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*Is it important for us to preserve nature for the future
generation? If so, are we even making an effort to do that?
x *Is the human race alone important on the face of this earth?
x If not, then aren't our actions proving otherwise?
x *What would happen if animals, plants and other species are
destroyed or there are more and more endangered species ?
x *Would we be affected or would we care?
x *Is our future generations entitled to a clean and green
x * Do they even have a right ?


x Air Pollution
x Noise Pollution
x Water Pollution
x Natural Disasters
x Global Warming
x Soil and Land Degradation
x Population Explosion
x Loss of Biodiversity

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he mission of ONGC stated that the company would have an "abiding
commitment to health, safety, and environment to
enrich quality of community life."
socio-economic developmental programs like building schools and
hospitals, developing agriculture and cottage industry, building
infrastructure facilities, etc., around its areas of operation on an ad
hoc basis...
x In 2003, Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam, President of India, put forth the
concept of PURA - 'Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas'.
o bridge the urban-rural gap through a balanced socio-economic
development program.
[ ahindra groups define Corporate Social Responsibility making
socially responsible products , engaging in socially employee relation
and making commitment to the community around us ·.
it was formed with intention / objective to promote education ,
through mainly with scholarship .

|  cisco is about strong building and productive global
communities in which every individuals has means to live ,
opportunity to learn , chance to give back . education is the top
priority as they believe it is a key of prosperity and opportunity..
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x Infosys actively involved in community development programmes .
they have set up and example in the area of corporate citizenship
and involved itself in key national bodies.

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x Internal marketing (I  is a process that occurs within a company
or organization whereby the functional process aligns, motivates
and empowers employees at all management levels to deliver a
satisfying customer experience.

x *'Internal marketing refers to the employee as a customer, will work

as a product to meet the needs of internal customers while achieving
organizational goals', 'through the creation of the work to meet the
needs of employees to attract, develop, motivate and retain highly
qualified staff is an employee as a customer's philosophy is a way for
employees to work in line with the strategy'

x *In order to attract, motivate and retain talented important lever

 In today·s economy, companies must work harder than ever to
attract, retain and motivate talented employees.

 Research shows that corporate social initiatives (csr can serve as a

highly effective component of internal marketing programs by
fulfilling employee needs

 hus, a company·s success hinges on their ability to attract,

motivate and retain a talented pool of employees.
 Draws them to identify strongly with the company
 It helps to integrate the employee and the employer.
 It provides an outlet for the employee to show their responsibility.
 If the organization has a remote branch, then it is helpful for the
employee to stay connected.
 It motivates and makes the employee to feel happy to be a part of
the company that does CSR activities.
 It makes the employee to get identifies themselves with the
 Ex:- employee of A A< Infosys
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 It helps to improve the employee proximate.

 anagement can segment and target that group of employees who
are interested, thus improving their morale and their motivation.
 It can be used to remove negative values about the company in the
external audience(media, public..etc.. and their employees.
 It can help to evaluate the employee involvement with the company
 It helps the employee to improve their skillset by visiting the fields.
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 Even if the employee wants to know about the CSR activities, he will
be unaware.
 o take the employee from the unaware state to the active
involvement state.
 For the companies to identify CSR as a psychological need of the
 o identify the segment of those employees who are interested in
 o communicate and keep informed about their CSR activities to
their employee.
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 ostly done by the OP members of the organization.

 his often leads to corporate scandals.
 his can spread a bad morale within the employee if there are
scandals in CSR activities.
 Companies do not understand the psychological mechanism how
employees are linked to CSE activities.
 Employees are not informed about the company CSR activities.
 90% of the employees wants to do CSR, 50% have good
understandings about CSR, but only 37% are aware of the companies
CSR activities.
 Lack of closeness between the employee and management..
x In order to be able to demonstrate a high degree of social
responsibility to improve the corporate image in order to
attract and retain qualified personnel, a number of reputable
companies, such as family warehouse, Delta Airlines and
Germany's SAP has officially opened the company's CEO had
promised to deploy one million employee volunteer are
engaged in a variety of CSR activities.    etc. too
follow vigorously!
 With many global companies investing millions of dollars in CSR
initiatives, it has never been more worthwhile to assess returns with
employees and optimize the return on such investment.

 successful CSR strategies need to be based on a clearly articulated

and contingent input-output perspective, bring employees closer to
such strategies.

 But companies need to be careful that they are not viewed as

disingenuous for overly ´marketingµ CSR to employees as well as
maintain control and focus in the value co-creation process.
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