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 Indiaǯs first and largest radio taxi operator, it changed the
way metered taxis operate in India.
 Modern, brand-new, air-conditioned luxury cabs.

 Round the clock availability of cabs backed by a location

tracking GPS - based dispatch technology.
 Advance Booking Available.

 Operated by environment friendly fuel, i.e. CNG

 A printed receipt for every fare, providing details of

distance travelled and total amount payable.

Our vision is to give urban
commuters in India a world-
class travelling experience,
by using a technology that
has evolved in developed
countries over the past
twenty years
 2  aunched in Mumbai with India Value fund advertising
with 30 cabs.
 Ô  Started pick up and drop from Mumbai Chatrapati airport
 î  Increased cabs from 30 to 200.
 | aunched driver training programs.
 aunched in Delhi with 250 cabs.
 aunched in Bangalore with 500 cabs.
 aunched in Hyderabad with 400cabs.
aunched, Meru for women: Safe, secure &
convenient transport option
   - aunched credit/debit card payment options for
     aunched credit/debit card payment options for
 m   Credit/debit card payment options for Hyderabad.
 Agent from company go to the areas where drivers
hang out, such as airport, parking lot, call centers,
malls and then explain business to them.
 After and formal application successful drivers pay a
refundable deposit and an application fees and
undergo two weeks of training.
 The driver is then given a vehicle for which he has to
pay a daily fees. Any profit after the fees and fuel
expenses go to the driver.
 The operator owns the vehicles in the fleet and
vehicles are bought in batches of 100-200 from various
 Drivers are assured a certain numbers of fares
everyday. However, driver have to pay a fee if they take
leave on a day of duty.
 Driver performance is monitored through customer
feedback and Global Positioning System (GPS)
module fitted in the car.
 Thoroughly trained Chauffeurs in a smart MERU uniform,
fluent in English, Hindi & Regional anguage
 Routine spot checks by our Patrol Vans to ensure highest
standards of service and failure reduction.
 Dz ost and Founddz- GPS based tracking technology
responsive tracking system in place so that any item left
behind inadvertently in a Meru cab can be traced to the
vehicle the customer used.
 Some basic amenities like maps of the city, wet wipes, clean
bottled water and a limited selection of music is offered to
passengers using Meru services.
 Another feature the 2| î| that is installed
inside the Meru car, which enables the driver to connect to
the Control Centre in case of an emergency or mishap.
CRM of MERU to retain
 No additional or hidden charges.
 Printed receipts produced at the end of every trip.
 In case of any complaints, feedback etc., passengers
can call Customer Service Center at 44224422.
 ost and found  If you have left your bag, mobile or
any other personal item in a Meru cab.
You can simply call the Customer Service Center at
44224422 and speak to a Customer Service Executive
directly for any kind of inconvenience.

 A printed receipt for every fare, providing details of
distance traveled and total amount payable
 Basic amenities inside the car like FM Radio, Mobile
and aptop charging facilities
 Emergency security features installed in the taxi for
complete safety, including display of our Customer
Service Center numbers inside each cab - provides
security in case of an emergency
 Routine spot checks by Patrol Vans to ensure highest
standards of service
 Price Reduction.
 Emphasize more on CABVERTISE.
 Improve client experience.
 Accurate Information
 ead time reduction
 Reduce cancellation of booked cabs.
 Can start Customer oyalty Programs.
 Through Membership Card
 Rewards & Benefits
 Better driver and Control center integration.
 Recruit more lady driver .