A conditional sentence is composed of 2 parts :


+ Main Clause
she gets hungry. (Main clause)

If Marie doesn't eat dinner, (if-clause)

There are FOUR types of conditional sentences TYPE: 0 TYPE: 1 TYPE: 2 TYPE: 3 .

USE The zero conditional is used to talk about things which are always true ² scientific facts and general truths. . main clause present simple. FORM if clause Present simple.

.if clause main clause If you heat water to 100 degrees. if clause Water boils if you heat it to 100 degrees. main clause it boils.

main clause it burns. .if clause main clause If you expose phosphorus to air. if clause Phosphorus if you expose burns it to air.

main clause She always if man looks at her. blushes .if clause main clause If man looks at her. if clause she always blushes.

main clause don·t disturb her. . if clause Don·t disturb Irene if she is tired.IMPERATIVE + IF CLAUSE if clause main clause If Irene is tired.

This is an example: . If you go out in the rain. . you will get wet.

But you could also say: You will get wet if you go out in the rain. Both are correct and have a similar meaning .

Use will/can + infinitive. Real / possible .Form if clause 1st conditional WILL / CAN + IF CLAUSE main clause Present simple.


main clause If the weather is sunny later. we can go to the beach. if clause I will answer it.if clause main clause If the phone rings. .

.Examples: If you drop that glass. it will break. If you do not hurry. I'll finish that letter. If I have time. you will miss the train. Nobody will notice if you make a mistake.

FORM 2nd conditional WOULD / COULD + IF CLAUSE if clause main clause would/could Past simple. + infinitive. USE unreal/ imagination .

.if clause If I had a million dollars. main clause I would buy a big house.

world. if clause main clause If I studied more. . I would pass my English exam.if clause main clause I would travel If I were around the rich.

that's not going to happen. Paula would be sad if Jan left. they would be Dogs don't have wings -. Jan will not leave -.Example If I were you.that's impossible.this is unreal. If dogs had wings. I would drive more carefully in the rain. . Explanation I am not you -. able to fly.

Impossible .3rd conditional WOULD / COULD HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE + IF CLAUSE if clause main clause Past perfect simple or continuous. would/could have+ past participle.

. lazy.if clause main clause If you you would have hadn·t been in time been so for breakfast.

6. C. (doesn't float) E. 3. it burns. it floats. If red and white are mixed. 2. it sinks.A. 4. it gets pink. 5. 1. If you expose phosphorus to air. D. If you go to another time zone. it boils. F. B. If you put a piece of iron on water. If you heat water to 100 C. (doesn't sink) . If you put oil on water. the time changes.

If you do your homework now. Decide whether to use Type I or II. 3. we (go) to the cinema in the evening. . we will meet the day after. If he (not/have) time tomorrow. 2. 1. 4. If we (order) the book now.met woul will cr ll uy r Complete the Conditional Sentences. we will have it tomorrow. She ( not say)that if she were your friend.

I (know) what to do. 2. 6. 4. If I were you. there (be) any tickets left. . 5. I would ask him for an autograph. I would go swimming if the weather (to be) better. 3. I (buy) a bigger car.1. If I (meet) my favourite movie star. I µ(call) you if I need your help. If I had more money. If we don't order the tickets soon.

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