Jimi Hendrix and the Future«

By Bob Davis http://www.soul-patrol.com/ earthjuice@prodigy.net

com earthjuice@prodigy. his influence should die. one of the biggest and most influential icons of the 20th Century ‡ It is currently thought that the demographic group where his influence is felt most strongly is among the millions of now aging ³baby boomers´ who were the original fans of his music ‡ If that is indeed the case then.Overview ‡ Jimi Hendrix remains 30 years after his death.soul-patrol. because it is the IDEA of Jimi Hendrix that is far more important and far reaching than the PERSON of Jimi Hendrix 6/14/2011 Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www. just as soon as these ³aging baby boomers do´? ‡ I would contend that this is NOT going to happen.net Page 2 .

Blues.Net Radio: 7 shows currently streaming Funk.000 bytes of information. Chaka Khan. etc Soul Patrol. 80/20 (USA/Other) 6/14/2011 Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www. Delphonics.com earthjuice@prodigy. 40.000 + entries on Black Culture/Music Soul Patrol Chat: Has hosted Booby Womack.com Soul Patrol Facts ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ DavisInd. Jazz and Commentary Demographics: 60/40 (Black/White). Rock. Candi Staton.Introduction Bob Davis: www.Soul-Patrol.500 subscribers. Soul.soul-patrol. two T-1 Circuits Web Site: 300 + web pages covering great black music from the ancient to the future Mailing List: 3. mailed out 3x per day SoulPowerSearch Interactive Data Base:40. Mandrill.Com Server: 7 Machines.net Page 3 .

...... ‡ This is why the marketing of his recently released material has been such a disappointment to me ‡ The very people that he should be reaching now are not able to hear it on the radio..com earthjuice@prodigy.The Marketing of Jimi Hendrix ‡ The problems that we face as a race divided society are WORSE now than they were in the 60's ‡ Jimi showed us the way then...net Page 4 .soul-patrol.& yet now he is being marketed as if he were some obscure "cult phenomena" 6/14/2011 Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www...if only people would just check him out....& he can show us once again. This is a crime in my opinion ‡ Jimi Hendrix was the major pop star of his day..

"Testify pt's 1&2" .soul-patrol."Band Of Gypsys" Jimi Hendrix .Isley Bros/w Jimi Hendrx? Jimi Hendrix Experience Live at the Oakland Coliseum . Jimi Hendrix & Billy Cox .John the Baptist ? Jimi Hendrix .com earthjuice@prodigy.A New Direction Jimi Hendrix .htm Jimi¶s Bio ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± ± Jimi Hendrix .Jazz-Funk Jimi Hendrix and the "UNCUT FUNK" .Woodstock Jimi Hendrix .Hendrix Tribute Concert Buddy Miles& the BRC Orchestra Page 5 6/14/2011 Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www.Album Review First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (the missing Hendrix album) ± Album review Jimi Hendrix: Live At The Fillmore Black Rock Coalition (BRC) .Prototype Funkateer Jimi Hendrix -Funky Discography Jimi Hendrix Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ± ± ± ± ± Essay¶s On Jimi Me & Jimi & Funky DC 1972 Jimi Hendrix and the Chitlin' Circuit Jimi Hendrix The Prince Of Our Disorder Jimi Hendrix & The Band Of Gypsy¶s Or That's What Happens When Earth Fucks With Space Black Associated Press Conference Transcript Music Reviews ± ± ± ± ± The Very First FUNK Record .Jimi Hendrix BLACK Experience Web Site: http://www.soul-patrol.com/funk/jh."An African Prince" Jimi Hendrix ± ³Soul Man´ Jimi Hendrix ± ³Rock Star´ Buddy Miles.net .

‡ .you know? we need to let them know that just because he plated guitar didn't make any less black than the rest of us(I¶ve gone through the same thing.S:AS YOU CAN TELL BY MY SCREEN NAME.)you should've reviewed that album as well.TOO... 6/14/2011 Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www.S:EDDIE HAZEL WAS NICE..the Harlem version.Letter from a ³fellow traveler´.although the Harlem and village versions were good(that was funny.....soul-patrol.age 18(maggotbrain1982) P.with what you said about jimi hendrix coming full circle(despite the fact that i haven't heard the tune he cut with the I brothers)ive heard the rest of his shit though and i certainly do agree.sheeeet. i also wanted to say thank you for boosting his name to another echelon.. i also wanted to say that in my opinion.com earthjuice@prodigy.net Page 6 .. I KINDA HAVE A THANG FOR SOME DOWNRIGHT "FONKY" FUNKADELIC MUSIC P.. i want to go to yahoo and do my own review on the "machine gun" from "band of gypsies" I accidentally discovered how to do it but it said I need to verify my e-mail address and stuff . ‡ ‡ cory simpson. the "machine gun" on the "band of gypsies"album was much better than the fillmore east ones. by the way. i was wondering if you could help me. especially to young blacks or just blacks in general. some people used to think i was white just because I listen to rock music and because i play guitar{which jimi practically was the reason why i played}and even wear some of the same type of jewelry as him and just cause i plan to get bellbottoms. thanks...

....to "rockish" for the black station night ThugQueen: damn..i buy what i like.. HotChocc: me too if it makes me dance..and when white friends come over they "damn you have rock and roll music".......not what someone tells me. and slowly they STOLE IT COMPLETELY Black mental: they sure did.....once the people learned how much $$ could be made they decided they had to find someone "acceptable" to the white establishment...net ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 6/14/2011 Page 7 ..Some Comments from the chat room« ‡ phade2black: when my black friends come over they "damn you have rock and roll music"...see.soul-patrol... so all these white folks started makin' rock n' roll music.......com earthjuice@prodigy..nice to know we got some folks around here who can appreciate the "roots" of the music Black mental: so why is it that all the rock n' roll stars are white? RamesisX:.. SwEeTAzZMaMi: white folks really started groovin' to this music that had come from all these talented black folks... Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www. ThugQueen: so now.the almighty dollar took over...i got it i got alot of different music.black folks don't even REALIZE that rock n' roll is really BLACK AMERICAN MUSIC.. JazzzyWoman: getting ready to "rock" da house now..lol Po Pimpete: it got VERY little airplay.

the one where he is sacrificing his guitar at the Monterey Pop Festival.net ‡ ‡ ‡ 6/14/2011 Page 8 . are using studio time at Electric Ladyland These artists are similar to Hendrix because when they first came on the scene due to their nonconformist style. is the growing number of hip hop and "black" artists that have outwardly acknowledged Hendrix Like.Another thing now that may not have been happening when you wrote this. Wyclef Jean(Fugees). Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www. singers like D'Angelo have openly acknowledged Hendrix asan influence.Another Letter« ‡ . the ones you mentioned I have seen more now. especially rap up until now. Also.. including Eryka Badduh. But of course now they are more likely to accept them long after the fact. you can see the famous Hendrix photo on the wall. Tupac used a Hendrix look a like in two of his videos. both Chuck D (Public Enemy) and Ice-T have been on Hendrix tribute albums On a BET hip hop show. it took mainstream "Black music and Radio" to accept them.soul-patrol. and he along with several artists. Vernon Reid. Lenny Kravitz.com earthjuice@prodigy.

Y.com earthjuice@prodigy. La Femme Fetal 10. Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) 7. What Cool Breezes Do 5.soul-patrol. Examination Of What 6/14/2011 Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www. Time & Space (A New Refutation Of) 6.net Page 9 . Last Of The Spiddyocks 8. It's Good To Be Here 2. Swoon Units 14. Jimmi Diggin Cats 9. Is Red Hot") 3. Appointment At The Fat Clinic 12. Nickel Bags 13. Where I'm From 4. Escapism (Gettin' Free) 11. Pacifics (from "N.Jimi¶s Digin Cats« Reachin': A New Refutation Of Time And Space ‡ TRACK LISTING 1.

Caron's "Wind Cries Mary (intro)" "FOXY LADY" ‡ Emergency Broadcast Network's "Station Identification" "CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC" ‡ Caveman's "I'm Ready" "WHO KNOWS?" ‡ DUnderground's "The Way We Swing" "EXPERIENCE" ‡ ATCQ's "If the Papes Come" (Remix) 6/14/2011 Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www.Rap Samples Hendrix« "ARE YOU EXPERIENCED" ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Beastie Boys' "59 Chrystie St.soul-patrol.com earthjuice@prodigy.net Page 10 ." Beastie Boys' "Ask for Janice" Chuck D's "No" Pharcyde's "Passing Me By" "LITTLE MISS LOVER" ‡ A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario" ‡ Luscious Jackson's "Daughters of the Kaos" "VOODOO CHILE" ‡ 2 Live Crew's "My Seven Bizzo's" ‡ A Tribe Called Quest's "Rap Promoter" ‡ Ice-T's "Street Killer" ‡ Schooly D's "P---y Ain't Nothing" "PURPLE HAZE" ‡ Run DMC's "Living in the City" "WIND CRIES MARY" ‡ Wheeler.

soul-patrol.. so you can hear what his direction was once he discarded his ³rock star´ persona ‡ Listen to "Band of Gypsy's/ Live at the Fillmore " so you can hear how drastic the change was from the Jimi Hendrix Experience and how it's a bridge between the Experience and " First Rays of the New Rising Sun " ‡ Finally listen to ³Doriella DuFontaine".com earthjuice@prodigy. so you can hear what the Jimi Hendrix Experience "radio hits" sounded like ‡ Listen to "First Rays of the New Rising Sun". so you can hear the beginnings of rap music ‡ Listen to "Testify pt's 1&2" w/Isley Bros so you can here what Jimi sounded like before he got famous ‡ Listen to any of the Hendrix greatest hits compilations. was still growing and expanding his vision« 6/14/2011 Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www.net Page 11 .a methodology that we can give to younger people for approaching Jimi Hendrix ‡ Listen to ³Doriella DuFontaine". but like most of us. again and understand that the brotha wasn¶t just the product of a singular ³experience...

Jimi¶s Musical Influence« ‡ Jimi Hendrix died too soon to have the kind of impact from a musical perspective on Black people that he might have wanted to have ‡ Had he lived a few more years and been able to maintain his health.soul-patrol. ‡ ALL the FUNK music that follows for the rest of the century is at least partially derived from the music of Jimi Hendrix. it's clear from the music that he was creating towards the end that he would have. 6/14/2011 Suite Purple Haze Abstract Bob Davis@ www.net Page 12 .com earthjuice@prodigy.

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