OBJECTIVES ‡ To educate and inspire bartenders about Pilsner Urquell ² To raise the profile and awareness of this unique brand and history amongst bar staff ‡ To ensure that Pilsner Urquell is always served in the correct way ‡ To encourage key outlet staff (Bartenders/Managers) to recommend Pilsner Urquell to their customers and thereby generate enthusiasm. interest and loyalty amongst opinion leading consumers who frequent their outlets .

) ² Only 6% said they had received training from a beer brand. etc. not about the way they were brewed and why they taste the way they do . Heritage. how they are brewed.BARTENDERS WANT TRAINING ON BEER BRANDS ‡ Miller Brands (UK) commissioned independent research in 100 target outlets to understand current levels of training and bartender needs ‡ The figures suggest that there is virtually no information or training given to bartenders on beer brands (how to properly serve them. Wines) ² Of those beer training sessions. compared to 49% from other drinks brands (Spirits. all had been about storage and service. the key ingredients and basic brand talking points (Taste.

cocktails and premium spirits) ‡ Research suggests a sustained campaign of support is high on the bartenders agenda: ² Training is genuinely valued by bartenders and recognises their profession ² Meeting with other bartenders (networking opportunity) in a social environment is highly valued ² Beer drinkers respond very positively towards bartenders who can give informed advice on the beers they sell .BARTENDERS WANT TRAINING ON BEER BRANDS ‡ Bartenders are expected to learn ´on the jobµ about the beer brands they serve whilst training is favoured towards higher priced drinks (e.g.

Our Customer Development Executives (CDE·s) then register inducted bartenders onto the Master Bartender Programme Stage 2: Modules 1 and 2 ‡ Bartenders will receive. by our sales team and are given a quick. in outlet. with an 80% or higher score. maintenance and how to perfectly serve Pilsner Urquell (module 2). heritage and authenticity of the brand (module 1) as well as the storage.MASTER BARTENDER PROGRAMME Stage 1: Induction and Registration ‡ Bartenders are trained. two 30 minute paper-based modules for completion educating them about the history. multiple choice 10 question induction test. by post. bartenders receive another unique gift . Those bartenders who achieve a 10/10 score automatically receive a welcome gift from Pilsner Urquell. On completion of both modules.

Germany in October 2009 Benefits ‡ Proven to increase ROS by at least 1 keg (50L)/week in participating outlets * Hyperlink to Customer Testimonial for PU Master Bartender * Hyperlink to Case Study ± PU Impact of Staff Training & MBT ± Midnight Bell in Leeds * Hyperlink to Case Study ± PU Training & Sampling ± Brown¶s in Leeds .MASTER BARTENDER PROGRAMME Stage 3: Mystery Shopping ‡ Bartenders who have completed & returned their module training will then be appraised on their knowledge and enthusiasm for Pilsner Urquell through mystery shopper visits Stage 4: Award ‡ The 10 highest placing bartenders in the competition will then be selected to participate in the Pilsner Urquell UK Bartender of the Year Award in September 2009 ‡ The National winner will go on to compete for the International Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender competition in Berlin.

10 question multiple choice test ‡ Bartenders obtaining 10/10 on the induction test immediately receive a £20 HMV voucher .STAGE 1: REGISTRATION AND INDUCTION ‡ Account stocks Pilsner Urquell on draught ‡ CDE trains bartenders in outlet as part of our Pilsner Urquell 5-star draught outlet support package ‡ CDE tests bartenders knowledge with a quick.

STAGE 2: MODULE COMPLETION ‡ Module 1 The History and Brewing Process of Pilsner Urquell ‡ Module 2 Caring For and Serving Pilsner Urquell ‡ Gifts upon completion of the modules include: ² Pilsner Urquell bar blade is sent to bartenders with their 2 paper-based modules ² Bartenders achieving a score of 80% & above. receive another HMV voucher ² this time to the value of £50! .

STAGE 3: MYSTERY SHOPPING ‡ Bartenders who complete their induction as well as the paper-based modules will be mystery shopped in their work environment ‡ They will need to: ² Demonstrate their brand knowledge ² Pour the ´Perfect Pilsner Urquellµ ² Demonstrate passion for the brand .

STAGE 4: AWARDS ‡ The 10 top bartenders (judged from results from their modules and mystery shop) from the UK will be invited to take part in the UK Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender Awards in September 2009 ‡ Bartenders will need to demonstrate: ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² Enthusiasm in recommendation of Pilsner Urquell Knowledge of brand provenance Awareness of Pilsner Urquell as the ´originalµ Understanding of beer taste Importance of foam head/perfect pour Knowledge of brewing process Storage temperature Other product knowledge elements .

STAGE 4: AWARDS CONTINUED ‡ The National winner will go on to represent the UK at the International Master Bartender Awards to be held in Berlin. Germany in October 2009 ‡ The International Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender of the Year is immortalised in the Hall of Fame at the Pilsen Brewery .

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