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By Dr. Adly Abdel Aziz Helba

Course Content  Introduction  Location  Topography & Geomorphology  Tectonic Framework  Stratigraphic Sequences Potentiality  Economic

and the main economic resource and its hosting rocks ☻Acquiring The Skill Of How To Differentiate the different time rock sequences of Egypt? COURSE OBJECTIVES .☻Understanding the general geological framework of Egypt ☻Familiarize you with the litho-and biostratigraphy. structural setting. and geological history of Egypt.

Stratigraphic Sequences Paleozoic Successions  Mesozoic Successions  Cenozoic Succession .

n ca fri A s .nt n ra me T a e in L Major structural trends of NE Africa and Arabia Najd Fault System an fric A tral Cen ent am ine L .


started since 208 my started since 144-66 my  Cretaceous Deposits.Mesozoic Sequences In Egypt Mesozoic Era lasted about 160 my  Triassic Deposits. biologic Two main global events: Tectonic and . started since 245my  Jurassic Deposits.

ProtoPange a Equat or si ra au L a Go Lan ndw ana d .


Triassic Deposits in Egypt . 1) drilled at Gabal Halal in north Sinai. Subsurface occurrence: a rather complete Triassic section of both marine and fluvial deposits is recorded in the subsurface well (Halal Well No. the exposures of the Triassic age are almost of fluvial origin.Surface & subsurface  Marine occurrences deposits of Middle Triassic age outcrops only in the core of Gabal Aref El Naqa anticline in northeast Sinai. while southwards in central Sinai and Gulf of Suez.

El Maghara Aref El Naqa .


2 Zafir Fm: Shale.3 fossiliferous shale and dolostone . . Sandstone.3 Raaf Fm: Shelf carbonate .Subsurface Triassic Succession Mohilla Fm: Sabkha facies .4 Aref El Naqa Fm .

Geology of Egypt .

Geology of Egypt J U R A S S I C CLASSIFICATIO N Portlandi anKimmeridgian Oxfordian Callovian Bathonian Bajocian Aaleni an Toarci an Pliensbachi an Sinemuri Hetangi an an MAL M UPPE R MIDDL E LOWE R DOGGE R LIAS S .

Global Geography and tectonic setting .

The southern and central Egypt was positive area subjected to erosion and fluvial sedimentation in isolated low-lying alluvial plains. Its paleo-shorelines never extend far south of El Maghara-Wadi Araba.Abu Gharadiq arbitrary line. .Jurassic paleogeography in Egypt Shallow seas invaded and occupied only northern Egypt and filled the isolated basins.

isolated faulted blocks of Jurassic rocks outcrop in the western side of the Gulf (e.g. Aref El Naqa. Wadi Um Lug. El Tih In Plateau. Minsherah and G. El Maghara In central Sinai. El Maghara. Obaiyed Field). they share in forming the southern scarp of G. G. Ras El Abd and Maa Sweilam. Desert (e. Giddi. sector of northern the Gulf of Suez. South Western Desert . Khashm El Galala.Distribution of Jurassic rocks in Egypt Subsurface deposits bearing Thick Jurassic Surface both source and reservoir rock are occurrences penetrating wells in met in most ccurrences many oil fields of north Western in northern Sinai at G. in most southern terrain of the Western Desert. G.g.

Lithostratigraphy of the Jurassic 1. Jurassic rock units in north rocks Sinai .

Jurassic rock units Western Desert Six Hills Formation Khashm El Galala Fm .Lithostratigraphy of the Jurassic rocks 2.Jurassic rock units central Sinai Fm Temmariya Fm Malha Fm Raqaba 3.Jurassic rock units Gulf of Suez 4.

0 6 00 0 Isopach map of Bahrein Fm .

5 00 0 Isopach map of Wadi El Natrun Fm .

10 00 10 00 0 Isopach map of Khatatba Fm .

9 00 0 Isopach map of Masajid Fm .

the Jurassic EGYPT Safa Formation hosts the economic coal deposits of Egypt The Jurassic marine deposits form a source rocks in many oil fields in both the Gulf of Suez and north Western Desert The Jurassic clastics of El Khatatba Formation is one of the main reservoirs of gas in some hydrocarbon fields of north Western Desert .ECONOMIC POTENTIALITY OF JURASSIC ROCKS IN In El Maghara area.

Geology of Egypt .

C r e t a c e o u s Geology of Egypt CLASSIFICATIO N Maastrichtian (74-66 my) Campanian (84-74 my) Santonian (88-84 my) Coniacian (89-88 my) Turonian (92.108 myr) Barremian (117-113 myr) Hauterivian (121-117 myr) Valanginian (144121) .89 Late Cretaceous Early Cretaceous my) Cenomanian (96-92 my) Albian (108-96 myr) Aptian (113.

Lower Cretaceous deposits in Egypt Pre-Aptian Paleogeograph y in Egypt .1.

1.Lower Cretaceous deposits in Egypt Aptian Paleogeograph y in Egypt .

Lower Cretaceous deposits in Egypt Albian Paleogeograph y in Egypt .1.

El Maghara. El Tih Plateau. In central Sinai. . they share in forming the southern scarp of G. ccurrences Distribution of Lower Cretaceous rocks in Egypt at Rizan Aneiza. Minsherah and G. G. G. Subsurface Thick Lower ccurrences Cretaceous deposits forming reservoir rocks are met in most penetrating wells in many oil fields of north Western Desert (e.g. Aref El Naqa.Surface Sinai in northern G. Alamain Field). In Gulf of Suez and Eastern Desert in most southern terrain of the Western Desert.

Thin undifferentiated Lower Cretaceous Nubian clastics Late Jurassic .Lower Cretaceou s rocks in north Sinai Rizan Aneiza Formation Cenomani an AptianAlbian Rizan Aneiza Fm.

N-S Facies change of Lower Cretaceous rocks in Sinai .

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