Evolution of Communication Strategy
A Group One Case Presentation

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Benetton - Italian retailer manufacturing and distributing clothing, undergarments, shoes, cosmetics and accessories. It was started in 1955 by the Benetton family (consisting of three brothers ² Luciano, Gilberto, Carlo and a sister Guiliana) in a small Italian town. Benetton today operates over 5000 retail outlets and megastores in about 120 countries employing over 7250 people. 

The Benetton family 

Luciano Benetton

linens. casual wear Leisure wear Street wear fashion wear . Playlife and Killer Loop. watches. Sisley.  Benetton became well known for its colourful and provocative ´shock advertisingµ that employed the power of photography to grab the attention of viewers. golf equipment.CASE OVERVIEW  It has licensed it brand name to other manufacturers of sunglasses. designer condoms and luggage. stationery. cosmetics.  Popular Benetton·s brands includes United Colors of Benetton (UCB).

that it thought needed more attention.  Oliviero Toscani   James Mollison . Pollution etc. Capital Punishment.Cont. Industry experts and critics worried about Benetton·s communication strategy and execution approach. exploiting and unethical to the advertising profession. Benetton reverted to a more conventional advertising strategy under its new creative director James Mollison a product of fabrica ² Benetton·s a communications research center. some describing it as offensive.  Benetton·s unique advertising campaigns created by Oliviero Toscani (Benetton·s then creative director) focused on social and political issues like Racism. AIDS. Benetton·s communication strategy attracted a lot of criticisms and generated a lot of controversies the world over causing the withdrawal of some of their ads from various countries. War. When Oliviero Toscani finally resigned. Child Labour.

this ad won the Eurobest Award) .Benetton¶s campaigns Caused Sears to canceled an exclusive $100 million contract to sell a line of Benetton clothes Banned by the Italian Advertising Authority (The Vatican took a stern view but in England.

Benetton¶s campaigns Banned in Germany. The tattoo mark was similar to the numbers tattooed by Nazis Misinterpreted as reminding blacks of the days of slavery when black women breast-fed white babies .

socially responsible brand with the interest of society at heart. It positioned Benetton as a caring. War. Capital Punishment etc. This strategy gave Benetton a distinct image ² a competitive edge.Benetton¶s communication strategy    Benetton·s communications always carried a ¶big idea· that focused on a social or a political issue. But in the mind of critics Benetton was a controversial brand. It used ¶shocking images· in the context of advertising to grab the attention of its audience. that affects the world. AIDS.     . Benetton used its communication to take a standpoint on such social and political issues affecting the world and forced the public to take a positive action. The emotive communication approach draw the public to pay more attention to issues such as Racism.

Benetton¶s strategy .

Strong visuals that can make a lasting impact in the minds of the people.real images of the topic Touching images that is capable of driving the debate on the topic or ¶big idea·. just the Logo Simple and effective A blend of corporate social responsibility with advertising     . No copy.Benetton¶s creativ e execution     Ads had a universal theme No image of the product Original .

SW OT ± Benetton¶s ads Strengths  Benetton is a world leader and a famous brand so its ads gets noticed  Creative grabs attention at a single glance  Delivers message in a clear an concise manner  Simple and straight-forward information is used  Influential  Good visuals  Global target audience  Combines advertising with Corporate social responsibility .

SW OT ± Benetton¶s ads Weaknesses  Ads are controversial and gives rise to public resentment  Morality and ethics of the ads are questionable Some of Benetton¶s controversial ads .

radio.SW OT ± Benetton¶s ads Opportunities  Social causes can be touched without controversies  Ads can be run on other media ² TV. internet  Ads can target national social problems around the world with different ads for different countries Two ads on racism but one is more controversial than the other .

France and the UK .  Controversies resulting in ads pull out. was withdrawn from the media in Italy.SW OT ± Benetton¶s ads Threats  Critics are of the view that Benetton·s is using cheap and exploiting ads to market their brand.

 The use of ¶Shock images· which generated controversies and condemnation from individuals and nations across the world.The thrust of the case  Benetton·s communication strategy. creative approach and execution. .

 The universal ads did not factor in the world·s cultural diversity. .Problem Identification  Critics were not worried about the images used but the context in which they were used.  The ads were oversensitive  Oliviero Toscani·s background affected the direction of their communication.

Question One ‡ What are the basic objectives of advertising? ‡ What are the advertising objectives of Benetton? .

Answer  The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).  Kotler and Armstrong provide an alternative definition: "Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas. goods and services through mass media such as newspapers. magazines. . defines advertising as: "The means of providing the most persuasive possible selling message to the right prospects at the lowest possible cost". television or radio by an identified sponsor".

 Belch / Belch: "Advertising is any paid form of non-personal communication about an organization. product.remind consumers of the company·s products . 3 basic objectives of advertising are: ‡ To inform ² tell customers about products or services ‡ To persuade . service. or idea by an identified sponsor".encourage customers to switch to a different brand ‡ To remind .

Other advertising objectives include:        To build brand image To create awareness To educate To generate interest To induce desire To encourage action To support other marketing efforts .

Benetton¶s advertising objectiv es Benetton·s purpose of advertising was not to sell more but to:  To create and unconventional way of advertisement to stand out of the crowd  To communicate the company·s values  To create a single strong distinctive corporate image  To create brand awareness  Corporate social responsibility  To encourage action on social and political issues .

.Question Two ‡ Discuss the pros and cons of the shock advertising campaign Benetton used for many years.

Answer PROS  It creates an emotional bond with consumers  Grab attention of the audience with a serious message  Lives a long time memory and not easily forgotten  Extreme content to influence audience in a positive way  Shock advertisements stand out more than traditional advertisement Timeless: 50yrs and people will still remember these ads .

waste of advertising budget  Ads do not directly sell companies products to consumers Misinterpreted as promoting homosexuality .Answer CONS  Message interpreted by consumers as offensive and insulting  Offended consumers may avoid Benetton·s products that can affect sales  Controversies may gradually dent the brand image  Withdrawn ads .

Question Three ‡ Oliviero Toscani has defended Benetton·s use of shock advertising by noting that it constitutes nothing less than a debate between advertising and art. He argues that potentially offensive images are acceptable in the world of art and journalism while in other realms such as advertising they are not. Do you agree with Toscani·s position? .

shock images must also be acceptable in advertising. Oliviero Toscani .Answer Oliviero Toscani·s argument  Journalism and Art use shock images to inform.  Advertising is used to inform and also to sell  With this aligning objectives. entertain and educate but the bottom line is to sell their paper and art.

.  Journalism is seen as for public good  Advertising is also perceived as for the company·s benefit  Critics argue that they are not worried about the use of the shock images but the context in which it is used.  Using shock images in advertising is criticized as exploiting for the company·s benefit.Answer We do not agree with Toscani·s position  Journalism and Advertising has different objectives and different set of ethics and morals.

Question Four ‡ Do you agree with Benetton·s decision to drop the use of shock ads and return to the use of more conventional ads? .

Conventional vrs Shock ads Conventional ads          Generic and easy to copy by competitors Get lost in the crowd Sells the products of the company Low level of awareness Low impact Easily forgotten High advertising budget to make an impact Low emotional involvement Low controversies Shock ads          Unique and not easily copied Stands out from the crowd Do not sell the companies products High level of awareness High impact Highly memorable Low advertising budget to make an impact High emotional involvement Highly controversial .

Conventional vrs Shock ads Conversional ad Shock ad .

Answer We do not agree with the decision of Benetton to stop using Shock ads  Shock ads are more effective than conventional ads  It·s more impactful  It commands less advertising budget  It is unique to Benetton·s brand  It promises a higher brand equity .

Recommendations ‡ Benetton should the ¶Shock· communication strategy because it is more effective than conventional ads. ‡ They should reduce or tone down the level of sensitiveness of the ad to reduce socio ² cultural controversies. . ‡ Benetton should conduct more consumer insights in their ad production before developing their Ad.

‡ That is a compromise on Benetton·s stance and critics would be vindicated. ‡ Totally dropping this strategy which Benetton is known for over the years has serious implications on the brand. . ‡ The issue of this strategy was the sensitive of the images which in our opinion could have been toned down with deep cultural insight.Conclusion ‡ The success of the Benetton brand was due to their unique advertising ´shock adsµ strategy. ‡ We believe the strategy can be revised in a more subtle manner and still achieve its objectives. ‡ Oliviero Toscani in our opinion is considered a genius for this great piece of history.

Bold. Daring. Timeless .Thank You Unique.

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