Stress Management


7575-90% of adult visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems. The commonest problems world-wide worldare a mixture of anxiety and depression.


MAXIMUM absenteeism on an average workday is because of stress related problems More heart attacks on Monday, Monday, 9:00 A.M. than at any other time of the week.

‡ Life after death is all okay but what about life after birth? ‡ The only time there is a total absence of stress is in death ‡ Stress is essentially the rate of all the wear and tear caused by life .


.Driving your car in rush hour Getting a last minute work assignment Misplacing something in the house«.

     Having something break while using it Dealing with incompetence at work Planning your budget Being blamed for something Waiting in a long line at the store or bank .

The BAD News : Stress is an inescapable part of modern life The GOOD News : Stress isn't altogether bad news .

  . Fight or Flight response is illicited. Adrenaline is a chemical naturally produced in our body as a response to stress .What Is Stress  Stress is the body s automatic response to any physical or mental demand placed on it.

and characterized by the changes within people that forces them to deviate from their normal functioning. . JOB STRESS is a condition arising from the interaction of the people and their jobs.

Is All Stress Bad?  Moderate levels of stress may actually improve performance and efficiency Too little stress may result in boredom Too much stress may cause an unproductive anxiety level   .

 Examples of eustress include graduating from college. managing a chronic illness. oppressed. getting married. We may feel challenged. or changing jobs. and behind in our responsibilities. or experiencing a trauma. . Eustress helps provide us with energy and motivation to meet our responsibilities and achieve our goals. conflicts in relationships. It is the all encompassing sense of being imposed upon by difficulties with no light at the end of the tunnel. excessive obligations. receiving a promotion.  Eustress is the other form of stress that is positive and beneficial.  Examples of distress include financial difficulties.Not All Stress is Bad«  Distress is a continuous experience of feeling overwhelmed. but the sources of the stress are opportunities that are meaningful to us.

or psychological self . activities. and relationships that cause trauma to one s physical. emotional.Identifying Stressors Situations.

Stressors          School Work Family Relationships Legal Finances Health/illness Environment Living Situation .

Physical Weight gain/loss Unexpected hair loss Heart palpitations High blood pressure 2. alcohol.Negative Effects of Stress 1. Emotional Mood swings Anxiety Can lead to depression Can also lead to unhealthy coping strategies (i. drugs.e. etc) .

Suggestions for Reducing Stress  1. . Find someone to talk to about your feelings and experiences. Find a support system.

Change your attitude.  "Life is 10% what happens to us." . Find other ways to think about stressful situations. and 90% how we react to it.Suggestions for Reducing Stress  2.

 Develop realistic expectations of yourself and others. .Suggestions for Reducing Stress  3. Set practical goals for dealing with situations and solving problems. Be realistic.

Being unorganized or engaging in poor planning often leads to frustration or crisis situations. establish your priorities. Get organized and take charge.Suggestions for Reducing Stress  4. make a schedule. .  Plan your time. which most always leads to feeling stressed.

take short breaks during your busy day. .  At minimum.Suggestions for Reducing Stress  5. give yourself "me time. Take breaks." Learn that taking time to yourself for rejuvenation and relaxation is just as important as giving time to other activities.

Take good care of yourself.  Paradoxically. keep a routine. Allow yourself to do something you enjoy each day. get regular rest. when we are stressed. the time we need to take care of ourselves the most.Suggestions for Reducing Stress  6. is the time we do it the least. Eat properly. .

Suggestions for Reducing Stress  7. ." Learn to pick and choose which things you will say "yes" to and which things you will not. Learn to say "no.  Protect yourself by not allowing yourself to take on every request or opportunity that comes your way.

and help us to maintain our health. . Get regular exercise.Suggestions for Reducing Stress  8. Exercising regularly can help relieve some symptoms of depression and stress.

For a balanced lifestyle.Suggestions for Reducing Stress  9. . Get a hobby. do something different. play is as important as work.

Suggestions for Reducing Stress  10. ± Monitor your pace. Rushing through things can lead to mistakes or poor performance. Slow down.  Poorly done tasks can lead to added stress. Take the time you need to do a good job. particularly if you do not have enough time for them or for yourself. . Know your limits and cut down on the number of things you try to do each day. ± Be realistic about what you can accomplish effectively each day.

. reading a humorous book.Suggestions for Reducing Stress  11. or going to a comedy show. Do something fun and enjoyable such as seeing a funny movie. Laugh. use humor. laughing with friends.

or some simple quiet time. Learn to relax. meditation.  Try yoga. Develop a regular relaxation routine. .Suggestions for Reducing Stress  12.

but some are:    Deep Breathing Visualization: Visualization is a nice way of giving our minds and bodies a "mini vacation. Muscle Relaxation .Relaxation Exercises  Many different kinds.

Stress Management: Next Steps     Try to change the way you appraise a situation to make it less stressful Remember stress is normal but watch out for symptoms of stress Use coping skills/ways to reduce stress Practice relaxation techniques .

Benefits of Stress Management    Physical health gets better -more energy and stamina Emotions stabilized -positive attitude -hopeful/happier Ability to focus improved -able to learn and achieve .

Remember that ««. You don¶t have to catch the ball every time someone throws it at you Learn how to say NO!! .

Balance .The Key Word Is«.

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