Performance Measurement & Reward Systems

and become a globally competitive market leader in the region. establish high growth businesses in Sri Lanka and across new frontiers. 2 .Company Vision To achieve excellence in all our activities.

Features of Existing PMS Managing Director Director General Manager AVP Finance/Admini stration General Manager AVP Engineering Organization Structure AVP Food and Beverage General Manager AVP Merchandising General Manager General Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Executive Executive Executive Executive .

Aitken Spence Hotels ‡ Aitken Spence Hotel Managements Pvt Ltd. ‡ No of employee in the company 125 . is a fully own subsidiary of blue chip Aitken Spence PLC.Maldives. ‡ Core business is managing star hotels approx.India and Oman. 30 in Sri Lanka.

Features of Existing PMS Infrastructure .

Features of Existing PMS Goal Planning Performance Evaluation Training and Development Employee Leave Management Employee Self Services Employee Data Management .

.The weaknesses ‡ Existing Hsenid system is not user friendly(Lack of technological knowledge & Generation gap) ‡ Lack awareness and the commitment towards the existing system ‡ The system is not matching the organization culture ‡ The customization of the appraisal format according to the designation of the employees.

The weaknesses ‡ Traditional appraising technique Rating scale ‡ Corporate goals are not properly link to the individual KPIs ‡ Reward system is not aligned to the performance appraisal system and some times biased. .

Recommended System ‡ Introduce MBO throughout the company ‡ Develop Scorecards to measure performance ‡ Appraise the performance against the Performance indicators ‡ Link individual performance to corporate goals/ strategies Company Mission/Vision Company Goals Departmental Goals Individual Goals .

Recommended System Individual Performance Score Achievement of Team Goals Achievement of Individual Goals Evaluation of Job knowledge & skills Development Needs Total GROUP 7 Weight 20 20 40 20 100 10 .





Benefits from the New System Benefits to the individual ‡ Motivation and satisfaction ‡ Understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses ‡ Training and Development ‡ Promotions and rewards ‡ Opportunity to discuss career direction ‡ Improved work relationships .

Benefits from the New System Benefits to the Manager/ Superior ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Understanding of the subordinates abilities Better management of the team/ department To set team objectives Opportunity to motivate the team Future recruitments .

Benefits from the New System Benefits to the Organization ‡ Improved performance throughout the organization ‡ Increase in efficiency and productivity ‡ Culture of continuous improvement ‡ Increased loyalty .

Implementation Plan .


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