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y On October 9, 1940 at Oxford Street Maternity

Hospital, in Liverpool England, John Winston Lennon was born to Julia and Freddie Lennon. y Over the years, John started many groups. But in late 1960, he started the foundation for the group that would change the course of music forever. y This group, The Beatles, consisted of himself, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Pete Best. Their shows were held at various clubs throughout Berkshire, Hamburg, Liverpool, and included the Cavern Club, where their soon-to-be manager Brian Epstein later discovered them.

y Epstein helped the Beatles with another audition at EMI

Records with George Martin. The audition was a success and George Martin signed The Beatles to Parlophone, a division of EMI. However, George Martin decided that Pete Best was not right for studio recording, and decided to have him replaced by Ringo Starr. y Back in the studio, the Beatles continued to record hit after hit and become the most popular group in history. y In April of 1970, Paul McCartney decided to leave the Beatles, and only more tension was built up between John and Paul. y On May 28, 1971, Paul and Linda McCartney release their new, "Ram" album. This album contained obvious offensive messages to the Lennon's, which resulted in John's composition of the song, "How Do You Sleep?", a song aimed at insulting McCartney.

y "How do You Sleep?" was released on John's second

solo album, "Imagine", on September 9, 1971. The title track of this album has become one of the most popular songs of all time, and more importantly, remains as powerful today as it was decades ago.
y In late February of 1972, John and Paul met in New

York and agreed to stop the public feuding. y Over a year later, in late April of 1973, John and Yoko Ono (his II wife) move into the Dakota apartment building on the upper west side of New York.

y On December,1980Lennon announced that he had

spent the last five years as a happy, secure husband and father. A few days later, on December 8, 1980, around 5PM, John autographed a copy of "Double Fantasy" for this mentally ill man from Honolulu. y Hours later, this mentally ill man was still standing outside the Dakota. As John and Yoko returned home, the man called out, "Mr. Lennon." As John turned toward the voice, he was shot five times in the shoulders and back.

John Lennon (1940-1980)



Imagine there's no ______ heather heaven help there It's easy if you ___________ cry lie try

y y

______________us only sky About Above A boot Imagine all the people living for ____________ today the bay the pay Imagine there's no ______ it isn't hard to do counties countries counters

No _____________ below us help hello hell

y Nothing to kill ______ for, and no

religion too a fly a dice or die

I hope ______ you'll join us someday Sunday sweet day

y Imagine all the people living life

y And the world will be ______

in ______ peas peace please

a sun a swan as one

y Imagine no ______ y You may say I'm a ______

dream man dreamboat dreamer y But I'm not the ______ one lonely lovely only

positions possessions poor sessions

I wonder if ______ you're canned you can you could

No need for _______ creed or anger greed or anger greed or hunger

You may say I'm a ______ dream man dreamboat dreamer

y A ______ of man

motherhood brotherhood parenthood

y But I'm not the ______ one

only lovely lonely

y Imagine all the people sharing all

the ______ word world wonder

y I hope someday you'll ______

justice join us jam it

y And the world will ______ as one

leave lift live

yWhat do you think was this

song about? yWhich of the stanzas or the verses you liked the most and why?