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Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism is a type of niche tourism involving exploration or travel to remote, exotic and possibly hostile areas, where the traveler are provided a challenge, thrill or intense experience. 


Adventure tourism is rapidly growing in popularity as tourists seek unusual holidays, different from the typical beach vacation. "adventure travel" usually include two of the following three components: a physical activity, a cultural exchange or interaction, and engagement with nature. In general, adventure tourism relies on natural, environmental features, such as mountains, rivers, forests, and the like.

Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure on land on snow on water in air

Adventure on land
Trekking Mountaineering Rock climbing Automobile racing Horse racing and riding Caving and speleology

Old sense- tedious journey on foot or travel by ox-cart Modern sense- walking on foot in the hills and mountains for pleasure and recreation Purpose- pilgrimage, trade, hunting, geological purpose, study tribal people

mountainous primarily for the pleasure of climbing .Mountaineering Sport of attaining or an attempt to attain high points in region. difficult to access.

Mountaineering .

mount Abu etc.Rock climbing Risky. Manali. .HP. Pune. exiting sport Found in the uppermost slopes of high peaks carried out in Delhi.

Rock climbing .

Automobile racing Sports car racing. rallies Conducted on the mountain ranges . hill climbs.

Horse racing Horse racing. . polo. horse riding .

technique of expedition.speleology Includes-discovery of of cave flora and fauna .Caving Scientific study of caves. photography. cave surveying.

Adventure on snow Adventure ice hockey Ice skating Snow skiing Heli-skiing Tobogganing and bobsledding .

Ice hockey Hockey played on snow Item in the Olympic winter sports Popular in USA. Russia and Sweden . UK.

dancing. . etc.Ice skating Self propelled locomotion on ice on steel blocks fastened to the bottom of the shoes Played on a surface called rink Types-figure skating. speed skating. free skating.


Snow skiing Moving over snow wearing a pair of long runners called skies attached to the shoes 3 types ± down hill. cross country . jumping.


Heli skiing Skiers are dropped on the ice top of a mountain or bridge Ski down hill .

Tobogganning Sport of sliding down snow capped mountains on a runner less sledge called toboggan Toboggan is a sledge made of poles tied together .

Bob sledding Sleding down an ice-covered snow On a four runner sledge Carry 2 or 4 persons .


Adventure in water Water skiing White water rafting Canoeing Kayaking Scuba diving Skin diving Yachting Wind surfing .

relaxing and thrilling sport Skis used are typical of laminated wood Long with a wooden fin on the bottom .Water skiing Cool.


White water rafting Operated by a skilled oarman who steers the boat with two large oars Also use paddle rafts The river trek begins where wild and white water rushes into the rocks falling foaming swirling as the water drops sharply Himalayan rivers are the apt site .

White water rafting .

Canoeing it is a light weight boat pointed at both ends Solo sport Sits in kneeling position Canoe has its popularity for fishing .and for aquatic events .for racing .

Canoeing .

height little. thin little slim little raft Sit with his legs outstretched in the front . tight little.kayaking Smart little.

breathing bag . co2 absorbant.Scuba diving Deep water diving 3 parts-steel cylinder with breathing gas.

Scuba diving .

Skin diving Deep sea diving Without any breathing apparatus .

oars and motors are not considered as yachts .Yachting Power driven vessel Light and small vessel Boats proppelled by peddles.

Yachting .

Wind surfing Solo sport Move according to wind .

Adventure in air Hang gliding Power hang gliding Sky diving hot air balooning Parachuting Para sailing .

Hang gliding person get suspended from a height Need clear and sweeping view from commanding height Himachal slopes are popular .

Hang gliding .

Power hang gliding Hang gliding using machine .

Sky diving Jumping from a spring board into water They perform complex series of twists. turns and spins .

Sky diving .

Hot air balloning .

Parachuting .

Parasailing Open parachute attached to a vehicle when vehicle moves forward parachute goes up .