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Petrofac Training RIDDOR REPORTING OF INJURIES. 3 . Competence.DISEASES AND DANGEROUS OCCURRENCES REGULATIONS 1995. Excellence. Consultancy & Training.

µ Consultancy & Training. Excellence.Petrofac Training ACCIDENT WHAT IS AN ACCIDENT ´An unplanned event. which results in injury to a person or damage to property / environment or both. 4 . Competence.

Competence. 5 . PURPOSE: Protect employee in the event of a future claim. Excellence.Petrofac Training ACCIDENT WHAT IS REPORTED TO WHOM? All injuries at work. Employer must be told so he can take remedial action to prevent recurrence Consultancy & Training. no matter how trivial must be reported initially to the EMPLOYER and recorded (Accident Book).

Consultancy & Training. 6 . Major Injury or Dangerous Occurrence Within 24 hours if: any injury causes 3 days absence / inability to do normal job. Excellence. Competence.Petrofac Training REPORTABLE ACCIDENTS/ EVENTS The HSE. or Local Authority must be contacted: Immediately (by phone) if: Fatal.

7 . Excellence. chemical or hot metal burn to an eye. or toe. hip. Consultancy & Training. penetrating injury. Amputation involving severing of bone or joint. Loss of sight. Dislocation of the shoulder. Competence. Hypothermia or Heat Stress. Loss of consciousness from lack of oxygen or exposure to harmful substances.Petrofac Training MAJOR INJURIES EXAMPLES INCLUDE Fractures. Anything resulting in hospitalisation for more than 24 hours. thumb. knee or spine. except finger. Acute illness through absorption or exposure to pathogen / infected material.

And others Consultancy & Training.Scaffold / Structure. Electrical fire / explosion causing 24 hrs work stoppage. 8 . Collapse of plus 5 tonnes of walls/floors of building or structure being worked on.closed vessel. Excellence. 3. BA malfunction. Contact with / discharge from overhead power-lines.Petrofac Training DANGEROUS OCCURRENCES EXAMPLES INCLUDE: 1. Collapse . Competence. 6. Unsafe Radiography Equipment. 7. 9. Overturning crane or fork-lift truck. 8. 4. Explosion / bursting . 5. 2. or pipeline with lethal potential.

Musculoskeletal disorders. Infections .Cancer. Decompression illness. Lung Diseases . VWF etc.Dermatitis. Competence. Cancer. Poisoning at Work 2. Hand-Arm vibration syndrome.Wails Disease. Excellence.Asthma. Oil Acne etc 3. 9 . Other work related disabilities .Petrofac Training REPORTABLE DISEASES IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY HSE AUTHORITY Examples Include 1. Tetanus etc 5. Skin Diseases . Consultancy & Training. Pneumoconiosis Asbestosis etc 4. 6. Anthrax.

Answering questions. A.Petrofac Training EMPLOYEES RESPONSIBILITIES DUTIES UNDER HASAWA In the event of an injury. Competence. Co-operate with the investigation. or dangerous occurrence the Act requires employees to: 1. 10 . Report the incident. Consultancy & Training. if required. 2. Making a written statement. Excellence. B. if asked.

Excellence.Then Preventable! Consultancy & Training. If Foreseeable .Petrofac Training Accident caused by UNSAFE ACTS OR PREVENTED BY UNSAFE CONDITIONS Safety person strategy Training / competency Experience Supervision Rules / short cuts Behaviour PPE if necessary Safe place strategy (The law!) Planning Layout Tools/equipments Clean / tidy Protection / grading Signs/ warning 75% of Accidents deemed Foreseeable. Competence. 11 .

Petrofac Training ACCIDENTS SOURCES HSE analysis 50% management failure 18% worker error 12% joint responsibility 1% RANDOM 19% UNFORSEEABLE / UNDETERMINED Consultancy & Training. 12 . Competence. Excellence.

Unsafe Conditions Alertness Actual and Potential Personal Environment Workplace ´YOUR ATTITUDEµ Consultancy & Training. Competence. Attitude 4. 13 .Petrofac Training ACCIDENT PREVENTION FACTORS 1. Hazard Spotting 2. Excellence. Reporting 3.

Petrofac Training FIRST AID DEFINITION 1. The treatment to Preserve life. Excellence. 2. Competence. 14 . Prevent further injury and Promote recovery until professional medical attention is available. not requiring the services of a doctor. Consultancy & Training. The treatment for minor injuries.

First Aid kit and trained personnel: Appointed Person (1 day basic course) and / or Trained first-aiders (4 day course approved by HSE) APPROVED CODE OF PRACTICE Low Risk Environment (Shops.50 employees. Excellence. Offices) .Petrofac Training FIRST AID AT WORK REGULATIONS 1981 . .Adequate facilities MUST be available at all times whenever people are at work. Medium Risk Environment (Warehouses.Two first-aiders 50 . Light Engineering) . . plus one every 100 employees: at least two between 100 and 200.At least one first aider 20.100Consultancy & Training.At least one first-aider for up to 50.At least one Appointed Person for less than 20 employee·s. employees. 15 . . Competence.

Provide adequate and appropriate equipment for the work being done.Petrofac Training FIRST AID EMPLOYERS· DUTIES 1. Inform the workforce of the arrangements. Consultancy & Training. Appoint sufficient trained people. 16 . Competence. Excellence. 2. 3.

Competence.Location of site (Proximity to Medical Services) .Plasters. Excellence. Dressings . Emergency showers required if there is a risk of skin contamination by harmful or offensive substances.Number of Employees .Shift Working (All Shifts must be covered) May need dedicated First Aid Room or a Medical Centre.Nature of Work (How Hazardous) .Distribution of Workers . Bandages. Then: Adequate other Facilities depending on:.Petrofac Training FACILITIES REQUIRED Minimum Requirement is First Aid box containing . Sterile saline in sealed containers required if there is a risk of eye contamination. Consultancy & Training. 17 .No Drugs (Aspirin) ¶APPOINTED PERSON· to provide First Aid Cover. with Trained Personnel.

Inform the employer of any condition that may affect first aid treatment. Consultancy & Training. 4. Inform the employer of any condition that may affect safety.Petrofac Training FIRST AID EMPLOYEES· DUTIES 1. 3. Excellence. Take reasonable care of own health. Safety Train© 18 . Competence. 2. Consider others around you.

RESUSCITATION . Consultancy & Training.TREAT FOR MEDICAL SHOCK.IMMOBILISE FRACTURES .STOP BLEEDING . DO NOT ADD TO CASUALTIES BY PUTTING YOURSELF AT RISK. THIRD Give Emergency Aid.Petrofac Training Priorities in First Aid FIRST Ensure the Safety to yourself and the casualty and raise the alarm. Excellence.ONLY IF TRAINED AND COMPETENT. Competence. Safety Train© 19 . DO NOT MOVE CASUALTY UNLESS ESSENTIAL. SECOND Make area safe . A B C A is for Airway B is for breathing C is for Circulation RECOVERY POSITION THEN: .Summon help if necessary.

Eyes Wash out foreign bodies or chemicals with water. Flush with water. 3. Remove clothing not stuck to skin. Broken Bones DO NOT move the casualty unless in imminent danger. Chemical Burns Avoid contaminating yourself. Competence.Petrofac Training SOME SIMPLE RULES not remove clothing or break blisters. Consultancy & Training. Burns and Scalds Flush with water . Excellence. Gassing Use RPE and move to fresh air. 2. 6. Electric Shock DO NOT touch the casualty until all power is switched off. 4. 5. Safety Train© 20 .

1. Injuries. Competence. or Dangerous Occurrences.Petrofac Training SUMMARY Action for Accidents. Duties of Employers. First Aid in the Workplace. 3. 4. 5. Safety Train© 21 . The Need for Reporting. Occupational Diseases. 2. Consultancy & Training. Excellence. Duties of Employees. Accident Prevention. Accident Book. 6.