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A Credentials Overview

ISD is a collaboration of mindsets, ideologies and the keen desire to deliver excellence in the field of creative communication & strategy. The Ideas Strategy Design Group was set up in Dubai in the year 2002 and expanded into other markets including India and the USA (with operations in Mountain View, California, Bombay, Bangalore & Kolkata, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), Canada (Ontario), Mauritius and the UK (London) as well.


Claude Hopkins .´ .«To Win One ³We cannot go after thousands of men until we learn how to win one.

‡ This is the focus of ISD in its everyday activity. ‡ It is a relationship building mission between the consumers and the providers of products and services.‡ Brand building is not a lip-service exercise. ‡ This is the task ISD is at home with. ‡ Linking µBrand insights¶« Leading to a persuasive communication strategy and a portrait of the brand¶s soul. . ‡ This is the very reason of its being.

´ . cost effective & neutral media and sensitive PR« all in synch with up-to-date technology.Mission ISD is committed to create for its clients µThe Competitive Advantage¶ in the marketplace through incisive strategy. cuttingedge creativity.

Plans to expand into other S E Asian markets Core competency as a Communication Consultancy partner Experienced management with global / regional expertise supported by strong local entrepreneurial support Positioning A complete Communication Consultant offering 360* communication solutions We are not vendors but consultants Business Focus Creating & nurturing Brands Technology driven communication models that will give a leap-frog advantage to clients¶ product/services Corporate image building . Mauritius and Vietnam. UK India.«About ISD Presently in UAE. USA. Canada.

Augmented Reality. Brand Bar. . IQ & State of the Art are our initial forays in to this limitless possibility to create major disruption in the field of communication Showhow2.The Cutting Edge Harnessing technology to bring in a sustained competitive advantage to Clients¶ products/service Brand Knew.

In a nutshell. Reaches out to 100000 primary readers every month . Offering a distilled compendium of high brow features and in depth articles that keep readers from the marketing & branding fraternity in close engagement with the brand eco system. positioned as the Harvard Business Review for people interested in this space Right now has a Print & Digital Edition in the markets of India & the M East.Brand Knew Brand Knew is a one of a kind knewsmagloid that provides a holistic perspective on the world of brands and branding.

Its a model that leverages the power of the Internet. positively impacting the brand. the portal straddles the entire value chain right from pre sales to post sales. Bose. . Apple. is the ISD Group's foray into the web space. Microsoft. Hyundai. Huwaei etc Showhow2. Based on Howard Gardener's Theory of Multiple Intelligence.ShowHow2 Showhow2. Video & Search to demystify the world of gadgets & technology. the supply chain and the end user to optimise their investments in gadgets & technology Brands that have embraced this concept include Nokia.

passionately engaging yet unassumingly informal Brand Bar is for the community of brand farmers across business segments who believe that building and nurturing brands in today¶s marketplace is a perennial process . relevant and entertaining to both soak in and disseminate knowledge and intelligence on the world of brands and branding in a manner that is non intrusive. themed.Brand Bar A spirited congregation of brand growers and cultivators who come together periodically in settings that are eclectic.

road shows and exhibitions and private screenings backed by the marketing and PR clout of the Group . The platforms are in the form of display galleries.State of the Art State of the Art is a platform that facilitates young talent from around the world who find their freedom of expression in paintings and works of art.

As a brand consultancy. it provides us with great strength to actually implement brand guidelines and aesthetics without having the need to outsource the same. IQ lends a solid credence to the Group's overall dynamics .IQ IQ is a complete turn key provider of design and execution of interior spaces within residential. With its state of the art joinery. commercial and retail environments. trained manpower of more than 200 people and a 30000 sq foot showroom right in the heart of the business district of Dubai.

Our PR Communication Abilities« ‡ Crisis Management ‡ One-on-one interviews with main newspapers. magazines. online & TV channels ‡ Conferences ‡ Articles on research/industry ‡ Case studies ‡ Corporate Image Building ‡ Thought leadership ‡ Product launches .

straddling creative. strategy.People Power The combined entity has an aggregate strength of almost 60 professionals combining an eclectic blend of experience & youth. film production & media services. account planning. . energy & passion.

Locations Currently the geographies include Ontario Kolkata California Ho Chi Minh London Mumbai Dubai Mauritius Bangalore .

buying & placement Retail branding & Visual merchandising Audio Visual productions Exhibitions / Road shows Events: Design. fabrication Web & multimedia development PR & Image Management . Outdoor. Radio etc All BTL Communication both internal & external Social Media Strategy Brand identity/ guidelines Digital Marketing Media: Research. planning.Scope of services offered Brand strategy and Implementation All mainstream ATL communication across media touch points Including Print. Television. Online.

Categories worked on FMCG Automobile Jewellery Infrastructure & Engineering Banks & Financial Services Food & Beverages Consumer Electronics Education & Training Real Estate Consultancies Apparels Web verticals IT & Peripherals Travel & Tourism Wines & Spirits Hospitality Interiors & Furniture .

Few of our clients« .

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.USA .Advertising .Vietnam .Publishing .groupisd.PR .UAE .Digital Media .com Inspiration to change your business India .Film Academy T: +971 4 2971 228 E: info@groupisd.UK .Branding & Identity .Mauritius .