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Toyota Motor Corporation was established in 1937 in Japan The company offers wide range of products from mini

vehicles to large

Mission: Toyota seeks to create more prosperous society through

automotive manufacturing.
Scope of presentation: This presentation is about Marketing

Communication plan for Toyota Motor Corporation.

SWOT Analysis Strength: Leading auto manufactures in the world. It have a sustained brand recognition all over the world It has a strong distribution network worldwide Weakness: Lapses in product quality Unfunded pension obligation Opportunities: The company has huge investment in hybrid cars which has tremendous opportunity in the future Threat: Tight competition in global market The tightening rules of various countries are putting pressure to increase the cost of production

Macro Environment: Pest Analysis: Political factor: Co2 emission taxes are high Higher fuel charge Free trade level between the rest of the European Union Economic factor: Changes in the interest rate. Government policies at federal level Social factor: Improvement in safety features People prefer their own cars Technological factor: Design and creativity Infrastructure facility

Micro Environment Analysis

The Market: Includes Customers & Suppliers

Majority of the vehicles are imported It was buoyant since the 1990 s

Competition: Toyota Motors Corporation as being a second largest

automobile manufactures Higher demand for small cars Competition is very stiff and it helps in generating new ideas

Marketing Segmentation: The company have to decide what the

customers want. It has to identify what type of product the customer want Its based on Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic, Behavioural Market Targeting: One segment Selective specialisation Full market specialisation Product Positioning: Product addressed to a specific segment Giving important to the

7P s

Majority of cars are imported from other European Union Only two cars are produced in UK i.e. Avensis & Corolla. The company does this in order to avoid high duties in UK. Price: Toyota generally have a low pricing strategy, its product covers every segment of the people. Place: The company have a wide range of dealers nation wide which ensures the customers that they receive their products on time. Promotion: Toyota(UK) internal system Mall Marketing company that provides all information of the dealers and outlets and other management staff to run campaigns for business promotion.

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