ITSS Service Desk Soft Skills and CommunicationsTraining

Target Audience  ITSS Servicedesk Tier 1  ITSS Servicedesk Tier 2 .

Objectives  Understand the importance of soft skills on effective communication  Manage calls effectively  Develop active reading  Communicate effectively and efficiently .

Soft Skills  - Personal attributes Optimism  Interpersonal Abilities Empathy Leadership Communication Good manners Sociability The ability to teach - Common Sense - Responsibility - A sense of humor - Integrity - Time management - Motivation .

Communication Process .

Medium used by customers to reach ITSS Service Desk  Telephone  Email  Direct ticket creation using HPOV Servicepage .

Call Handling       Language Tone Clarity Active Listening Take ownership Ending the call .

my name is Eugene.´  Example 2: ³Service desk.´ * Rising and falling intonations* . may I have your name please.Tone   - Take control of the call Show authority in a friendly and helpful manner Example 1: ³service desk my name is eugene may I have your name please´ *Notice that there are no punctuation marks.Call Handling .

but avoid technical jargons   .Call Handling . it can alter the your voice Sit up straight Avoid verbal crutches: ³ahhm´ ³urg´ ³aahhh´ ³<hum your favorite tune>´ Avoid parroting Sound confident.Clarity       Don¶t eat your words Speak slowly and clearly Open your mouth in a relax manner when speaking Smile.

Can you help me with that?´ SD Agent: Ok. and all IT did was to reset my account password. - . and the last time this happened your IT tells you that your account was locked and they have change your password to fix it. so you are accessing your email through the internet using webmail.Call Handling . I need to access my email right away because my work is in there.Active Listening  Paraphrase Example - Caller: I cannot access my internet to get to my email. The last time this happened my account was locked.

Call Handling . - *Never abandon calls* .Take ownership  The call is your responsibility from the moment you pick up the phone until: The caller¶s request for information is fulfilled. The issue or problem is solved. The ticket is routed or escalated to another support team.

Call Handling .End the call  Confirm from caller if his/her concern was addressed  Acknowledge confirmation  Ask if further assistance is needed  Thank the customer again .

Email Handling     Passive Reading Active Reading Analyzing Replying .