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Understanding China


Geography .

rice agriculture Water transportation Rainforest .Geography Southern China ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Breadbasket Multiple crops.

Geography Northern China ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Wind blown Yellow earth Yellow river Import .

Geography Interior China ‡ Gobi Desert ‡ Tibetan Plateau ‡ Himalayas .

Geography Coastal Cities ‡ Trade ‡ Highest Standard of Living ‡ Modern .

‡ Traditional vs.000 to be fluent.2.3 Billion Chinese Speakers ‡ 18 Dialects ‡ Tonal Language ‡ Characters ‡ 40. Simplified M "mother"³high level má "linen" or "numb"³high rising m "horse"³low falling-rising  mà "scold"³high falling ma "question particle"³neutral . 3.000 to read a newspaper.Language ‡ 1.000 characters.

History Manchu·s Take over China Nationalist Party Takeover The Long March 1925 1937 1644 ² 1911 Qing Dynasty 1911 Japanese Begin Takeover of Coast Cities Unequal Treaties Sun Yat Sen DiesChiang Kai Shek Takes Over .

People·s Republic of China Established 58 7 ´Great Leap Forwardµ Be ins Mao iesen Xiao Pin Becomes New Leader £ Nationalists Flee to Taiwan ¢ £ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡    ¡¡   Mao Launches Cultural Revolution Since Mao: ‡ Economic Reform ‡ 7 One Child Polic ‡ 8 Tiananmen Square 7 Return of Hon ‡ Kon and Macau .

Government Paramount Leader Hu JinTao Communist Party of China State: People·s Republic of China People·s Liberation Arm National People·s Congress .

Culture .

Natural order is a moral order 2. Society must have hierarchies. Education .Religion Confucius 1.5 relationships 4. Standard of righteousness 3. Superior man (Junzi) 5.

Religion Buddhism The Four Truths 1. Truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering. . The truth of suffering 2. The truth of the end of suffering 4. The truth of the cause of suffering 3.

LaoZi .Religion Taoism ‡ Man is a microcosm for the universe ‡ The body ties directly into the Chinese five elements ‡ ´The Three Jewelsµ are compassion. moderation. and humility ‡ Man may gain knowledge of the universe by understanding himself.

Hinckley . Taiwan Temple Dedicated 1984 Taiwan Administration Building and Stake Center Dedicated 2005 by Pres.The Church in China Taipei.

Wanchai Hong Kong Dedicated May 2005 .The Church in China China Hong Kong Temple Dedicated 1996 Asia Area Administration Building.

the work of the Lord will go forward in a natural law-abiding way because of those who have received the message of the restored gospel. but each year China sends thousands of its choicest sons and daughters to various foreign lands to study. scientists. scholars.Elder Oaks We cannot send missionaries to the People's Republic of China. and artists. and many of these Chinese students are joining the Church. At the same time. In those places they quite naturally meet our missionaries. Some have already returned to China. We encourage our Chinese members to return to China. . The work of China will go forward with these young engineers. Their country needs them in China and the Lord needs them in China. and others will return when their studies are completed.

If we could only make a small beginning in every nation. soon the converts among each kindred and tongue could step forth as lights to their own people and the gospel would thus be preached in all nations before the coming of the Lord.Pres. Kimball There are almost three billion people now living on the earth in nations where the gospel is not now being preached. .

Pres. and may starvation and untimely death stalk no more through the land. Break the hands of superstition. McKay January 9. and may the young men and young women come out of the darkness of the past into the Glorious Light now shining among the children of men. O God. Give them special power and ability to approach this people in such manner as will make the proper appeal to them. 1921. and who have never been given the opportunity even of hearing the true message of their Redeemer. David O. Heavenly Father. manifest thy tender mercy toward thy suffering children throughout this famine-stricken realm! Stay the progress of pestilence. We feel deeply impressed with the realization that the time has come when the light of the glorious gospel should begin to shine through the dense darkness that has enshrouded this nation for ages. who are bound by fetters of superstition and false doctrine.China Dedicatory Prayer In this land there are millions who know not thee nor thy work. We beseech thee. May the elders and Sisters whom thou shalt call to this land as missionaries have keen insight into the mental and spiritual state of the Chinese mind. to reveal to thy servants the best methods to adopt and the best plans to follow in establishing thy work . Countless millions have died in ignorance of thy plan of life and salvation.

We must deserve to be their friends. . and in his own wa . and accordin to his own will" ( &C 88: 8). and their impressive accomplishments. . China to be the same as Canada or Chile. As we become friends of China. the bounds of their habitation" (Acts 7:2 ). We must observe their laws and follow their example of patience. and as we learn from them. . I state my belief that China is already "open"--it is we who are closed." In response. who has made "all nations of men . .Elder Oaks People sometimes ask me about what can be done to "open China. We are closed because we expect the Orient to be the same as the West. We must open our minds and our hearts to the people of this ancient realm and this magnificent culture. our Father in Heaven. and [has] determined . . We must understand their way of thinking. will brin his purposes to pass in that reat nation "in his own time. their aspirations.