Win the GCP 11

By Javier Bravo

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of G Vine?
‡ For me is


‡ Why?- See next slide

‡ For me is fun!

What is the GCP?
‡ Marketing tool? Probably not ‡ Taking bartending to new heights? Yes ‡ Great way to win Money/ Holidays/ Fame! Definitely

‡ But first you have to win, here is how:

GCP Experience
‡ Best in class, why?
± All aspects of bartending tested. ± World class product, company, host/ hostess. ± Small group of bartenders: 12 finalist, great to know each other, friends for life! ± A cocktail competition, yes, but in a different way!

Javier Bravo
‡ Born in Galicia, Spain. ‡ Inexplicably moved to Ireland 5 years ago. ‡ Engineer + Bartender= Engi-tender? ‡ Work at Long Island cocktail bar, Cork. ‡ Represented Ireland 5 times in international cocktail competitions. ‡ And ladies I´m single!!!

Rule Number 1
‡ Do as I say, not as I did!

Rule Number 2
‡ Study the rules
± As in all exams, most fuck ups come from not reading the questions! ± Take advantage of them- They will point you to what the judges most want to win. ‡ Who are the judges? ± Find out what they like?

Rule Number 3
‡ Preparation, Preparation, Preparation...

± It is easy to be good, if you like what you do. ± It is possible to be very good, if you like what you do, train hard and put passion/heart/soul on it. ± It is very difficult to be the best, only one wins!

Rule Number 4
‡ Be in to be the winner.

‡ But, don t forget to have fun!

Rule Number 5
‡ Drink (water) like a fish!

Drink Break!
‡ Eastern Promise

± Muddle 3 Kumquart & 5 Cardamon seeds. ± (1/2oz) Lemon juice & (1/2oz) simple syrup ± 2 dashes Celery bitters. ± (1/2oz) Elderflower liquor & (1/4oz) Pear liquor. ± (1 1/2) G Vine Floraison.

Challenge 1: Aroma Exam
‡ Prevent a cold the day before! ‡ Classify in your head aromas (fruit, floral, spicy, Roasted)-to narrow down options ‡ Know aromas of main gin botanicals, this is a gin comp! ‡ Practice, practice, practice...

Challenge 2 & 3: Speed Drinkmaking/ Free pouring
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 100% in your control, opportunity to shine. Familiarise yourself with venue on arrival. Practice, practice and practice... and practice! Make it difficult for yourself, put yourself under pressure. (Music, light, wet hands, correcting errors)

Challenge 4: Gin Nosing- tasting
‡ After 6 years of university, 100+ exams, this has been the hardest one, scope is massive! ‡ List characteristics of every gin. ‡ Clasify gin (strong juniper, New Western Dry, aged, Old Tom ) ‡ On tasting, you can also nose gins again! ‡ And

Challenge 4: Gin Nosing- tasting
‡ Pray all you know!

Challenge 5: Gin Written Examination
‡ Study but don t overkill yourself!

± Time management is critical, you only have a set number of hours to prep the comp!

Drink Break!
‡ Thompson Cocktail
± Muddle 6 White Grapes. ± (1/4oz) sugar syrup. ± (1/4oz) Elderflower liquor. ± (1oz) Lemon infused Ciroc vodka. ± (1oz) G Vine Nouaison. ± Top up with Sav Blanc.

Challenge 6: G vine Spring Ball
‡ Bar Decoration
± Make it look personal, at all costs get noticed, stand out!

Challenge 6: G vine Spring Ball
‡ Signature G Vine Cocktail
± Make G Vine shine- Demonstrate the qualities of the brand. ± Name : evoke thoughts of romance and style, sound appealing and be able to ordered in a bar. ± Make it again and again, check the balance, make variations, don t just cling to your first idea, polish it until it has all the characteristics you want.

Challenge 6: G vine Spring Ball
‡ Cocktail Sales
± Select 3 cockails, think who are they for? Most likely you will not be serving Dry Martinies! ± The fewer the ingredients the better, remember the aim is sale 300+! ± Classic ingredients impress judges. ± Prep fast, time is gold! Have a task list!

Challenge 6: G vine Spring Ball
‡ Cocktail Sales
± The need for Speed! The aim is 300+

± How to handle stress, suggestions? Have a St. Patrick's Surprise

New Challenges
‡ Guess Lecturer
± Pay attention & Take notes.

‡ Make your own gin
± Don t forget to dilute the mixture. Ask Phil why? ± Think of a picture:
‡ Canvas (neutral spirit) and ‡ Colors
± Fragile botanicals: flowers, herbs and ± Tough botanicals: roots and seeds.

What is in for this comp!
‡ Speed & efficiency. ‡ Sensorial Memory. ‡ Product knowledge. ‡ Charming and hosting customers. ‡ Bartender brotherhood. ‡ Fun, fun, fun! Because G´Vine = Fun

What is not in for this comp!
‡ IBA rules. ‡ Beautiful expensive glassware! ‡ Presentation & Story behind drink.

If you get to Cognac, always remember who brought you there- because I do!

Thanks for your time.

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