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2007 - 2009


Company Profile
 HT Media Ltd, founded in 1924 under the

flagship of Hindustan Times.  Combined Daily circulation:2.25 million copies. (HT&HH)  Combined Readership base:14.49 million readers.( HT&HH)  Installed capacity:17 printing facilities with an installed capacity of 1.5 million copies per hour.


The Delhi-based English newspaper, Hindustan Times, is part of the KK Birla group and managed by Shobhana Bhartia, granddaughter of GD Birla. It is owned by HT Media Ltd. The KK Birla group at present owns 69 per cent stake in HT Media, currently valued at Rs 834 crore.

Various Brands Working under HT Media ltd.
      Hindustan times Hindustan HT NEXT Kadambini Nandan Mint: A Business Daily From HT

Major Drivers to launching
 Hindi is the medium of instruction for more

than 50 per cent of the Indian population.  There has been a steady increase in literacy levels which has boosted the demand of print media.  To expand the geographical reach of ht media ltd.

Launching of Hindi Hindustan
 

Pre Launch Activities Data base management
 Collection of data  Filtering of data  Punching of data

  

Post Launch Activities Tele calling Rectification of errors
 Name  Address  Phone no.  The name of respective vendor.

Vendors Mela
 Hiring of event management company.  Series of cultural events.  Customer relationship enhancement.  Vendor company

Free sampling of HH for two months in tricity ie: Chandigarh,
Panchkula & Mohali

USP of Hindi-Hindustan in TriCity (Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula):

A perfect balanced newspaper containing all national, international as well as local news content . Special two page coverage to latest happening and innovation in the field of science and technology on a daily basis. Special supplements like Chandigarh Yatra uncovering great history of the city beautiful. Perfect colour combination to give a catchy and more appealing look to the newspaper.

The Hindustan Times Newspaper in Education Programme

Youth Connectivity in Vernacular Daily

Who is Involved
 Newspapers  Corporate  Students  NGOs  Teachers  Govt.

and UN agencies  Principals  Individual consultants from all walks of life, incl. arts, crafts, theatre, environment, sports etc.

Key Objectives

To provide a platform for schools to interact with each other and with the communities they function in. To maintain standards of world-class excellence in NIE. To sensitize students to global issues of peace, tolerance, gender bias, literacy and environmental concerns thus helping build responsible and insightful future citizens.

To make the bond stronger…
 Scrapbook

contest  Movie fiesta  Summer camp  Quiz contest  Essay writing  Kaleidoscope  Cultural meet

Youth Centric Branding of HH
 

 

Colonial activities under the name of “HT INTERACT” in different societies . Special jingle “Ab Hindustan Ki Baari Hai” was composed and was coming across the top Hindi entertainment, movie and news channels. Sponsored many quiz based program on local FM channels like Big FM, and My FM. Education fair was organized for students under the brand name of HH.

 The youth of the country want less of politics

and stock reports and more of 'their' kind of news.  Sohini city was unable to maintain its standard, as there is always a repetition of news in the same edition.  Content wise HH was unable to differentiate itself from HT.

 Events like HT Interact and Education Fair

were unable to attract a healthy crowd because of lack of investigation about the venue and timing of the event. name of HT media ltd.

 People having a great respect for the brand

 Their was also some loopholes in the

circulation process of newspapers, which was creating problem in delivering paper to right address on a regular basis.

 Columns like admission alerts, campus corner,

campus lifestyles must be added.

 Information regarding various entrance

examinations must be added and it must be supported with required material.

 Branding of HH can be done more effectively.  Selected articles from “Metro Now” must be

added in HT.


Content wise the quality of “Sohini City” must be improved, repetition of news must be avoided. Columns on women empowerment must be added for better connectivity with society. Circulation of newspaper should be taken care of properly.

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