Green Machine

Dutch Fork No-Huddle System No-

Coach Thomas

When you nonohuddle all the time. A no-huddle team will not see the nonumber of fronts and stunts that a huddling team will see.  Allows the offense to dictate pace. you don't have to teach something new for clock situations. it builds a feeling of superiority.  Gives you an advantage in clock situations. hurry Magnifies conditioning. the offense can continue to substitute at will. Situation substitution becomes harder because of the uncertainty of when the ball will be snapped.  Finally and maybe most importantly.  Limits defensive substitution. It will also exhaust the opponents who are trying to play at your pace.Philosophy  System gives offense an advantage before the game ever begins.  Keeps the defense basic. but they can be. . Conversely. No-huddle teams do not Nohave to be hurry-up teams. All no-huddle teams believe that they are able to nodo something that the other teams can't handle.

one signaldoes formation.  Wristbands used to ensure all players get correct call (and assignment).  3 modes of signaling and play calling: ³Look´.  Wrist numbers changed every week to ensure play call security.  Two coaches signal. ³Hit it´.  Unique signal/number clock .Mechanics  No change to current terminology. ³Fly´. System utilizes player¶s retained knowledge. the other the play.

19. #2: 56 power. (20%)etc. 90. No need to signal motions and shifts as they are on the wristbands (formations as well if desired).  HIT IT (10%). #3: 93). .  FLY (20%).Modes  LOOK (70%).Coach signals in live play (36.Coach signals in one of three (10%)predetermined ³right now´ plays designed to take advantage of fatigue or alignment problems caused by the no huddle tempo (example: #1: QB sneak.Coach signals in number that (70%)correspond to wristbands.) to keep game plan flexible and exploit any determined weakness.

on One  LOOK . ³Chicago!´ = three) OR Count is on wristband (by play) OR Wristband numbers (odds on one.Snap Count  HIT IT . ³Boston!´ = two. evens on two) .QB call (³Atlanta!´ = one.1st sound  FLY .

WR/RB coaches (or 2nd QB) will do all the signaling and substitutions. ³White´.) instead of entire play.  The OC can focus on play calling and game tempo adjustments.  FLY mode keeps the system flexible and adaptable to changing game situations.) or assignments (³Stalk Corner´.  LOOK mode % keeps us on game plan track and we can script as well if desired. ³Seal LB´. . etc.Miscellany  We can limit size of OL and WR wrist sheets by listing blocking schemes (³Counter GH´. etc.

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