Afghan War Diary


The Afghan War Logs consist of 91¶000 reports written by soldiers and intelligence officers within Afghanistan between 2004 and 2010. WikiLeaks has published more than 75¶000 of these reports, redacted for safety, and is holding back another 15¶000 so that they can undergo further review. We are committed to releasing these additional documents once this harm minimization process is complete.

Taliban Recruitment
Among the reports are details are details of recruitment methods used by the Taliban, which include bribes, extortion, kidnapping, and physical threats. The Taliban targets Afghan army officers with offers of large cash payments and threats of violence against family members. Another report shows that civilian casualties are used by the Taliban in propaganda designed to recruit donations and new members.

Afghan Military and Police
Afghan civilians are frequently required to pay bribes in order to cross check points, as local police frequently misuse their position to extort money. In December 2009, a Kuchi tribal leader was killed when a fire fight broke out between the Afghan National Army and local police. Six other civilians were also wounded in the assault. As a result, the deputy governor of Uruzgan ordered the leader of a local militia to reestablish order in the absence of cooperation between police and Afghan military forces.

Civilian Casualties
In August 2009, two stolen fuel trucks were hit by two 500-pound laser-guided bombs. Although the official statement was that no civilians were in the area, internal documents show that nearly 60 civilians were killed, and that 14 insurgents fled the scene. This is cited by The New York Times as "possibly the bloodiest mistake of 2009." These reports list more than 140 incidents where Afghan civilians were killed by coalition forces.

Children Not Immune
In 2008, French troops opened fire up on a bus full of children because it had come to close to a military convoy. Eight children were wounded in the attack. In another incident, a U.S. patrol opened fire on a bus of civilians, wounding or killing 15 of its passengers. US Defense Department contractors DynCorp conspired to purchase children to be used as sex slaves, in order to curry favor with the upper echelon of businessmen and politicians.

³Deciding whether to publish secret information is always difficult, and after weighing the risks and public interest, we sometimes chose not to publish. But there are times when the information is of significant public interest, and this is one of those times. The documents illuminate the extraordinary difficulty of what the United States and its allies have undertaken in a way that other accounts have not.´ ~Bill Kellar, July 25th, 2010

An Unprecedented History

Taken as a whole, these detailed narratives offer the most complete picture of the war in Afghanistan to date. Among other revelations lies the true extent of wartime corruption and inefficiency, as well as detailing the controversial use of paid military contractors and mercenaries.

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