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Early Priesthood: Experience
This relationship between thought and life, theology and pastoral care, is really crucial. If I look at my own experience, I can easily see how my work with young people in the university chaplaincy of Kraków helped me in my meditation on fundamental aspects of the Christian life.

Love as Gift
Daily life with the young, the opportunity to guide them in their joys and efforts, and their desire to live to the full the vocation to which the Lord called them helped me to understand ever more deeply the truth that the human being grows and matures in love, that is, in the gift of himself, and that in giving himself he receives in exchange the possibility of his own fulfillment.

Marriage as Mutual Gift

One of the loftiest expressions of this principle is found in marriage, which "is the wise and provident institution of God the Creator, whose purpose was to establish in man his loving design. As a consequence, husband and wife, through the mutual gift of themselves which is specific and exclusive to them alone, seek to develop that kind of personal union in which they complement one another in order to cooperate with God in the generation and education of new lives" (Humanae vitae, n. 8)

Professorial Essays
´Instinct, Amour, Mariageµ in En Esprit et En Vérité (1952) ´The Problem of Catholic Sexual Ethicsµ Person and Community: Selected Essays (1965).


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Humanae Vitae 1968 8 .

´The Anthropological Vision of HVµ. 1978 9 .JPII and Humanae Vitae Was on Special Commission that Advised Pope Paul VI on Humanae Vitae Convened a Commission in Krakow to write response to reports of the Special Commission Wrote rousing defense of HV in 1969: ´The Truth of the Encyclical HVµ Wrote stirring defense of HV on occasion of 10th year anniversary of HV: Fruitful and Responsible Love Wrote scholarly article for Lateranum.

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1995 I also greet all of you. participants in this reflection on a document which I consider central to the whole Magisterium of my Pontificate and in thematic continuity with the Encyclical Humanae vitae of Pope Paul VI of venerable memory 5th Anniversary of EV 17 .

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Institutes for Marriage and Family Lateran University in Vatican City State. Mexico City and Guadalajara (Mexico) Cotonou (Benin). Valencia (Spain). Austria Australia 19 . Washington DC (USA). Salvador da Bahia (Brazil) Changanacherry (India).

Assassination Attempt ´The beginning of your Institute is connected with a singular event: on that day.µ Pope Benedict XVI 20 . 13 May 1981. my beloved Predecessor John Paul II suffered the well-known serious attack on his life during the Audience at which he was to have announced the creation of your Institute.

1968 21 .

between the two meanings of the conjugal act: the unitive meaning and the procreative meaning.Core teaching ´The Church«teaches that each and every marriage act « must remain through itself open to the transmission of life.µ (HV 11-12). (118:2) 22 . often set forth by the magisterium is founded upon the inseparable connection. willed by God and unable to be broken by man on his own initiative. That teaching.

Two Purposes or Meanings of the Sexual Act Union (of persons) Procreation (of persons) 23 .

Core Differences Love and Responsibility: Argues that persons must respect the ends and purposes of the Order of Nature Theology of the Body: Argues that the human body is meant to express the gift of one person to another. the body speaks a language and only an openness to procreation can speak the language of gift 24 .

Basics of Natural Law [God made nature] Nature is good Nature means the ´essenceµ of things Man is a rational and social animal by nature Man must respect the natures that God made The sexual act by nature is ordained to procreation (an inestimable good) 25 .

Concerns of Personalism Moral thought must find a place to feature the interiority of each person Each man must commit himself to seeking and living in accord with the truth Lived Experience: personal experience of foundational truths 26 .

Experience of Morality Every man experiences good and evil Every man experiences that the truth about good and evil makes demands upon him Every man ´witnessesµ himself making choices Everyman is ´consciousµ of his own moral agency 27 .

self-gift. meaning. purposes. objective truth.Differences of terminology Natural Law: nature. language of the body. end. freedom of the gift 28 . essence. procreative end Personalism: consciousness.

Comparison of Terms Tradition Rational Free Social Virtue Man must live rationally 29 Personalism Self-conscious Self-determining Self-giving Self-mastery Man must love and be loved .

Different Emphasis Natural Law Universal Truths Personalism Concrete Particular Person Objectivity of Moral Norms Actions in accord with the truth 30 Subjective consciousness of moral norms Personal commitment to acting in accord with the truth .

DIFFERENT GOALS Natural law is directed towards establishing and defending ethical truth. Personalism is more directed towards challenging individuals to personally acknowledge the truth of various propositions so that they make their moral choices in accord with the truths that they know. 31 .

32 .

Jesus Replies Follow the commandments Come follow me! 33 .

Counseling Against Abortion .

right to choose God loves you and your baby Will you protect your baby? 35 .Two Approaches Philosophical Argument Personalist Approach When does human life begin? Right to life vs.

36 .

to what constitutes its natural right.µ (27) 37 .Don·t use persons ´Every person is by nature capable of determining his or her aims. Anyone who treats a person as the means to an end does violence to the very essence of the other.

states that the person is the kind of good which does not admit of use and cannot be treated as an object of use and as such the means to an end. In its positive form the personalistic norm confirms this: the person is a good towards which the only proper and adequate attitude is love.µ (41) 38 .Personalistic Norm ´This norm. in its negative aspect.

Personhood and Parenthood ´When a man and woman capable of procreation have intercourse their union must be accompanied by awareness and willing acceptance of the possibility that ¶I may become a father· or ¶I may become a mother.µ «[Sexual union] is raised to the level of the person only when it is accompanied in the mind and the will by acceptance of the possibility of parenthood.µ 39 .

µ 40 . while not making the other purposes of matrimony of less account. the true practice of conjugal love.Building God·s Family ´Hence. have this aim: that the couple be ready with stout hearts to cooperate with the love of the Creator and the Savior. and the whole meaning of the family life which results from it. Who through them will enlarge and enrich His own family day by day.

Creation of Immortal Soul 41 .

µ Generate a new human being. Who deserves to be honored as a potential parent. 3) To one·s beloved.Justice to the Creator 1) To the ´Order of Existenceµ Continuation of the species: ´join the great cosmic stream of existence. 42 . who deserves to be treated with love rather than sexually exploited. an inestimable good 2) To the Creator who made the order of nature and who wants souls.

spouses. society. God) Being ready to be a parent Choosing a spouse who will be a good parent Don·t inflict parenthood on someone who is not ready 43 .Conscious Parenthood Aware that having sex leads to having babies Accepting and preparing for that consequence Accepting the consequence as good (for child.

and on the other to resist it. when it threatens to degrade the relationship between two persons to a level lower than that of love. on the one hand. 44 .Natural Purposes/ Affirmation of the Person ´The proper way for a person to deal with the sexual urge is. lower than the level on which the value of the person is affirmed in a union with a truly personal character. consciously to make use of it for its natural purposes.

I want to have sex with you I want you to be the mother of my children 45 .

Affirmation of the Person ´This acceptance [or parenthood] is so important. so decisive that without it marital intercourse cannot be said to be a realization of a personal relationship« Neither in the man nor in the woman can affirmation of the value of the person be divorced from awareness and willing acceptance that he may become a father and she may become a mother.µ 46 .

We·re having a baby! 47 .

48 .


50 . every creature bears within it the sign of the original and fundamental gift. that is. and love. Consequently. who is omnipotence. the beginning of the world by the will of God.Freedom of Gift The first chapters of Genesis introduce us to the mystery of creation.

Indeed. And it is this dimension ² the dimension of the freedom of the gift ² that becomes essential and decisive for the ¶language of the body· in which man and woman express themselves reciprocally in conjugal union. inasmuch as he is master over himself he can ¶give himself· to another. (123:5) 51 .Self mastery/gift/union Man is person precisely because he is master of himself and has dominion over himself.

affirm each other Give new life: bring forth new human souls 52 .Sexuality as Self-giving Unite with the spouse: achieve wholeness: physical manifestation of communion of persons/lives Share life together: help each other.

Language of the Body Only persons have language Language is meant to communicate truth The sexual act has the meaning of expressing Love: the intention for a unified life Willingness to be a parent with another Contraception is a lie 53 .

Contraceptive Sex is a Lie 54 .

but also potential fruitfulness. In the conjugal act it is not licit to separate artificially the unitive meaning from the procreative meaning.µ (123:7) 55 .Procreative meaning ´The conjugal act ¶means· not only love. because the one as well as the other belong to the innermost truth of the conjugal act. and thus it cannot be deprived of its full and adequate meaning by means of artificial interventions.

The gift of reverence for what has been created by God expresses itself precisely in such an orientation. (131:4) 56 .Reverence for two goods Reverence for the two meanings of the conjugal act can fully develop only on the basis of a deep orientation to the personal dignity of what is intrinsic to masculinity and femininity in the human person. and inseparably in reference to the personal dignity of the new life that can spring from the conjugal union of man and woman.

Personalist Questions ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Not: ´Am I respecting the natural end and purpose of the sexual act?· ´Am I speaking the truth of the body with my acts?µ ´Am I respecting the person of my own beloved spouse?µ ´Are we making gifts of ourselves to each other or using each other?µ ´Am I acting in accord with my dignity. as one who is meant to love others and make a gift of myself to another?µ 57 .

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