Democracy Series: Participation, Learning and Active Youths (DESPLAY) 2010 Season 6 - Semester 1 January 25, 2010. Hydro Hotel Minna, Niger State
Facilitator: Pst. Kingsley Bangwell Team leader² Youngstars ASHOKA Fellow 08 YGL ² World Economic Forum 09 Architect of the Future Fellow 09 Member ² Bretton Woods Committee 2010

Emerging Leaders?
Purpose: ‡ Increase understanding of emerging societies ‡ Locating society s leadership need ‡ Who is emerging into those leadership, how and why?

agriculture and animal domestication Rise to Agriculture Rise to Religion Bronze Age The Akkadian empire Early civilisation state and civilisation City and trade organising commerce Trade and regions internationalism Rise of Europe 14-16th century. metalic age 19th Centurty period of discovery continues 20thth century science and technology age . villages.Emerging Leaders? World history: Paleolitic age Mesolitic age Neolitithic age old stone age middle stone age new stone age primitive technolog.

our world continues to emerge and to re-invent itself.Emerging Leaders? Through the history of human and social development processes. But what has been the central factor of the emergence / growth of our different societies and global trends? .

Emerging Leaders? Scholars Inventors Philosphers Rulers Social Workers Pathfinders Reformists Teachers Innovators .

Emerging Leaders? Not ordinary men! But leaders! Is a leader someone who wins an election? Or seen on television? .

Fourth. leaders seem to come to the fore when there is a crisis or special problem. leaders are people who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and why. Third. First. to lead involves influencing others. . where there are leaders there are followers. Second. Four things stand out.Emerging Leaders? A Leader: Many associate leadership with one person leading. they often become visible when an innovative response is needed. In other words.

In this sense being a leader is personal. beliefs and feelings of others. understand the dynamics of human (John behavior and take the initiative to get to where you want to be.Emerging Leaders? Thus. leaders are people who are able to think and act creatively in non-routine situations and who set out to influence the actions. Leadership can mean the state of being in a leadership position. set the context of a goal. Agno) . (Dict) Leadership is applicable to all facets of life: a competency that you can learn to expand your perspective. It flows from an individual s qualities and actions.

humanness etc .Emerging Leaders? What are the attributes of a good leader? - Riches Big cars Mansions Things or values? Eg honesty. accessability.

Emerging Leaders? Who can become a leader? Answer only over 50s? What about Farah Gray? 23 Nadia Campbell? 20 Dayo Isreal? 21 Hanatu Yunusa? 27 Billgates 19? Oyebisi? Anna Halpine? Chris Gwom? .

Only those who change along with it shall survive. Only the unique folks.000 new leadership position shall emerge over the next decade in different fields! The world is changing. . even nature. Visionary Leaders shall emerge to rule in the new world order.Emerging Leaders? Is society / Africa in need of leaders? Over 10. Everything is shifting. The world is emerging.

President of the University of Notre Dame What is Vision? In relation to what our world is emerging into? . It's got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion." --James Kouzes and Barry Posner "The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision.Emerging Leaders? "There's nothing more demoralizing than a leader who can't clearly articulate why we're doing what we're doing." --Theodore Hesburgh.

a dream / aspiration fueled by personal good and greed! .Emerging Leaders? Common feature / different values! Common features A dream. an aspiration for greatness. leadership inspired by human development. Different values a dream fueled by value for the general good.

They succeed in speaking to followers at an emotional or spiritual level . The vision radiates an intrinsic vibrancy and image in the mind of the leader. The vision describes a future state. credible and preferable to the present state desireable enough for followers to follow.Power of communication! . and it is value based.Emerging Leaders? Key factors of visionary leaders: Personal encounter with the vision.

.Emerging Leaders? The 3 things that can stop you from becoming your dream is .You!! and You!!! ..You! .

integrity. law abiding. .Emerging Leaders? Improve Yourself ‡ Choose your values character ie. etc ‡ Build Self Confidence. You are an answer to one of our social challenges! ‡ People with high self awareness usually pursue greater dreams and goals. Man. honesty. Know Thyself Know who you are that you have genius in you waiting to be explored.

you can operate 100%... Don t waste or wait for time! Those who watch 2 Nigeria home videos can never compete with those who spend 3 hours a day to learn something or do something engaging. Explore the power of your imagination who says cars cant drive or run on water? Otumba Gadafi .. is your brain. Exploit time..Emerging Leaders?  Engage Time.  Dare to think! The entire worlds invention is only based on 10% of human intellect.

Emerging Leaders? ‡ Seek Knowledge. pay for information You can go beyond what you know. How many good books have you read this year? ‡ Understand the agenda of the global dream for a better world and develop a life goal that can accentuate any aspect of the world dream. .

get involved in social activities that promote just causes.. .you lie! You are using a pen today because someone used his or her brain!  Take action. other than being the best in ?  The power circle or power of company .who are your friends?  Be an inventor if you say you cant . work to be the best in your field.Emerging Leaders?  Desire exellence..

how and why? .Emerging Leaders? Summary: .Who is a leader? .Have you located future opportunities for leadership in Africa? .Who is emerging.

.big time! ...Are you emerging? If you dont emerge? Some other persons will emerge! Nature abhors vacuum! I am emerging..

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