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The muslims of the sub-continent made an interring effort for attaining a piece of land to practice the laws of islam. Eventually after a lot of struggle & efforts a state known as Islamic republic of Pakistan came into existence.



Several objectives that are to be achieved by the creation of Pak are as follows: Independent islamic democratic state:
We didn¶t demand Pak to acquire a piece««.

³ It is my firm belief that our salvation lies in the following golden rules of conduct as given by our great law given, the prop[het of islam . Let us lay the fpoundation of our democratic system on islamic ideas & principles. The almighty has taught us that our decisions in the stste affairs shall be guided by mutual conciliations.´

2. Enforcement of sovereignty of Allah Almighty: The islamic stste is based on the concept of sovereignty of Allah. The prime objective of the creation of pak was that the supermacy of Allah could be enforced & a govt based on islamic principles could be established: Š Protection of urdu language Š Establishment of islamic society


Revival of muslim image & identity
After the war of independence & the recapture of Delhi the english soldiers carried out the general massacre of the muslims. The whole sub-continent presented a deserted look. Seven thousand Britishers were killed in this war, but the toll of local lives reached 5 lacs. Almost all the group of people in the sub-continent had taken part in the war of independence , but the British held the muslims alone responsible for the revolt.


Protection of muslim culture & civilization:
Muslim & hindus lived for centuries in the united India but cannot be merged into one another because muslims have different culture, language, civilization, philosophy & way of life. Several attempts were made by the hindus to erase the muslim culture & civilization, Urdu- Hindi controversy, Shuddi & Sanghtan movements, Partition of Bengal are the best examples. During the period of Congress ministries 1937-39 congress adopted such policies & attempts which converted the muslim culture & civilization into Hinduism.


Establishment of a balanced economic system: The economic conditions of muslims after war of independence was very deplorable. As the result of Hindu- British association, the muslims had to suffer untold hardships at trhe hands of both hindus & English. They were denied by the govt service. They had to accept petty jobs as laborers, water carriers and peasant etc. The agriculture land was mostly owned by the Hindus who fully exploited the muslim cultivators. While inaugrating the state bank of Pak. Quaid said: ³The western economic system destroyed the world so we have to present such an exemplorary economic system which based Islamic concept of equality & justice´

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