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5/29/2011 3 . A power brand from P&G . this brand made its debut in India in 1997.Product Introduction Head & Shoulders is world's No.1 antidandruff shampoo. Head&Shoulders is a major player in the Anti-Dandruff niche. In the highly competitive Indian shampoo market which is estimated to be worth around Rs 1800 crore.

the anti dandruff market was in its nascent stage and dominated by Clinic All Clear.When the brand was launched in India.The entire shampoo market was dominated by HLL with a whopping market share of around 46%. 5/29/2011 4 .

The high profile launch of Head & Shoulders fueled the growth of this specialty market. 5/29/2011 5 . Now anti-dandruff segment constitutes around 15% of the total shampoo market.

The brand used the Markonym ZPT ( Zinc Pyrithine)Formula which has anti-fungal properties as its differentiator. 3.Product Definition 1. 2. 6 5/29/2011 . 4. What's more it gives you soft. beautiful hair that's closer to the look you want. Cleanness and Remove dandruff Its new best ever anti-dandruff formula provides better scalp coverage to get rid of even the tiniest dandruff flakes.

Anti-Dandruff. But being an FMCG product. Black Hair. Low Price. pshychography or Life-style. like shampoo. Head & Shoulders started operating in the Anti-Dandruff segment. As an added benefit it also emphasized on smooth hair. The core segments were     Shiny Hair.Segmentation The available segments to Head & Shoulders are : The available segments could have been found based on demography. 5/29/2011 7 . The demographic or geographic segmentation is not as important as it is based upon the life-style as well as customers preferences despite of their demography or geography. geography.

early adaptors and who care about the overall health of their hair. 5/29/2011 8 .Target Market The target market for Head & Shoulders are the Higher middle class people who are brand conscious.

Perceptual Map of Product Positioning Anti dandruff Head & Shoulders Clinic All Clear Less mild Clinic Plus Sunsilk More mild Fiama de wills Pantene Garnier Fructis 5/29/2011 Nourishing 9 .

It is under the umbrella of P & G. Head & Shoulders was able to create a strong appeal as a mild.It¶s branding strategy includes :   Firstly. Secondly. 5/29/2011 10 . it was able to differentiate itself from other antidandruff shampoos by the means of introduction of new element ZPT. caring Anti-dandruff shampoo with lots of variants based upon consumer needs.The Brand« Head & Shoulders was successful in establishing itself as a strong brand.

The Brand«  Thirdly. Fourthly.  5/29/2011 11 . belonging to P & G gives Head & Shoulders an esteem in consumers mind and the quality maintenance with appropriate pricing gave Head & Shoulders strong respect. it¶s innovative campaigns and pervasive ways of promotion made the consumers well aware about Head & Shoulders.

High Quality Products. Availability of Products in Different Sizes. Large Network for Distribution. Strong Financial position of P & G. Brand Loyalty. 5/29/2011 12 . Consumer Trust.SWOT Analysis Strengths :         International Company. Well known brand.

 Lagging behind Clinic All Clear in terms of creative campaign.SWOT Analysis Weaknesses :  Competition with Clinic All Clear.  Less popularity in rural areas compare to urban areas in India. 5/29/2011 13 .

SWOT Analysis Opportunities :  Have a Great Opportunity in New developing areas of India.  Increase in the Shampoo consumption due to awareness. 5/29/2011 14 .  Consumer behavior towards brand loyalty.  Heavy investment in the research of Shampoo.  High Rates of Imported Shampoos.

Threats from plenty other options available to consumers. Rapidly change in price of raw material.SWOT Analysis Threats :      High Competition in Indian Market. Uncertain economic condition of country. Threats from new entrants. 15 5/29/2011 .

in consumers mind. The product uses a freshness essence in it¶s packaging which. creates a positive impression. 16 5/29/2011 . The product uses attractive white and royal blue combination as its base packing. 200ml and 400ml pack).Packaging Product packaging    The product has eleven varieties with five SKUs each ( 2 ml and 3 ml sachet. 100ml.

) is used with exclusive high resolution attractive models. In it¶s advertisements. has roped in actor Kareena Kapoor as its new brand ambassador. Head & Shoulders. liflets and pamphlets etc. Head & Shoulders introduces itself as a premium brand and uses the charm and beauty of beautiful models. Attractive Banners and Hoardings are used extensively. long and beautiful hair. 17 5/29/2011 . The emphasized is on healthy. Print media (News papers.Advertising      P&G¶s anti-dandruff shampoo brand.

Policies Firstly. 5/29/2011 18 . at the time of introduction it emerged as a international premium brand and it took it¶s full advantage.Pricing Strategy Pricing At the time of launching it used price-quality inference strategy. Currently it is using reference pricing as well as value pricing. After a few years when several other competitors came into the market it continued to deliver same quality but with value pricing technique to grab the emerging market of India.

viz. Factory to distributor to whole-seller to retailer to consumer.Distribution The distribution channel of Head & Shoulders follows the conventional route of FMCG goods marketing. 5/29/2011 19 .

5/29/2011 20 . Head & Shoulder has these kind of products introduced out of India but it still has it¶s opportunity in India.Vertical Markets Vertical market opportunities : The vertical market for shampoos is quite promising. The introduction of compatible hair-oil or conditioner or hair-gel is being followed by many brands like Clinic Plus.

But by the end of 2000. the target was to capture market from HLL.  After launch. it started to loose it¶s market to clinic all clear due to their aggressive campaigns. Head & Shoulder was a success.  5/29/2011 21 .  After gaining adequate market share. it tried to expand it¶s usability scope.Success Metrics At the time of launching.

Requirements of Success       Maintain it¶s quality with constant improvements. To maintain a competitive pricing. discounts to consumers as well as distributors. Promotion in rural and semi-urban areas. To come up with new varieties according to market needs. 5/29/2011 22 . Special offers . Innovative means of promotions like forming a special association or some distinct group which will help maintain it¶s brand equity and loyalty.

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