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2. . Healthy eating habits will help maintain a healthy body. Unhealthy eating habits cause various health problems.1.

kidney damage c) fat /oil ± heart problems. heart problems. Excessive nutrient (lebihan makanan) a) sugar ± tooth decay. obesity.2. high blood pressure . diabetes b) salt ± high blood pressure.

Lack of nutrient (kekurangan zat) a) protein ± kwashiorkor in children b) roughage ± constipation c) vitamins ± lower immunity to diseases .4.


.16 ± page 55 1.FOOD PYRAMID Figure 2. The foods that form the base of the food pyramid are required in big amounts daily. 2. The food at the top are required in small amounts in our daily diet. The food pyramid shows the food groups that serve as a guide to a balanced died. 3.

EXERCISE 1. 4. . Too much carbohydrate and fats in our diet will be store as _____ 5. We should ____ a balanced diet to stay healthy. 2. A diet that is not balanced will upset the ______ of the body. _____ and _____ hould be increased in our dietary intake. We should reduce intake of food rich in ______ 3.