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by Zara Delilah Camacho Emile Olea Joshua Escobar

‡ Zara is a European based Spanish retailer that has 1,516 stores worldwide. They offer high fashion at a reasonable price, while maintaining quality. Zara is in tune with their costumers, which is a wide range of age, diversity and culture. The Zara customer is young, contemporary, educated, fashion forward, and is aware of brand and designer knowledge. ‡ After opening stores in the United States in 1989, Zara s customer awareness has grown very little in contrast to other countries. The purpose of the new eco- line and museum tour is not only to bring awareness to global issues and new technology, but also to educate the consumer on who Zara is and what they stand for as a company. Zara Understands the trends toward the world of the eco-minded consumer, green products and how its services is necessary for any brand going forward into 2011.

‡ The new eco line U-Phorbia will launch in spring 2012 and will be accompanied by a six month museum tour that will hit most of the major cities in the United States. The museum exposition will began in April 2012 and will continue till September. The tour will include exciting exhibits of fashion from the new eco-line, Avant-Gardening, Breathology, Container Construction, recycling initiatives, solar power projects and electric cars.

‡ Zara announces the introduction of the new eco-clothing line called UPhorbia, which is one of the most diverse genera in the plant kingdom. Our worldly environment is changing and we are entering in a new understanding of the importance of sustainability. Our designers have explored the elements of nature, while altering plant life into fibers to create wearable soft and luxurious fabrics. ‡ We have incorporated our appreciation for global trends, while mixing cultural patterns with soft and bold color palettes. The silhouettes will be fashion savvy and inspiring, without sacrificing our reputable price. The garments will be constructed out of high quality eco-friendly 100% organic fabrics from all over the world. Fabrics include bamboo, which is feels like soft silk jersey, as well as; fine linen, hempcel, organic cotton blends, silk, gauze, twills, tencel, seacell, soy, and wools.


Zara has always been innovative and eco-driven. The new ecoline is consistent with their strategic environmental plan that stared in 2007, in which they built the first ecoefficient store in Spain and plan to build more. What sets Zara apart from their competition, is their 200 person creative design team that creates approximately 40,000 designs annually.

Promotional Planning
‡ Our primary goal is to raise higher awareness to consumers in North America of Zara, the European brand. Its time to put Zara on the map. We will achieve this by introducing our new eco line U-Phorbia and make them aware of the ecological movement in sustainable living trending in our society in the near future. ‡ Zara has been established in the United States for many years however their customer pool is minimal. The goal for 2012 is to promote higher awareness and by implementing a promotional plan that will include a nine-month multi city museum exposition, the new eco line, print media in well-recognized US magazines that will feature both the exposition and the line.

Promotional Planning
‡ We will be organizing a six-month commercial exposition of contemporary art in thirteen major cities across the United States. Cities we will be featuring in will be Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Orlando, Houston, and Dallas. Art exhibitions will feature avantgarde gardening, container construction (new ways of living), recycling incentives, and living a sustainable life, eco-friendly clothing, solar-power projects, electric cars, and how eco trends can change our life and allow us to live responsibly. All exhibitions will feature Zara s new eco line U-Phorbia .

Promotional Planning (continued)
Our goals and strategies will promote Zara and make additional consumers of who Zara is and introduce the new eco brand. According to the American Association of Museums, museums have approximately 865 million visitors per year, that s 2.3 million visits per day. With our concept of bringing worlds together, the worlds of art, fashion and sustainable living will target the eclectic consumer who appreciates contemporary art, is practical about their style of living, and overall has a zeal for tasteful dress.

Theme Board

Press Release For Immediate Release
Contact: Joshua Escobar Tel. (323) 267-4098 Email: May 28, 2011 Zara by Inditex is proud to present U -Phorbia¤, an environmentally friendly clothing line which helps to aid in a better world and a cleaner environment. With this new line Zara hopes to promote eco friendliness and prove that fashion can become applicable with the use of organic cottons and substances. In addition Zara anticipate s a growth in new customers with the launch of U -Phorbia¤.The line will consist of tops and bottoms made for both Men and Women. Opening in the Spring of 2012 will be the "Bringing the World Together Fashionably" tour which will promote the new U-Phorbia¤ line. The tour will be exhibited at contemporary art museums around major cities of the U.S. The museum exhibits will be the main source for promoting U-Phorbia¤ as well as runway shows and Print Ads. The U-Phorbia¤ line will be released Spring 2012 and will be in Zara stores globally. With the launch of U -Phorbia¤ Inditex will be promoting a new aspect in the fashion world by helping to make the wo rld a sustainable place. In addition this line will be produced with low -energy consumption and will reduce C02 emissions, which would adhere to Inditex' s new building Policy.



Print Media

Execution Plan
‡ Zara will bring together a sixmonth art exhibition tour in thirteen major cities across the country. Our special event of Bringing Worlds Together Fashionably will brand U-Phorbia to our target market by demonstrating art and the ecological movement trending across the nation in the most hip contemporary style.

Execution Plan (continued)
‡ Consumers will be made aware of this special event through a print media advertisement in three prominent, well known magazines. The magazines we will be working with are Elle, W, and Vogue. ‡ An advantage of advertising in magazines is that magazines do not target specific cities or regions but readers with like interests and that allows us to focus on the brand itself and extend U-Phorbia to the public. Cost will be a bit higher for advertisement as it will run monthly for a period of six months. The ad is scheduled to run in the April 2012 issue, which is out on stands in March 2012. Each issue will incorporate a two-page spread of Zara for the Bringing Worlds Together Fashionably Museum Tour 2012. The tour will kick off Friday April 13th 2012 ending Sunday September 30th 2012. The ad will include each museum featured including dates of each specific exhibit.

´Bringing Worlds Together Fashionablyµ