Real Madrid is a football club Functioning in Madrid



March 6.Real Madrid Club de Football Nickname(s) .Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.Los Blanco's (The Whites).80.About Real Madrid Full Name .354) . Madrid (Capacity.Los Galácticos (The Superstars) Founded . 1902 (109 years ago)as Madrid Football Club Ground .Los Meringues (The Meringues).

Real Madrid is one of the 20 most important brand names in the world In 2010. Forbes evaluated Real Madrid's worth to be around ¼992 million (USD $1.Interesting Facts About Real Madrid Real Madrid FC is Voted as the world's most successful football club of the 20th century Real Madrid is also the most popular team in the world Real Madrid is the only club in the word to win Champions League Nine Times.323 million) .

Football is all about winning games/Trophies. But Without being able to lift a single trophy for past 3 seasons. Real Madrid still tops the revenue list. .

.Richest football club in the world in terms of revenue According to Deloitte.

Business Model Purchase Most Famous Football Players even at high cost 50% of their image rights to the club in exchange for a high salary Real Madrid as a brand was ranked #1 in the world ahead of Coca-Cola in 2005 Merchandise Stores all over the world Management is democratic Seasonal tours to United states. Middle east and south east Asia Real Madrid Foundation .

Europe. and sports management 9 courses available in the areas of Communication and Management.Real Madrid International School Presence in 13 countries(Asia Pacific. Middle East .) . "Sports Law". "Management of Sport Organizations". Latin America. health. North America) partnership between the Real Madrid and internationally recognized University of Madrid Specializes in total leisure. the Master in "Business and Entertainment". "Training and Sports Nutrition" and "Physical Activity and Health".(Masters Degree in Detection and Development of Talent in Footbal.North Africa. Sports and Health.

Real Madrid: Revenue sources and percentages (¼m) .

4 million Euros(80000 seats) .Total Value of Current Real Madrid squad is 515 million Euros Single Match day Revenue is 3.

7 million from Barcelona) .joined in 2000 Zinedine Zidane (£46 million from Juventus) .joined in 2001 .Famous Players Luís Figo (£38.

joined in 2002 David Beckham (£25 million from Manchester United) joined in 2003 .Famous Players Ronaldo (£30 million from Internazionale) .

This would amount to £556.000 a week ± followed by a 25 per cent pay rise in each of the following five years of his contract.Currently Playing Cristiano Ronaldo (¼94M from Manchester United) . Kaká (¼65M from Milan) .joined in 2009 9 million euro per year .5 million in his first year ± £183.joined in 2009 Ronaldo will earn £9.000 a week in the final year of his contract.

99 us dollar Sold over 1.2 million ronaldo jersey in madrid alone in the first year .Merchandise ( Shirt sales) 99.

Greatest Players Played For Real Madrid Best players always wanted to play for real Madrid. List of famous players who played for real Madrid are as follows           Alfredo Di Stefano (Argentina) Ferenc Puskas Hugo Sanchez Fernando Hierro Roberto Carlos Ronaldo Raul Gonzalez Luis Figo Zinadine Zidane David Beckham .


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