Technical Overview

Flipkart often refer to themselves as a technology company doing e-commerce. ` . Technology plays a critical role.` Round-the-clock operations.

mobiles.  excellent feedback mechanism and discussion forums  . CDs.It lists all the available products under different headings such as books. etc. cameras.  provides product description and reviews.

They use Linux as their implementation technology for resource management. Mysql.OPERATING SYSTEM:  Use open source software for their basic infrastructure like the operating system. .  OPEN SOURCE DATABASE: Flipkart works with popular open source products such as Ubuntu. task management and file management. Apache .

. Systems need to be capable of handling huge amounts of structured data.` DATABASE MANAGEMENT: FlipKart¶s current model is based on partnership with local book vendors who keep updating the inventory. end-to-end. There are around 3. Ever increasing users and data adds to challenges. The process is being automated for efficiency. The number of different business flows that need to be dealt with here is a major challenge for any pure-play e-commerce business. working with large complex code bases with software which can scale with the number of users and data. They use an ERP System for building systems for fulfillment operations.5 million books in its database.

DECISION MAKING: DATA MINING AND DATA WAREHOUSING: Given the explosive rate of growth. What is needed is data driven decision making and an analytics team to enable that. .` ` SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: A specific example where e-commerce entities are able to use technology to compete well is in the area of Search Engine Optimization. Flipkart has built an advantage over its competitors based on its SEO. Flipkart can be found on 130 keyword searches on search engines. decision making based on past experiences and rules of thumb results in sub-optimal outcomes.

analytical reasoning and solving fuzzy problems goes beyond building reporting systems. makers. . data warehousing.The analytics team with functions like data mining. predictive analytics or in general tackling problem solving.

stocking operations. there is a lot of work to be done. Flipkart has about 100 people working in the back end. They work with 300 book distributors in 5 cities from whom they procure books as well as 4 International publishers. which comprises ordering. vendor management. shipping.` LOGISTICS: From putting books online to delivering. . For this. packaging. etc.

India is at the cusp of an e-commerce revolution and we¶d like to keep Flipkart at the forefront of this revolution. Flipkart . CEO. And we believe technology is one crucial aspect of being in the lead. practice second to none customer service and sustain a reliable supply chain which adds to the dynamic selection.` ` ³At Flipkart. We have leaped from the start-up tag to a full-blown brand.´ -Sachin Bansal. as pioneers and trendsetters. but everything from cameras to phones to computers. We no longer just sell books. pricing and delivery on our website. Our workforce continues to expand so we are able to nurture our rapidly growing customer base. we use state-of-the-art technology.

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