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Sponsor a child (SAC) Program Topics to be covered ‡Background ‡Program Highlights ‡Child selection process ‡Benefits to Child ‡Benefits to Donor ‡Role of Mentor ‡Role of coordinator ‡Accountability ‡Mode and Type of Payments ‡FAQ¶s .

‡ YFS volunteers come across many a bright children in slums and government schools. ‡ Volunteers always have felt that these kids can grow to their full potential if a proper nurturing environment and financial support is provided to them. 3 .Background ‡ There are a large number of talented underprivileged children. ‡ µSponsor a child¶ is the YFS response to fulfill this need.

‡ Mentor program focused on finding mentors . ‡ 10% of the funds are spent on administrative work. . giving orientation and coordination of mentor activities. A high level of professionalism and transparency is maintained due to involvement of many volunteers. ‡ YFS volunteers to be the coordinators in various companies and apartments to raise awareness about the program and mobilize sponsorships. ‡ YFS volunteers and our partner NGOs can nominate deserving children for sponsorship.Program Highlights ‡ Utilize large pool of YFS volunteers to reduce administration cost.

‡In few cases. donors themselves may designate children. 5 .Child selection process ‡ NGOs working in slums and govt schools and also YFS volunteers will recommend bright children they come across from financially challenged families. ‡YFS Admin will assign children to donors if they have not selected. ‡ Details of selected children would be uploaded to web for Donors to choose.

Through this partnership we will try to find mentors.Benefits to Child ‡ The child gets enrolled in a good school or private tuitions will be arranged. ‡ SAC program has partnered with NGO to find mentor for child. 6 . Mentor acts as a role model and also help child make right choices.

What Donor can expect ‡ Joy of bonding with the child. ‡Donor will receive two score cards (Mid term and Final ) ‡ Donor can send message of love through letters and cards. ‡ Donor will get to meet the child. Donor will receive a letter from the child. ‡ Donor will also get tax exemption under 80G 7 .

‡Identify developmental needs of child. Child and Child¶s family to enable child to reach the goal. Required time commitment: 8 hrs per month Duration: Minimum One year 8 . ‡Work with YFS. School. ‡Monitor Child¶s progress on regular basis and update YFS about the same.Role of Mentor ‡Visit and spend few hours with child and his/her family to understand the environment in which child lives. ‡Establish long term goal for child (5 year).

Required time commitment: 2 to 3 hrs a week with a trip or two to YFS office. ‡ Act as single point of contact in your company or apartment to collect sponsorship cheques or DD and provide receipts.Role of a coordinator ‡ Advertise the program in your company and / or apartment. Duration: At least 3 months 9 . You would be provided with publicity material (Brochures and Posters).

This need not be restricted to your company. Request HR to send out an email to all employees 2 days prior to that and display posters in few visible places.Ways to campaign ‡ Send the email about the program to all your friends. ‡Send personal emails to Managers and other executives. ‡Get permission from HR to setup a table in Cafeteria for 1 or 2 days during lunch time. Interested employees can join. ‡Talk to the executives to see if the company can sponsor few children or match employee contribution. ‡Arrange for a presentation in the company. 10 . ‡ Send email to all employees in your department.

mentors. children and their families will be arranged. ‡ You will be able to contact your sponsored child through YFS by writing to us. 11 . ‡ YFS would send you annual financial statement of program. ‡Donors can login to the site and check updates about the child. ‡An Annual meet of donors.Accountability ‡ Donors would receive report from YFS about status of sponsored child once in six months.

6000/. To donate on a monthly basis. 2. 12 .500/. you can setup recurring transfer of Rs.Mode of payment 1.every month to YFS account or give post-dated cheques. 3. You may mail a cheque / DD made payable to ³HSPYouth for Seva´. You may donate one time Rs.per child or pay in 2. You may transfer your donation online to the YFS bank account. 4.3 or 4 installments per year.

State Bank of Mysore. IFSC code : SBMY0040195 13 . A/c: 64022630656 Shankarapuram Branch. Bangalore. You may transfer your donation online to the YFS bank account.Sponsor a child (SAC) Program Type of payments: 1. Bull Temple Road. Hinduseva Pratishtana. 8/28. Bangalore ± 560004 2. Basavanagudi. Bank details: HSP-Youth for Seva. You may mail a cheque / DD made payable to ³HSP-Youth for Seva´ and send it to: Ajitashri.

Around Rs. 2. publicity and communication.How the money is spent 1. travel. All the children will be either enrolled in private schools or private tuitions. Major portion will be for school fees.4000. Fees varies from Rs.will be used for infrastructure.3000 to Rs. shoes. etc. Posters. Office administration. 3. 3. Communication to donors.1000. 1. 2. books: Around Rs. Brochures. Average fees will be Rs. website.600/. phone. 14 .8000 per year. Uniform. 4.

Child¶s family will not know the donor. . ‡ What happens to the child if I stop sponsorship in the middle ? ‡ Child will be mapped to another donor. ‡ I may sponsor a child. Donor gets to meet the child only in the school in presence of the mentor.FAQs ‡ Is there consideration for child¶s religion or caste during selection of child for sponsorship ? ‡ No. If I stop sponsorship after a few years will the parents of the child approach/ harass me ? Do they know that I am the sponsor ? ‡ No.

‡ Can 2 or 3 of us collectively sponsor a child ? ‡ Yes.FAQs ‡ Does YFS cater to orphans ? What about handicapped children ? Are they helped or not ? ‡ YFS caters to all types of children. But will not select children who are already in orphanages or other NGOs. . we would prefer one address for communication. ‡ Am I the only sponsor for my child ? ‡ Yes. One child is mapped to one donor. But.

Thank You Visit: Web www.org Phone (off): 080-26607687 Coordinators: Mahesh 9845377960 Ashok 9341980237 .gd/8yK9E Email: thechild@youthforseva.sponsorachild.youthforseva.org Face Book: http://is.

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