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Facebook & Social Journalism

Vadim Lavrusik

950M +

540M +

monthly active users

mobile users

Social Engagement


+60 %
return daily

4 billion pieces of content shared daily Average user shares 150 items a month

Where people spend their time

Discovering news on Facebook

And within the ticker

and on news sites

Timeline with Subscribe

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Audience Growth Telling a story Timeline Apps Archiving Personal vs. professional Showcasing photos/videos Mobile posting

Subscribe Enable Subscribe on your current Timeline

To Allow Subscribers:

Personal vs. Public Subscribe: Select target audience

Personal vs. Public Search & Friending

Subscriber Growth Social discovery

Growing Subscribers
Subscribe Button for Websites

Growing Subscribers
On-air talent mentions

Example: ESPNs First Take

Timeline + Subscribe vs. Pages

Timeline + Subscribe
Use for both friends and a bigger audience Quick Mobile Updating Timeline Applications Interest Lists/Groups/Chat Privacy Settings Timeline Layout Facebook Insights Multiple people can admin / managed Custom Tabs & Applications Target Updates by Location/Language Promote with Ads & Sponsored Stories



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Where to start? Storytelling

Links, Status Updates, Photos

Breaking News Real-time updates

Multimedia From-the-Scene Photos

Multimedia Videos

Timeline apps


Reporting Searching:


Reporting Searching:

Reporting Finding Relevant Sources via Groups

Reporting Rolodex of 850+ Million

2 1

Reporting Contacting Potential Sources

Reporting Source history: timeline

Reporting Source history

Reporting Create a Custom Feed for your Beat

Reporting Create Custom Lists for Sources

Reporting Creating a Beat Group

Crowdsourcing the Wisdom of People

Crowdsourcing Submitted Content

Crowdsourcing Submitted Content

Crowdsourcing Submitted Content

Conversation & Crowdsourcing

Inclusion of questions or seeking input: +64% Engagement

Crowdsourcing Submitted Content

Crowdsourcing Targeting

Crowdsourcing Apps

Crowdsourcing Integrating into the show experience

Encouraging Tune-in & engagement

Crowdsourcing: Polling Using Questions For High Engagement

Engagement: What works?

Journalist Analysis: Posts with journalist analysis received
+20% referral clicks (Intl. +70%, politics +60%).

Meaty Post Length: 5-line posts (+60% increase in

engagement) 4-line posts (+30% more engagement).

Photos Resonate: Photos received +50% likes than nonphoto posts. Links with thumbnails received +65% likes & +50% comments

Weekend Traffic: Saturday links received +85% clicks

(Wednesday received +37% clicks, Tuesday +12% clicks)

Post Through the Day: Spikes at 7 & 8 am, 10 am, 4 & 5 pm,
12 am and 2 am.

Feeds get 2-3x less engagement


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