³Protection from exposure to disease´ What? Why? How?

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Biosecurity ³A set of management practices which when followed correctly reduce the potential for the introduction and spread of disease causing organisms onto.´  From the perspective of the animal rather than just the farm . and between sites.

Disease Control Methods Vaccination Medication Biosecurity .

Biosecurity Control of ³Management Diseases´ Calf Pneumonia  Calf Scours  High cost to the industry worldwide  Mortality  Poor growth  Poor Feed conversion  Cost of Medication  .

Biosecurity Requirements of the Dairy Farm  Maintenance of stock health  Protecting the production potential  Protecting the quality of the product .

Maintain Standards in all areas Cubicles  Calving Facilities  Calf rearing  Collection Area  Milking Parlour  Dairy  .

TYPES OF DISINFECTION   Terminal Continuous .

STAGE 1 REMOVAL & DRY CLEAN      Remove stock Equipment Bedding Gross organic waste Dust .

STAGE 2 CLEANING & SANITIZATION     Reducing infective material Removal of dried on matter Use a Detergent / Sanitizer Allow to dry afterwards .

STAGE 3A WATER SYSTEMS  Drainable ± Drain ± Clean ± Disinfect ± Flush  Non-Drainable ± Clean ± Sanitize .

STAGE 3B REMOVABLE EQUIPMENT      Soak Scrub / Pressure Wash Detergent Sanitizer Disinfect Dry .

.STAGE 4 DISINFECTION      To remove residual challenge Use broad spectrum disinfectant Cover all surfaces Cover all cracks & crevices Allow to dry.

Fog / Fumigate Safety required with formaqldehyde. Can be done after bedding is spread. Rest period .STAGE 5 AERIAL DISINFECTION       Covers inaccessible areas Replace movable equipment first.

CONTINUOUS DISINFECTION      Control Access Foot & Wheel Dips Water Sanitization Aerial Disinfection Rodent Control .

cleansing and discharges  Clean and disinfect  Clean and disinfect buckets and utensils .Cattle Biosecurity Calving  Clean the building of all organic debris  Pressure wash  Spray broad spectrum ddisinfectant  After each calving remove bedding.

Cattle Biosecurity Cow Cubicles  Control of Mastitis Pathogens  Regularly clear organic debris  Pressure wash with detergent sanitiser  Disinfect cleaned surfaces  Scrape central channel at least daily  Reguarly clean and disinfect equipment and utensils .

Cattle Biosecurity Collecting Area Prevention of Mastitis  Disinfect after each cleaning  .

Cattle Biosecurity Milking Parlour and Dairy High standards Practiced  Use broad spectrum disinfectants after cleaning in the parlour  .

Cattle Biosecurity Care of housed calves  Pneumonia and scours cost the industry vast sums  Effective hygiene can prevent these two diseases  Situation similar to other intensive species  Poor ventilation. overcrowding and stock movements contribute  Hygiene is essential .

protective clothing and observe hand hygiene . tyres and Wheel arches should be disinfected on arrival  Personnel should use foot dips.Cattle Biosecurity Cattle vehicle Biosecurity  Only essential vehicles to enter farm  Keep visiting vehicles outside biosecurity perimeter if possible  Vehicles should be cleaned and disinfected before arrival at the farm  Wheels.

Conclusion Freedom from Disease = Maximum Profits .

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