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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Technology Services

What is it?
o It is a middleware product from IBM. o It takes care of all the storage, logging and communications details. o It takes care of translating the data when the source and destination use different character sets (EBCDIC on MVS vs. ASCII on NT or Unix). o All the applications have to do is know the name of the Queue and agree on the meaning of the message.
Sunday, June 05, 2011 Technology Services

MQ Series
Cross Platform Dominant Messaging Software ² 70% of market Messaging API same on all platforms Guaranteed one-time delivery Two-Phase Commit Wide EAI industry support

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Technology Services

2011 Technology Services . June 05.MQ Series API (basic) Connect to a Queue Manager Open a queue Put or get messages Close a queue Commit or roll back Disconnect Sunday.

o This form of communication is referred to as commercial messaging. June 05.Messaging Fundamentals o WebSphere MQSeries enables application programs to communicate with each other using messages and queues. 2011 Technology Services . o There are two methods for applications to communicate: Fire and Forget Request/Response Sunday.

2011 Program B Reply to Queue Technology Services Put Record Processed Message .Application Communications Fire and Forget Put Record Get Record Record Queue Program A Program B Request/Response Put Record Get Record Record Queue Program A Get Record Processed Message Sunday. June 05.

What is a message? Message = Header(s) + Application Data Header « Application Data A message consists of a header and the attached application data. June 05. Headers typically contain elements like: ‡ Unique Message Id ‡ Routing information ‡ Message format The following are examples of the data part of a message: ‡ A record from an indexed or flat file ‡ A row from a DB2 table ‡ Individual columns from DB2 tables ‡ Multiple rows or records Sunday. 2011 Technology Services .

What is a Queue? A queue is simply a place to put data. 2011 Technology Services . This figure shows how messaging works in the simple case where the program putting the message and program getting the message are both on the same computer and connected to the same queue manager. June 05. Sunday.

The limiting factor is the availability of system resources. The queue manager logs all activity with each individual queue thus creating an audit trail. 2011 TCP/IP Technology Services .What is Queue Manager? A queue manager is the subsystem software which controls access to the individual queues assigned to it. June 05. Multiple queue managers can coexist with each other. APPLICATIONS ANYWHERE LOG/AUDIT TRAIL QUEUE MANAGER PUT DATA GET DATA QUEUES COMMUNICATIONS ACF2/SECURITY Sunday.

95.Supported Platforms WebSphere MQSeries supports the following platforms: OS/390 MVS OS/390 Linux AIX HP-UX Solaris:Intel & SPARC OS/400 Windows NT. 2011 Technology Services .1. 2000  Windows:  OS/2  Open 3. 98 VMS  Tandem NSK  VSE  Digital UNIX  Compaq Tru64 UNIX Sunday. June 05.

June 05. 2011 Technology Services .Application Programming Interfaces (API) Sunday.

2011 . June 05. Java. VisualBasic Technology Services Sunday.WebSphere MQSeries Programming APIs Application Messaging Interface (AMI) AMI High level of abstraction. COBOL. moves message handling logic into the middleware Policy name "How" Service name "Where³ Available for C. LotusScript. C++. PL/1. COM. C++. COBOL. C. Java Java Message Service (JMS) JMS Emerging Java standard underpinned by WebSphere MQSeries Abstracts MQSeries details Interface for J2EE/WebSphere Message Queue Interface (MQI) MQI Native calls to provided functions are available in the following languages: 390 Assembler.

June 05.WebSphere MQSeries Programming APIs Message Queues MQI AMI JMS Applications MQI. AMI. JMS all interoperate Sunday. 2011 Technology Services .

June 05.Bridges/Adapters/Connectors Sunday. 2011 Technology Services .

message brokers. transaction managers Sunday. Notes Bridge.MQSeries Adapters From IBM  CICS Bridges. SAP Bridge. packaged applications. IMS Bridge. June 05.. From 75 other vendors More than 150 adapters   databases. ERP. CRM. MOM. . 2011 Technology Services ..

MQSeries Adapters AS/400. Tangent... VisualAge.. VSE SAP R3 Bridge MQSeries AD tools access Cool: Gen.. OS2 Backend Systems Unix CICS DB2 IMS MVS. Progress. Delphi.Netsoft. June 05. Lotus Notes Java Applets Desktop Clients Web Client Mobile Clients Sunday.. 2011 Technology Services .) Internet Gateway Workgroup Eg.. BaaN ERP OLE-enabled Environment (Powerbuilder. Seer. VB. AIX.

The components used are: WebSphere MQSeries WebSphere ± Web transaction monitor WebSphere MQ Integrator EDI Adapter ± Builds EDI transformations and load into WMQI OCR application to handle Fax and move content to WebSphere MQSeries Sunday. 2011 Technology Services .Electronic Data Interchange Processing This is an example of a possible EDI processing methodology using WebSphere MQ components. June 05.

Electronic Data Interchange Processing Sunday. 2011 Technology Services . June 05.

June 05. delivery Grouping of messages Load balancing Sunday.Advanced features Triggering ± automatically starting an application to process a message IMS & CICS Bridges ± reusing legacy transactions without modification Confirmation of message arrival. 2011 Technology Services .

MQ Application environments IMS transaction IMS BMP IMS batch OS/390 Batch TSO CICS DB2 Stored Procedure VB program on Windows C program on Windows or Unix Supported languages include VB. PL/1 and Cobol Sunday. C/C++. June 05. 2011 Technology Services .

June 05.Local Queuing Sunday. 2011 Technology Services .

June 05.Distributed Queuing Sunday. 2011 Technology Services .

2011 Technology Services . June 05.Distributed Queuing Sunday.

Web server«) Technology Services OS/390 hosting: Queue Manager IMS DB2 «. IIS. UP. Apache. June 05. 2011 Unix or NT Server Hosting: Queue Manager Server sw (WebSphere. .Server to Server Client PCs (no MQ sw at all) Sunday.

2011 Technology Services .Server to Server Server application gets it¶s data using MQ. Clients do not use MQ API Guaranteed Delivery in effect Server license required Sunday. June 05.

other server sw Technology Services OS/390 hosting: Queue Manager IMS DB2 . June 05. MQ Client support. 2011 Unix or NT Server Hosting: Queue Manager.Client to Server Client PCs (MQ client sw) Sunday.

June 05.Client to Server Client applications use MQ API (linked differently) MQ processing actually occurs on server within client support modules Client licenses free Guaranteed delivery not supported over client ± server link Sunday. 2011 Technology Services .

June 05. Data propagation Transferring data from mainframe systems to PC/Unix systems Transferring data from PC/Unix systems to mainframe systems Sunday. 2011 Technology Services . asynchronous inter-system notification.To what problems is MQ the solution? Fast.

Modify the IMS program to PUT a message to the midrange system. The midrange system can be configured to start the application whenever a message arrives. June 05.Problem«Solution« An event in an IMS system requires action by a midrange system. Sunday. 2011 Technology Services .

Problem«Solution« An event in an midrange system requires action by a mainframe system. The mainframe system can process the message : -Immediately -At set intervals -On a schedule Sunday. 2011 Technology Services . June 05. Modify the midrange program to PUT a message to the mainframe system.

June 05.MQ Architecture MQ CAD to ECS New BMP. cycles every x minutes 1) Reads all messages from queue into buffer 2) Sorts on sequence number 3) Processes each in proper order ECS Database ECS to CAD *existing ECS MPPs modified to: 1 ± add XML formatting to some data 2 ± MQPUT to UP incoming queue MQ MQRECV OG_Main_Download UP Database MQSEND OF_Main_Upload Sunday. 2011 Technology Services .CAD .

2011 Technology Services . o A VB program puts the report requirements on a queue which is read by a batch job Sunday. June 05. DB2 and other files.Problem«Solution« o A PC user needs to request an overnight report that needs data from IMS.

Problem«Solution« Web server needs data from legacy IMS/CICS transaction. June 05. which runs the transaction and returns the results on a queue (screen-scraping without the 3270). Sunday. 2011 Technology Services . Web server puts a message to the MQ-IMS/CICS Bridge.

The VB client need not wait for the report to be completed. June 05. It could spawn a separate thread that would monitor the reply queues and notify the user when the report was complete. which the VB app will read to present to the user. triggering programs which populate reply queues on an NT system. Sunday. SQL Server and IMS VB client app puts messages on queues on NT and mainframe systems.Problem«Solution« VB app needs data from DB2. 2011 Technology Services .

June 05. 2011 Technology Services .Customer Benefits of MQSeries Wide selection of available platforms Network is transparent to the application programmer Applications can be changed quickly and easily in response to changing business needs Applications run in an asynchronous manner . dependable for mission critical applications Sunday.anywhere in the network Transactional messaging support for coordinated updating of multiple data sources Trusted.parallelism Assured delivery of information .

June 05. 2011 Technology Services .Sunday.

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