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Lucent Technologies 4 . and Media Gateway Our partnership is non-exclusive The u01.03 product is not immediately available ± We will First Receive a 7206 GGSN ± In June/July We will Receive the Official 7609 GGSN ± We will receive pre-release hardware before the official release Proprietary information . PDSN.New GGSN Cisco will provide the new GGSN.

Lucent Technologies 5 .GGSN Configurations ‡ Common Software on Two Hardware Platforms ‡ Cisco 7206 GGSN ± Available Now ± Simplex Configuration ‡ Higher Availability Possible when Multiple 7200s Are Combined with Two 6500 Load Balancers ± a ³GGSN Server Farm´ ‡ Cisco 7609 GGSN ± Redundant Configuration ± New Multi-Processor WAN Application Module (MWAM) Hosts GGSN Application ± Available Mid-2003 ± Initially Acts as Multiple GGSNs Running in One Chassis Proprietary information .

OC-12) .FE .POS (OC-3.E1/T1 ‡Service Adapter ‡ISA IPSec encryption card ‡VAM VPN Acceleration Module ‡NPE 400 ‡Hosts GGSN ‡Provides IOS functionality Proprietary information .Lucent Technologies 6 .ATM (OC-3) .10 BaseT ‡WAN .7206 GGSN Physical Architecture Overview ‡I/O Adapter ‡LAN .GE .

Proprietary information .6Gpbs PCI data-bus Empty Slot 1.7206 GGSN Internal Architecture Overview 1.6Gpbs PCI data-bus Empty Slot Encryption Card Empty Slot Hifn I/O Adapter Gn NPE-400 350-MHz MIPS RISC Processor I/O Adapter Gi Control Path Note: The above data flow is just a example.Lucent Technologies Traffic Path 7 .

Currently SSG is supported on 7400 platform. ** -.E1/T1 ‡Application Modules (details later) ‡MWAM modules: Host GGSNs/PDSN/HA.It is Cisco¶s plan to support CSG and SSG on the 7609 but it may not be available in the first release.ATM (OC-3) .FE .7609 GGSN Physical Architecture Overview ‡Supervisor modules: as GTP SLBs between MWAMs ‡Switching Fabric Modules (optional) ‡I/O modules ‡LAN .Lucent Technologies 8 .GE . Proprietary information .POS (OC-3. OC-12) . + IOS ‡PIX: Firewall Module ‡VPN Service Module: IPSec hardware acceleration card ‡CSG: Content Services Gateway * ‡SSG: Session Selection Gateway ** Note: *.10 BaseT ‡WAN .

PDSN and HA.6 Gbps throughput per card 9 . ‡ 3 Sibyte 1250 processors = 6 MIPS64 CPUs (only 5 are used) ‡5 GGSN images per card ‡4 MWAM card per chassis Proprietary information .Lucent Technologies VPN Services Module: ‡Provide Hardware Assisted IPSec tunneling and 3DES encryption ‡ Support IPSec Gateway not Client function ‡Only one card supported in a chassis. multi-card support in the future ‡8000 tunnels per card ‡1.Overview of 7609 Application Modules .1 MWAM: ‡Hardware for GGSN. but can only be one at a time (SSG may be integrated to this card in the future).

Overview of 7609 Application Modules . ToD. QoS. bytes. URL. runs PIX OS ‡Provide Functions as ‡ Protection from DOS ‡ Access List Control ‡ URL Filtering ‡ NAT/PAT Content Services Gateway: ‡Enables the operator to offer and bill for content differentiated value-added services to the end user ‡Provides content billing and accounting capability to the end users and content providers ‡Can measure time.Lucent Technologies .000 connection setup and teardown/sec Proprietary information . transaction type. file type ‡Supports CDR and GTP¶ for content billing 10 ‡Performance ‡ 5 Gbps throughput ‡1 Million Concurrent connections ‡More than 100. packets.2 Firewall Services Module: ‡Part of the Cisco PIX Firewall family. event.

Lucent Technologies 11 .3 Service Selection Gateway: ‡Part IOS feature suite ‡It is currently supported on 7206 & 7400 platform ‡Will be integrated to MWAM in the future for 7609 ‡Provides Functions such as ‡ Web Selections: through user based policies.Overview of 7609 Application Modules . ‡Provides pre-paid using Radius Proprietary information . authentication and authorization ‡PPP Termination Aggregation: through L2TP Tunneling based on domain name.

Different Service and I/O cards may have different connectivity to the Switching fabric and/or the bus. Proprietary information .Lucent Technologies 12 ..7609 GGSN Internal Architecture Overview Supervisor Card GTP SLB Supervisor Card GTP SLB Result Bus (32 Gbps) Data Bus (up to 256 Gbps with optional Switching Fabric) MWAM Sibyte Card 1250 DFP . Note: The above data flow is just a example. 7609 support both centralized switching and distributed switching depending on the type of service card and the line cards. MWAM Sibyte Card 1250 DFP Macedon Hifn Line Card ... Line Card Control Path Traffic Path Gi Gn The chassis supports a 32 Gbps bus backplane and two optional switching fabric modules for up to 256 Gbps switching capacity..

and load balancing between/within the box.Lucent Technologies 13 . Cisco GGSN offers redundancy through higher layer routing protocols as such HSRP. Dynamic Feedback Protocol (reports weights to SLB ) GGSN Real GGSN1 CreatePDPContextReq(APN) GGSN Real GGSN 2 Gn SGSN GGSN Real GGSN 3 Virtual GGSN Server (farm) HSRP GTP Server Load Balancing GGSN Real GGSN 4 CreatePDPContextRes Proprietary information .GGSN Server Farm Load Balance Operation Redundancy schemes: Instead of providing hardware level redundancy.

IPSec VPN etc.GGSN Function Overview -.Lucent Technologies 14 . ‡ IP services: ± Some IP Services are provided by IOS on the GGSN such as: NAT/PAT and QoS.Key Feature Highlights ‡ Global APN: can be provided through virtual APN with Radius server or GTP Director Module (GDM) with DNS server for all PDP context type. ± Many will be supported via separate hardware modules. ‡ Overlapping Address: Supported using different local APN and VRF. Firewall. Proprietary information . For example.

Feature difference between SpringTide GGSN 7609 gains: ‡Secondary PDP context support ‡DHCP client ‡Full support of Radius accounting attributes defined in 29.Lucent Technologies 7609 losses: ‡No DHCP relay ‡No virtual router implementation ‡No per flow downlink policing in R4.0 15 . ‡PPP regeneration for nontransparent IP PDP contexts ‡Context based Billing via CSG ‡COPS support for R5 ‡Richer Routing/multicast protocol support Proprietary information . ‡Gc Support using GTP-MAP ‡QoS including mapping from 4 UMTS QoS classes to Diffserv code points.GGSN Function Overview -.061including IMSI.

com) is used to select the destination network. to have a virtual APN span across multiple real GGSN is to duplicate the virtual and real APN on all the µreal GGSNs´ within the virtual server farm.g.Lucent Technologies 16 . no more than one virtual APN per real GGSN are supported. PCO= username/passwd) MS PLMN IP backbone SGSN GGSN CorporateB User enters username: login@domain Extracts username from PCO.Virtual APN with Cisco GGSN AAA CorporateA CreatePDPContext(APN=corporate. The complete username is used to do authentication. CorporateC Notes/Issues: ‡Virtual APN is global to a local ³real´ GGSN only. the domain (e. ‡Virtual APN only works for non-transparent IP access Proprietary information . ‡Since a Global APN is local to a ³real´ GGSN. CorporateA.

Overlapping Address Handling Gn VRF1 VRF2 Gi GRE VPN Corporate 1 10. Proprietary information .10.x Notes/Issues: ‡VRF is not the same as the virtual router in SpringTde¶s implementation. They can not be independently managed.Lucent Technologies 17 .x APN1 GTP management Same Private address GTP tunnels APN2 GGSN IPsec VPN ‡ per VRF routing table ‡ per VRF RADIUS/DHCP definition ‡ per VRF physical/logical interface ‡ per VRF access list Corporate 2

6 Gbps per chassis * N/A * Still being verified by Cisco Proprietary information .Capacity and Throughput Cisco 7206 Capacity ‡IP PDP Contexts 180K ± IP transparent 90K ± IP non-transparent 8K ± IP with PPP regeneration ‡PPP PDP Contexts ‡IPSec Tunnels ‡APN 8K 2KTunnels per ISA encryption card 1500 Per MWAM Module: 600K ± IP transparent 450K ± IP non-transparent 40K ± IP with PPP regeneration 40K per MWAM Module 8K Tunnels per VPNSM Module N/A Cisco 7609 Throughput ‡64-Byte Packets ‡256-Byte Packets ‡500-Byte Packets 92 Mbps N/A 172 Mbps N/A 1.Lucent Technologies 18 .

Lucent Technologies 19 .5G/3G Support ‡ Successful IOTs with All Major SGSN/RAN suppliers: Nokia. Ericsson.Cisco¶s Key GGSN Takeaways ‡ In Commercial Deployment Enabling GPRS Services Since 2 Years for Major Operators Like T-Mobil. Nortel. CMCC and mm02 ‡ Rich Feature Support ‡ Combined 2. Siemens ‡ Cisco IP Leadership ‡ IOS Feature Set Leverage ‡ Diverse and Highly Scalable Platform Portfolio ‡ Mature Products on Mature Platforms Proprietary information .

Not High Availability ± External Load Balancers for High Availability and Throughput ± Means Significant Extra Cost ‡ Not NEBS Compliant ‡ Performance and Capacity is Service-Dependant ± Additional Dedicated Box for IP Services Probably Required Proprietary information .7206 ‡ Performance and Capacity Numbers are Provided by Cisco.Lucent Technologies 20 . no performance tests are yet done by Lucent on the new GGSN. ‡ Low Throughput and PPP PDP Context Capacity ‡ Simplex Architecture.Key Issues .

Application Modules.7609 ‡ GGSN Version Doesn¶t Exist Yet ± New MWAM and Macedon (Internal Code Name) Cards ± Many Unknowns ‡ Performance and Capacity may Still be Impacted by Process intensive services or application module¶s capacity in the case of separate card is required ‡ Scalability May be an Issue ± Only Nine Slots Available for Supervisor Modules. . MWAM cards.. Switching Fabric..Lucent Technologies 21 . Proprietary information .Key Issues .

Lucent Technologies 22 .Part II Proprietary information .

PCO= username/passwd) MS PLMN IP backbone SGSN CGW GRE VPN Corp B Corp C Gi VRF1 VRF2 VRF3 7206/7609 GGSN IPsec VPN User enters username: login@domain DFP GGSN GGSN GGSN GRX Gn GTP M A N A G E M E N T APN1 APN2 APN3 GTP tunnels HSRP GGSN ‡ per VRF routing table ‡ per VRF RADIUS server ‡ per VRF physical/logical interface ‡ per VRF access list 23 GTP Server Load Balancing Proprietary information .Enhanced VPN. Security and APN Features with Load Balancing Virtual APN: GGSN extracts the username and domain name for authentication. AAA PPP Regen: GGSN extracts the username and domain name for PPP Regeneration LNS Corp A CreatePDPContext(APN=corporate.GGSN .Lucent Technologies .

L2TP VPN: PPP regeneration ‡ Provides end-to-end PPP for IP PDP type handset (no PPP PDP type) ‡Allows end-to-end PPP directly into Intranet or ISP ‡ Re-use of existing dial infrastructure (LNS) ‡ Authentication. Address allocation managed by Corporate/ISP IPCP negotiation (IP @.) 24 Proprietary information . PCO= user/passwd) PLMN IP backbone MS Gn GGSN Gi LT2P tunnel LNS PPP Intranet/ISP SGSN PPP IP PDP Type Authentication (PAP. etc«) DHCP RADIUS RADIUS Tunnel info retrieval IP address allocation and configuration options retrieval Authentication and configuration option retrieval CreatePDPContext (APN=corporate. Authorization. CHAP. etc.Lucent Technologies . DNS @.

) Proprietary information . DNS @. etc. etc«) IP address allocation and configuration options retrieval Authentication and configuration option retrieval PLMN IP backbone PPP Gn GGSN Gi LT2P tunnel LNS PPP Intranet/ISP Authentication (PAP.Lucent Technologies 25 . Address allocation managed within Corporate/ISP RADIUS IPCP negotiation (IP @. CHAP. Authorization.L2TP VPN: PPP PDP type ‡ Allows end-to-end PPP directly into Intranet or ISP ‡ Re-use of existing dial infrastructure (LNS) DHCP ‡ Authentication.

MPLS VPN Gn Gi Corporate 1 APN1 VRF1 MPLS LSP GTP management GTP tunnels APN2 Corporate 2 VRF2 MPLS LSP GGSN Config vrf forwarding Config MPLS Proprietary information .Lucent Technologies 26 .

Lucent Technologies 27 .Part III Proprietary information .

Lucent Technologies 28 .For 7206 only ± Mobile Wireless Center (MWC) --For 7609 Proprietary information .GGSN OAM&P Interfaces and Management Systems ‡ OAM&P interfaces supported by Cisco GGSN/PDSN: ± Command Line Interface (CLI) ± SNMP agent interface to management systems ± NTP for time synchronization ± TFTP for file transfer ‡ Management Systems offered by Cisco ± CiscoWorks for Mobile Wireless (CW4MW) -.

PCF IP Network Radio Access Network (RAN) Proprietary information .CW4MW Network Operations Centre (NOC) Service Provider·s OSS Cor a Java APIs DB SNMP Traps RAN Vendor OMC APIs Traps CW4MW APN Manager MWFM Statistics DB CiscoWorks 2000 SNMP/Syslog Cisco Home Agent Cisco GGSN Mo ile Station BTS BSC.GGSN OAM&P Current View .Lucent Technologies 29 .

0 RME SNMP/API/Corba XML/HTTP HTTP/API/corba Fault Manager Performance Engine Provisioning Manager Cisco View 6500/7600 & Service Blades HA PCF Radio Access Network (RAN) Proprietary information . GGSN /PDSN Cisco Home Agent IPSec IP CAR 30 .Lucent Technologies Mobile Station BTS BSC.GGSN Future OAM&P Architecture -MWC CiscoWorks Mobile Wireless Center 2.

Lucent Technologies 31 .Part IV Proprietary information .

Enterprise Apps Key Applications: ISP.0 on 7200 GGSN R3.0 EFT ± 3QCY03 FCS ± 4QCY03 GA ± 1QCY04 NC Key Features: R97/98 Compliant L2TP VPN. Enterprise.5G+ 3G. Mobile IP. MPLS VPN and VRF VPN.0 (2. connectivity and Mass Market Apps Key Applications: Key Applications: Enterprise VPN Applications. High Availability GGSN Key Features: Target Features: IPv6.1q support Enhanced Security ± Anti-spoofing Load Balancing & High Availability APN Scalability & Provisioning PPP Regeneration at GGSN Key Features: 2.5G/3G Interworking R99 Support R99 Charging Backward Compatibility to all R97/98 features Key Features: GGSN 4.0 on OSR/Cat 6K Conditional EC EFT ± Mar-03 FCS ± Jun-03 GA ± Jul-03 GGSN R5.5G to 3G Supported both on 6509 and 7609 Solution Notes: 3GPP R5/R6 also being investigated Solution Notes: Supported on 7206VXR/NPE-400 platform Deployed in CMCC kive network Certified by T-Mobil Jun 2002 Jul 2002 Aug 2002 Sep 2002 Oct 2002 Nov 2002 Dec 2002 Jan 2003 Feb 2003 Mar 2003 Apr 2003 May 2003 Jun 2003 Jul 2003 Aug 2003 Sep 2003 Oct 2003 Nov 2003 32 Dec 2003 GA = Generally Available FCS = First Customer Ship EFT = Early Field Trials EC = Execute Committed CC = Concept Committed NC = Not Committed Proprietary information . SSG Integration.0 GA EFT ± Sep-02 FCS ± Nov-02 GA ± Jan-03 EC GGSN R4. 802.Lucent Technologies .2003 GGSN R4. APN based Traffic Steering/Policy Routing Network Initiated PDP contexts Key Applications: 2.5G and 3G/UMTS High-Density.5G=3G) on MWAM card on Cat 6K/OSR High-Density.UMTS Support 2. TCP/IP Optimization. Remote Access.Release Plan For GGSN CY2002 . High Capacity. ISP Connectivity 3G/UMTS Solution Notes: Solution Notes: Supported on 7206VXR/NPE-400 platform Software Migration only from 2.

GGSN & SSG support ‡ MWR1900 support CW4MW 3.0 Cisco MWC 2.0 Cisco MWC 2.Lucent Technologies EC¶ed CQ2/3 ¶03 Planning CQ1 ¶04 (EFT Dates are used for EC¶ed and Planned products) 33 .2 ‡ FCAPS Integration ‡ VPN Mgmt Integration ‡ CNS Service Integration ‡ EMS Integration ‡ OSS/BSS API ‡ Auditing & Security Enhancement ‡ Flintstone Support ‡ Alarm collection & Correlation ‡ Device Statistics Monitoring ‡ APN & CSG Configuration ‡ CW2K LMS and RWAN ‡ PDSN.[0.0 ‡ Template-based Configuration ‡ Flow-through provisioning ‡ Inventory management ‡ IP-RAN (Flintstone) support Phase 2.0 CW2000/EMS ‡ 6500/7600 Chassis support ‡ MWAM Card Support ‡ MWR1900 support CW2000 / EMS / Agent ‡ PNL Integration ‡ API Integration to MWC ‡ MWAM Single Mgmt I/F ‡ MWR1900 support FCS CQ3 ¶02 Proprietary information .0 Cisco MWC 1.OAM&P Solution Roadmap Phase 1.1] ‡ Fault and Performance Mgmt support ‡ Mobile Service support ‡ PKGW Service support ‡ Customizable Template ‡ Cluster Mgmt ‡ MWAM Apps support ‡ Cell Site Maintenance Router Phase 3.

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