05/29/11 7 .Convergence : Tectonic Integration Telecom and Datacom (Enterprise WAN.

Telephony and Data Architecture Fundamentals Comparison PBX IXC Corporate Location Class 5 Switch Corporate Location Router Intranet Internet Class 5 LEC Class 5 Router Router PBX Corporate Location Switch Corporate Location Corporate Voice Network with PBXs (Private Branch Exchange) 05/29/11 Corporate Data Network with Switches and Routers 8 .

VoIP Solutions VoIP Solutions: Peer-to-Peer PC Players: Google TalkTM. Yahoo MessengerTM Microsoft NetMeetingTM SkypeTM The Internet DSL or Cable Modem Router PC VoIP Solutions: Enterprise – Toll Bypass Vendors: Nortel NEC Avaya Toshib a Ericss on Cisco PBX (PSTN) Connecting enterprise PBXs with VoIP links to avoid paying for long distance charges Router Private Data Network or VPN Router PBX 9 05/29/11 .

Reliable / 1 protocol No geographic dependency Software intensive Open to wide range of partners 10 .Before IP Centrex Data Network (collection of networks) After IP City D Halifax City A Soft Switch App Server IP PBX DM S DMS Centrex PSTN Network Centralized location City B DMS-PRI PBX IP Network IP PBX City C City C Separate Voice & Data Networks Limited flexibility / multiple protocols Geographic / Territorial Hardware Intensive Difficult to partner 05/29/11 City C Single Network Flexible.

Features Voice Over IP (VoIP) is a term used in IP Telephony for a set of facilities for managing the delivery of voice information using IP Efficiencies of Unified voice and Data network  Increased Productivity  Mobile/Remote Workforce Enabled  Enhanced Security  Improved Reliability  Single Voice/Data Connection Application Integration  Integration with Email  integration with Video  Increase with customer databases  Support for Multiple IP devices 05/29/11 11 .

Strategic Objectives and Benefits 05/29/11 12 .

To develop opportunities for future challenges in G lobal m arket G rowth O utsourcing Strategy : • Training and Education of IT staff • Research into em erging technology 05/29/11 13 .IT Strategic Balance Scorecard IT Strategic Balance Scorecard Corporate Contribution O bjective User O rientation O bjective • • • • : Cost Realization of IT investm ent and assets Strategy : control IT expenses Business Value of IT Infrastructure Provide New Business Capability • • • : Efficient and effective business transaction and com unication m Strategy : Partnerships with user User Satisfaction O perations Excellence O bjective : • Effective and efficient trading platformand efficient com unication m capabilities while reducing Energy consum ption Strategy : • IT Infrastructure consolidation and Integration com unication Platform m developm ent • Efficient and effective operations O bjective Future O rientation • : .

Strategic Objectives and benefits      Improve Productivity by reducing cost of trading transaction and Increase asset utilization Minimising energy consumption and meeting environmental regulatory requirements. Converged IP communication infrastructure shared infrastructure –Scalable across Globe through Internet/Intranet Business Customers – Productivity / Cost reductions / Competitive Pressures Governments – Efficiency with tax dollars / Public priorities for scarce resources 05/29/11 14 .

Business Objectives 05/29/11 15 .

Future and Challenges 05/29/11 16 .

              TV (Analogue to Digital) IPTV PCs Laptop PDA Game Consoles Wifi Landline (DECT) Mobile Softphone (IP Telephony) Skype Fixed/Broadband packages Triple Play packages Mobile/Broadband packages 05/29/11 17 .

Convergence of communication Global Voice Convergence US EMEA ASIA PAC Wireless Telephony Trader Voice V D A T A LA N WA N MA N QOS Voice over IP Voice Recording Convergence M obility Centralisation Voice Mail Intercom O I C E Video over IP Soft Clients GateKeeper Video Endpoints Bridges Gateways 05/29/11 s i o Vi / u a A Control Systems l d u 18 .

new services. Enabling VoIP. etc etc Wireless Messaging Data Services Video 05/29/11 19 . new services.Unified Communication Architecture Voice Services NGN NGN Enabling VoIP. 05/29/11 20 .Future Technology Links

Questions ? 05/29/11 21 .

Traditional Vs Latest 05/29/11 22 .

Convergence Wireless Telephony Trader Voice V D A T A LAN WAN MAN QOS Voice over IP Voice Recording Convergence Mobility Centralisation Voice Mail Intercom O I C E Video over IP Soft Clients G lobal Voice Convergence GateKeeper Video Endpoints Bridges Gateways US EM EA s i o Vi / u a A Control Systems l d u 05/29/11 ASIA PAC 23 .

Traditional VS Emerging  Traditionally. businesses maintain a voice and data network separately With VoIP. both voice and data run on a converged network  05/29/11 24 .

Firm Infrastructure Support Activities M Human Resource Management A RG IN Technological Development Procurement Operations Primary Activities 05/29/11 Outbound Logistics Marketing & Sales Inbound Logistics M Service A RG IN 25 .