Mark Glenn F. Villamor March 2011

(True or False)

j You should wear enough perfume/cologne that

your employer acknowledges that it is you that smells good. (T/F) j You should not get your hair cut because you are not due. (T/F) j Today it does not matter what you wear as long as you are comfortable. (T/F) j If you have a body piercing you should leave it in. It is better the interviewer know up front that you have one. (T/F)

. jBrush your teeth at least twice a day. jEliminate body odor. jKeep your hands and feet always clean.A Quick Guide to Good Grooming jShower at least once a day.

jKeep your nails and cuticles clean and well-trimmed.A Quick Guide to Good Grooming jMaintain a neat hairstyle. jUse clean. fresh and well-ironed shirts. . socks and handkerchiefs daily. underwear.

. quit. If possible. jCut down on smoking.A Quick Guide to Good Grooming jNever use underwear and socks without washing them first. jWatch your alcohol consumption.

If you have one. . jAvoid body piercing/tattoo. be sure it is hidden.A Quick Guide to Good Grooming jDevelop regular sleeping habits. Make it a point to get at least six hours of sleep each night.

east Recommended Most Recommended Potential Attire for OJT for Men .


There is no need for this person to change the style of his hair.Positive Comments This person is very appropriate for a work day setting. Jacket not needed. Very good college look. Hair is great! Very in style. Very good for young professional. . Negative Comments Mixed Comments With a suit jacket this would be a very professional outfit for a meeting.

The Polo Shirt & The Polo Barong .

RECOMMENDED MEN¶S ATTIRE Contemporary-style sweater with shirt and tie Dress slacks Dress loafers Doc Martens are okay if they are the original styleflat oxfords! Dress oxfords .

. Original Doc Martens Boots: The tall boot style is inappropriate. Sweaters with large logos or designs: These are too confusing and leave a bad impression. Cargo khakis: The unprofessional pockets are not acceptable.Men: Inappropriate Attire Lug-Bottom Doc Martens: The thick-soled shoes are not acceptable.

Begin by selecting your best ¶neutral· as a nucleus for a professional wardrobe.DRESSING ON A TIGHT BUDGET Purchase clothing with multi-use potential. . Purchase matching components. Select ties that add to possible visual variety.

General Guidelines for the MEN¶s Corporate Attire .

arms should be covered to the wrist. Typically. Exposing arms by rolling up your sleeves is interpreted as less powerful and is less formal. .#1 j Wear white long sleeves that contrasts with the tie.

selecting subtle or simple patterns enhances credibility.#2 j A (silk or silk-like) tie should coordinate with the pant but choose one that strongly contrasts with the color of your shirt. .

Choose natural-fiber blends that allow a flow of air and do not hold in perspiration and heat. . Choose colors such as black or gray.#3 j Socks should be calf-length or above the calf.

clean & polished shoes. The color should be dark or blend with pant. .#4 j Wear conservative.

#5 j Select a leather belt that visually blends or matches your shoes. .

#6 j A short hair cut and no facial hair is expected. .

#7 j Minimize jewelry. Avoid fashion/athletic watches. Avoid a necklace. . Wear no more than one ring per hand and a dress watch.

.#8 j Cologne should never be strong. do not wear cologne. When in doubt. A fragrance can cause an allergic reaction.

#9 j Matching colors is a vital element of the feng shui of style. j Your belt should always match your shoes. and both should match the rest of your outfit. . j Avoid the monochromatic look.

.#10 j Learn how to tie men¶s four in hand and half Windsor knot.

Post-Test j Would you still wear perfume/cologne? j Would you get a hair cut just to look well groomed and neat? j What is the safest combination in choosing for your corporate attire? j Should you leave a body piercing in? .

Dressing for Success has Successful Outcomes .