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Service Marketing Project

By ZODIAC, 14th May, 2011

Members Jayanta Majumder Nupur Ganguly Upashana Jaiswal Karabi Mahato Jayati Chawdhuri Suman Kumari Ankush Dey .

Say Your Heart .

Our Mission To anticipate and understand customer s needs and delight them with our service. more fulfilled and more connected. To always listen and respond to each of our customer. Our Vision To make our customer's lives better through the power of mobile communication. . To make their lives richer.

‡ The key success factor in the telecom sector is to concentrate on providing the most competitive tariff rates. the urban middle class markets have more or less saturated. good quality of service and constant innovations. ‡ With the penetration of telecom in the urban markets. ‡ Much of this growth is driven by the lower middle income group and the rural population. ‡ The next phase of growth is driven by the lower income group which form the Bottom of the Pyramid. .MARKET OPPORTUNITY ‡ The Indian telecom market is the fastest growing market in the world and is expected to soon takeover US as the second largest market.

. To determine the marketing mix.OUR OBJECTIVES  Making the consumers aware of our brand. Attracting the existing mobile users & also the fence sitters.

.Urban people. Psychographic. Positioning Creating brands (Yuvraj Singh) Ads and promotions.middle income groups & 20 to 30 years age group & unisex.Market segmentation Geographical segment-( Kolkata) Demographic segment . Youngsters in city. Target marketing Lower or middle income group people. Businessmen .

News and updates V.Product  Power cards: I. Prepaid Cell Phone Connection II. mail & more. Special offers and services on important festive occasions like Diwali to provide maximum value to its customers . Postpaid facility V. finance & travel VI. Tunes and Downloads II. Prepaid recharge card III. Astrology. bill info. Top-ups IV. Dial in services. VII. Voice Mail  3G: Choose 3G or 2G as per your choice  VAS: Talk & Tell live I. music and movie related activities III. Devotional & sports IV. Entertainment.

Rs. 111/. Unlimited SMS for 1 month ‡ Internet pack-Rs. 9/-.121/-.& enjoy all local calls free up to 250 mins for 1 month. ‡ Basic call charge 24p/min. ‡ SMS. of schemes we have introduced to meet the customer needs.& get full talk time.pack.& get talk time of Rs. Rs. Recharge with Rs.& get on net 60 minutes free.& get talk time of Rs.222/. ‡ Recharge with Rs.Rs.333/.& enjoy on net night facility 1p/5 sec.94/ unlimited/month (Rate 1p/1 KB) ‡ We are offering features like Bollywood recharges and SMS value packs targeted at the youth segment to features like Your minutes .242/-. 12/.& get talk time of Rs. Rs.444/. Rs. Rs.25/.unlimited/week & Rs.Pricing A no. 212/.38/.& get talk time of Rs.21/. ‡Recharge with Rs.353/-.10/. 27/.49/. Recharge with Rs.( additional charges valid for 1 month) ‡ Recharge with Rs. ‡ Recharge with Rs.unlimited/day.888/. 10pm-7am. (for 1 month). Rs.& enjoy free on net for 1 month.& enjoy on net 10p/min . bonus cards and longer validity schemes at a similar pricing but targeted at the lower income segment .& get talk time of Rs. 121/.12/.

Estimated Accounting Estimated statement of financial position for 2011 Rs.5 35 157 . plant and equipment Investments in associates Other non-current assets Total noncurrent assets Current assets Total asset 75 22 36 9 142 15 157 Liabilities Borrowings Long-term Short-term Taxation liabilities Deferred tax liabilities Current taxation liabilities Other noncurrent liabilities Other current liabilities Total liability 49 32.(000000) Assets Noncurrent assets Intangible assets Property.5 7 2 31.

1 7 1.4 14 Revenue Cost of sales Gross profit Selling and distribution expenses Administrative expenses Advertisement Impairment losses. net Other income and expense Operating profit Non-operating income and expense Investment income Financing costs Profit before taxation Income tax expense Profit for the financial year .4 0.9 5 4 5.1 11 9 0.Estimated Accounting Estimated income statement for 2011 Rs(000000) 44 29 15 2.5 14.

Promotion As we are completely new in the market. ABOVE THE LINE: Advertising onTV News paper Hoardings Billboards Magazines BELOW THE LINE: Stores have special offers Point of sale posters Leaflets Campaign Road side temporary shops. so we are going to mainly focus on promoting our brand through the following ways to connect with the people and also as a part of our strategy to be cost effective on the ad production front. .

They have a long life. Magazines are Creative. Leaf let will help us to create awareness of our product in the market.Media Strategy Television ad has the unique ability to demonstrate a product in use. No. It has unique ability to reach consumers one on one. flexible with superior colours and good quality paper. It has geographic flexibility. of exposures is very high. They provide strong visuals to enhance brand awareness and they have the ability to deliver a memorable message to their niche audiences. Bill broads have effective reach and high frequency levels. It is flexible. Timeliness. . It is least expensive advertising medium on a costper-thousand basis. News Paper helps in Mass audience coverage. It has ability to use detailed copy. It engage one s senses and attraction attention.

 Voice mail . astrology etc.  3G providing fastest speed. news.  Exciting Value added services like tunes & downloads.Our Message Say Your Heart  Recharge coupons easily available at cheaper rates.  Prepaid as well as post paid facility.

Place Right now we are going to promote our offerings through 25 micro stores all over Kolkata & 8 macro stores located at ‡ Jadavpur ‡ Barrakpore ‡ Sealdah ‡ Behala ‡ Esplanade ‡ Garia ‡ Dunlop ‡Salt Lake .

People EmployeesRecruiting Training Motivating Rewards Customers Awareness .

macro store-(3000*2000 sq ft) & square shaped. Design Of Our Logo- Font Style Of Punch LineSignage- Say Your Heart Employee dress- White T-Shirt & Black pant.Micro store(1000*1200 sq ft).Physical Evidence Store size & shape. .

Flow of activities. All information about its basic and other valued services and various promotional offers can be availed through a unique customer care number *121 which can be dialed from anywhere in India.Standardize & Number of stepsSimple .Process We are providing a wide variety of services in mobile communication and other value added services by adopting an easy-to-use customer friendly approach.