Conveys mood Communicates attitude

the x) x j Cap height the height of uppercase letters of a font ABC .The Letters X-height the height of the main body of a lower case letter (literally.

The Letters Ascender the part of lower case letters that extends above the x-height bdh Descender the part of lower case letters that extends below the baseline g p y .

The Letters Bowl the rounded space within letters such as b and Q Serif the short cross strokes of some typeface T f m .

small x-height. short extenders and descenders . tall extenders & descenders Contemporary Sans serif.Typefaces Conventional Serif. high x-height.

Typefaces Dignified Serif. bowls and vertical letterforms slightly narrowed Hattenschweiler Friendly Rounded bowls and letterforms Tahoma .

-headings. . Italics work better. subheads -avoid using bold type for emphasis within blocks text.Type Styles Bold heavier stroke.

Type Styles Avoid: Shadow text Outline text Underlined text Consider: Small caps for acronyms .

Type measurement Points best standard of measurement Measured in smaller increments 0.1 Used by most programs Vocabulary of typesetting is in points Used for line spacing and rule thickness 6 picas = 1 inch 12 points = 1 pica 72 points = 1 inch .

Kerning and Tracking Kerning reducing or adding space between letter pairs Tracking -adjusting space in a string or block of text generally loose or tight .

Line Spacing Leading vertical space alloted to a line of type Use tighter leading in headlines Use looser leading for body text .

such as logos .Leading Design programs allow you to adjust leading for special effects.

Special Type Effects Reversing type 50% off Screening type 50% off .

Special Type Effects and Rotating type Setting type .

Special Type Effects Filling type .

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