By M.Nazrath Rizwana. 1st M.B.A

. Make the recruitment process faster.INTRODUCTION: E-recruitment means using information technology (IT) to speed up parts of the recruitment process. Benefit of it is realised when it is part of end to end process It can produce cashable savings. Find the right candidate for the job. more accountable and standardised.

.OBJECTIVE: To Ascertain the Oppurtunities of E-recruitment available to students for their career growth. Findings from Respondent: Students in most of the colleges prefer E-Recruitment will be a better source for them to choose their best career.

Sanjeev Bhikchandani. Naukri invested to ramp up its business model. increasing its workforce and enlarging its bouquet of products. year 2002 brought them back in business.CEO of Naukri.com continued its profitable streak.SURVIVAL STRATEGIES: 2001 -gloomy year for the e-recruitment market. Monster.com .

Internet population in India next 3 years-50 million. Research-25%-Internet users search for jobs online. Internet recruitment business-software companies as most of the software professionals seek jobs through the Net.THE FUTURE: Experts-increase in Internet population-will drive the future of the e-recruitment market. .

ADVANTAGES: Cost efficient Time saving device Widens the search Provides Clarity Scope for better match DISADVANTAGES: Legal consequences Vast pool of applicants Non-serious applicants Disclaimer of information .

. Reliance world E-recruitment& training suite shortens recruitment cycle. Assessment: Robust & proven online Engine works for effective filtration.Training& Retention functions.PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION: RELIANCE WORLD: Recruitment Fast. Unique platform for candidates to take online tests.

BENEFITS: Ensure rapid response & evaluation.Video conferencing service. Shortlisting. Interviews. . Prevent ´bad choiceµ in recruitment Flexible for company to create online tests.unique online system of Reliance world.VDO Resume. Reliance world.authorised online test center for many companies.

.CONCLUSION: Traditional methods should not be replaced by the e-recruitment. internal search has a personal touch. it should supplement. global due to e-recruitment. The loopholes of e-recruitment can be covered by the traditional methods and recruitment process will be faster. While other methods like campus interview. Receiving application in hand. communicating with candidates becomes time consuming without internet.

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