Communicating Customer Value: Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

By Ganapati B Sinnoor 05/04/2011

Introduction Illustrative Case Study The Promotion Mix Integrated Marketing Communications A View of the Communications Process Steps in Developing Effective Marketing Communication ‡ Setting the Total Promotion Budget and Mix ‡ Socially Responsible Marketing Communication ‡ Conclusion ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

The brand was positioned as an anti-bacterial soap providing the benefit of germ protection to consumers.Illustrative Case Study of P&G Pakistan ‡ Ask any kid. ‡ Commander Safeguard is the new superhero who is not only teaching kids better hygiene practices but also protecting P&G Pakistan with an increasing market share in this important soap subcategory of anti-bacterial soap. ‡ Safeguard was launched by P&G Pakistan in 199596. . and they will vouch for Commander Safeguard as their new protector from germs.

The ad message of all competitors started sound same. on the one hand. ‡ As Safeguard business grew other companies also followed suit and launched new brands or supported existing brands in this category with heavier marketing expenditure. and by positioning Safeguard as the bar soap which provided the best protection against germs. steadily growing volume. This was made possible by highlighting germ protection as an important need for bar soap consumers. The competitive landscape become tougher. on the other. P&G went back to the drawing board to understand the reasons. . Safeguard was able to make its mark in the Pakistan bar soap market.‡ Within a few years. and around 2002-03 Safeguard business started to stagnate.

. the well-being of her family. who has a lot of influence on her. She normally goes to buy the weekly/monthly groceries from a nearby store.‡ Qualitative studies showed that for a typical Pakistani mother. She then prepares breakfast for her husband and sees him off to work. especially her children was most important. she takes them to the neighborhood doctor. This is followed by daily household chores. If anyone falls sick in the house. which she takes care of with her mother-in-law. She gets up early every day to get her kids ready for school. Her life revolves around giving her kids the best in life and she tries to pamper them the best she can while keeping them protected against all dangers.

a below the line (BTL) school education program was designed. with special focus on kids. it would not only drive the change toward good habit in children but also benefit Safeguard. . For this purpose. they did not see how safeguard was special or different from the other brands. If the program succeeded.‡ So then why were Safeguard sales stagnating? Research indicated that while Pakistani mothers continued to believe in the need for protection against germs for their kids. ‡ The objective was to inculcate hygiene education across all levels. ‡ The marketing team at P&G decided to design initiative to inspire and empower kids by providing them basic health and hygiene education.

‡ In Pakistan where over 25000 kids died due to diarrhea every year. . ‡ Consequently. Safeguard joined hands with the Pakistan Medical Association and the Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan to spread the basic hand washing message to millions of school children across Pakistan. this study has found that regular hand washing could reduce the incidence of diarrhea by about 50%. a message stressing the importance of hand washing could prove to be a message for survival.‡ This school education program s foundation lay in a study done by the Centre for Disease Control in the US with the support of P&G.

In order to be effective the educational message also had to be tailored for children. ‡ Research showed that children have a low attention span. each of which spreads a particular disease. ‡ Commander Safeguard is a superhero who is the best friend of kids and the worst enemy of germs. He fights against an army of germs led by Dirtoo s army has many super germs.‡ The hand washing tutorial was to be delivered by the doctors. the character of Commander Safeguard was created. . They get bored with lectures and love cartoons. In order to talk to kids in their own language.

Story/Activity Books: school kids contacted in the program were given free Commander Safeguard story and activity books which they could take home for learning. . Animated Cartoons: Commander Safeguard: Mission Clean Sweep was the 15 minutes 3D animation done in Pakistan. Product innovation: attractive fruity smell with special packaging with the picture of Commander Safeguard. 3.‡ Commander Safeguard was brought to life for kids in a variety of creative ways: 1. 2. This cartoon animation would be shown to kids in schools and aired for three months on national TV.

com) was set up for kids to access the latest information on Commander Safeguard. .commandersafeguard. Kids Magazines: Commander Safeguard activity pages were inserted in popular Urdu and English kids magazines for kids to continue learning activities at home. 5.4. Web site: a web site (http//www. 6. and download interactive content. Radio Shows: each weekend Commander Safeguard hosted a radio show for kids where they could call in live and talk to him. play health-themed games. share their health stories.

In the absence of any local cartoon characters Commander Safeguard become the first super hero of Pakistani kids. ‡ Many schools wrote to P&G Pakistan. .‡ The commander safeguard campaign was a supper hit. Most of them already seen cartoons in the TV and many of them it well. ‡ School children were eagerly waited for the Safeguard team of doctors to come to their school. They eagerly participated in the learning process which had become fun for them due to Commander Safeguard inclusion. asking for Commander Safeguard school program team to be sent to their schools.

They saw it more as a popular program rather than TV advertising. ‡ Radio channels where safeguard s weekly show was broadcast to ld the safeguard team that even though the show was aired for one hour in the afternoon. . the kids were started calling from morning to talk to their Commander Uncle.‡ Feedback from the media on the popularity of the animation was also very strong. ‡ Many TV channels offered to air the animation at a fraction of the advertising cost.

personal selling.What is Promotion Mix? The promotion mix is the specific blend of advertising. . and direct-marketing tools that the company uses to persuasively communicate customer value and build customer relationships. public relations.

goods. or services by an identified sponsor ‡ Broadcast ‡ Print ‡ Internet ‡ Outdoor Sales promotion is the short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service ‡ Discounts ‡ Coupons ‡ Displays ‡ Demonstrations .Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas.

and events. stories. ‡ Sales presentations ‡ Trade shows ‡ Incentive programs . building up a good corporate image.Public relations involves building good relations with the company s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity. and handling or heading off unfavorable rumors. ‡ Press releases ‡ Sponsorships ‡ Special events ‡ Web pages Personal selling is the personal presentation by the firm s sales force for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships.

Direct marketing involves making direct connections with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships through the use of direct mail. telephone. direct-response television. ‡ Catalog ‡ Telemarketing ‡ Kiosks . and the Internet to communicate directly with specific consumers. e-mail.

The New Marketing Communications Landscape ‡ Consumers are better informed (they are changing) ‡ More communication ‡ Less mass marketing ‡ Changing communications technology .

and compelling message about the organization and its brands. .Integrated marketing communications Integrated marketing communications is the integration by the company of its communication channels to deliver a clear. consistent.

Implementation of IMC: Illustrative Case Study of Unilever Pakistan .

in the space of 5-6 years became fiercely competitive and much more complicated.Surf Excel Tells Pakistani Mothers: Dirt is Good Because Learning is Good ‡ Unilever Pakistan s Serf Excel has been pioneer in in the Pakistani detergent industry for over 40years now. . having created the detergent powder market and leading brand imagery for most of the category s history in the country. ‡ With tough competition emerging in the late 1990s after privatization and commercial liberalization. Surf Excel has to deal with the market that .

they could not stop their kids from playing and enjoying the simple pleasures of life and getting their clothes dirty in the process. . ‡ Consumer research studies at Unilever showed that the target audience-mother-had a mixed approachavoidance relationship with their kids stained and dirty clothes on one hand.‡ In order to out perform in this market it was essential to break the clutter. On the other hand. Of functional brands all vying for attention and claiming superior cleaning abilities against dirt and stains. they wanted their kids to wear clean clothes as dirty clothes did not reflect nicely either on their love for their kids or their image as competent mothers.

.. The first time Surf Excel ran this ad eye brows were raised. they worry about stains that kids bring home when they go through the park on an adventure.‡ This consumer insight gave birth to the now famous Dirt is Good positioning for Surf. ‡ Based on this positioning. Surf Excel is their to relieve them of this worry and thus liberate them and their children. This positioning is built upon the idea that children learn through play and other experiential activities and while mothers want their children to develop. Surf launched a new ad puddler war . but it seemed not many understood the message. The ad certainly caught attention.

an open cycle race taken to Pakistani cities-positive aspects of kids getting dirty. 2. kids and mothers were invited to the local play ground for painting activities.Mobile play ground-over two months period 2. Surf Excel Games Masti Campaign . Paint Masti -more than 100 was integrated campaign.‡ Surf Excel launched brand activation activity to make people understand the message. 31 cities. . Print campaign highlighted ten things to do before you are ten -get people thinking and talking about the joy of the child hood activities. 1. 1. 4.Play as national concern-experts spoke and mothers discussed about lack of opportunities for kids for play. PR. Kids on Bikes . 3. TV-ads 3.

5. 7. During the events . testimonials were recorded and aired through mass TV during and after the events. Local/Regional radio and TV channels announced and covered the events. . Point of Sale (POS): POS posters announced the event itinerary and shops were decorated with games Masti merchandise weeks in advance the event.4. Event mobile vans came cities well before the event and created curiosity. 8. KFC and Pizza Hut franchise distributed the event tickets. 6.

The Communication Process .

3. 4.Steps in Developing Effective Marketing Communication 1. Identify the target audience Determine the communication objectives Design the message Choose the media Select the message source Collecting Feedback . 5. 2. 6.

‡ How it will be said. Identify the target audience ‡ What will be said. ‡ Who will say it. all dependence upon target market. ‡ Where it will be said. . ‡ When it will be said.1.

Determine the Communication Objectives ‡ Buyer-readiness stages ‡ Hello .2.Commin in June iPhone Oscars Teaser -youtube ‡ BladeCentre Server Technology .

preferring iPhone to other phone brands ‡ Conviction Believing that iPhone is the best cell phone for them. ‡ Purchase.some offers to convert those who were still waiting for price to come down .feeling favorable about the product (iPhone) ‡ Preference .‡ Liking.

Design the message AIDA Model ‡ Get Attention ‡ Hold Interest ‡ Arouse Desire ‡ Obtain Action. to achieve these marketing communicator must decide.3. ‡ what to say (message content) ‡ How to say (message structure and format) .

economy.Bacardi Limited-drinking and driving don t mix.what to say (message content) Message content is an appeal or theme that will produce the desired response. Eg: messages showing a product s quality. Sugar Free Natura. Eg: HDFC Standard Insurance-Sar Utha Ke Jiyo ‡ Moral appeal: it is directed at the audience s sense of right and proper. Eg: Champion Drink Responsibly. ‡ Emotional appeal: it is an attempt to stir up positive or negative emotions to motivate a purchase. ‡ Rational appeal: it relates to the audience s selfinterest. Gillette 99% perfectness in shaving. Buladi Campaign -HIV/AIDS . value or performance.

2.How to say (message structure and format) ‡ There are three issue related to message structure which marketer has to decide. Whether present one sided or two sided argument . Whether present strongest argument first or last 3. Whether to draw conclusion or leave it to the audience. 1.

How to say (message structure and format) ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Layout Headline Copy Illustration Color-it increases recognition by 80% Voice and sound Words .

Non-Personal Communication Channels Personal communication involves two or more people communicating directly with each other ‡ Face to face ‡ Phone ‡ Mail ‡ E-mail ‡ Internet chat 90% customers trust recommendations from friends Ads highest 40%-lowest 10% . Personal Communication Channels 2. Choose the media 1.4.

00.Opinion leaders are people within a reference group who. exerts social influence on others. or other characteristics. BzzAgent Bosten Marketing firm-6.000 agents . Buzz marketing involves cultivating opinion leaders and getting them to spread information about a product or service to others in their communities. personality. knowledge. because of their special skills.

3. broadcast. 2. Press conferences 6. 1. and 4. display. online media 5. and events that affect the buyer directly. atmospheres. including major media.Non-Personal Communication Channels ‡ Non-personal communication is media that carry messages without personal contact or feedback. Grand openings 7. print. Exhibits .

Collecting Feedback .5. Select the message source 6.

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